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Some husbands just need common sense

This is a rerun while my computer is in the shop. I still enjoy listening to this woman. There are several other you tube videos about her if you like her humor as much as I do.

I received this video a few weeks ago, but I think it’s so funny that when I received the same video in another email, I decided to share it with you.
This woman is the kindest comic I have heard in a long time. She’s telling a story on her husband in detail but she’s handling it in a very nice way.
Now I never had a husband who ever did the grocery shopping, so I doubt this could have ever happened to me. My ex would have taken one look at the list and say something like…”Get it yourself!” and thrown the list right back at me.
The reason I think this is so funny is that twenty years of my teaching career were devoted to teaching gifted children. If this man had a PhD you could bet he was probably intelligent. Some of the kids I taught were the same way. They saw the world in black and white and could not see outside a box to save their souls. If the list said 2 bottle of vanilla, I can see them doing just the same as this husband. They would not pay attention to the fact that the word bottle was not plural or 3 1 dozen eggs.
There were others in our classes who couldn’t even find the box in which to see outside of. They were kind of our lost souls.
There were still others who knew where the box was but chose to ignore the box and strike out on their own. Society calls them the creative children. They are the ones more than likely to see to it that the boxes are decorated with bright colorful designs on their way to finishing projects.
I am glad this woman has a strong enough marriage to survive a trip to the store like the one her husband made. I thought it was great that he was big enough to admit where he made the mistake instead of blaming it all on her.
On a personal side, I had about an hour of panic. I bought something at Home Depot. My credit card says ,”See photo ID” where the signature should be. I don’t know how often I have handed that card to cashiers but it is extremely rare for them to even bother looking at the back. This one did. I looked in my billfold and my driver’s license was not in its proper place. The whole bill was only about $35.00 but she claimed she needed to see a photo ID like the card said. I couldn’t produce it. I did show her my AARP card, insurance card, and a few other associated cards but I didn’t have another photo ID. Since the bill was so small, she decided to take my word for it that I was the person named on the card.
I got home and looked around and could not find the driver’s license. I knew the last night I had seen it was Saturday evening. I called the club where the gala was held…no DL. I called the church where I was the next morning…no DL. I checked the purse I carried that night…no DL. I checked out the DL bureau and found out it was open until 5. I was all set to go get a new DL when I decided to check the dress purse again. I remembered I had taken not only my DL but also my doner’s card. Both were missing. When I reexamined the purse I realized I had overlooked a small zippered pocket. There, tucked inside safe and sound were my cards. The lost had been found. My stress levels could now back down again. I am so glad I found them. Now I have to remember to take the time to make copies of them and the credit cards in case my billfold is ever lost.
Take care. Namaste. Attic Annie


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Non exercise stress test…easy way to go

Hi there. It’s going to be a nice day today. Care to know about a recent diagnostic procedure I had? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway because it was a cool learning experience…costly, but cool.

It’s getting to be about that time in my life when my doctors think that preventive rather than diagnostic tests might be in order. My cardiologist ordered a treadmill stress test for me last year and I did rather poorly. It wasn’t because of my heart. Ever since I had FM and CFS, my quadraceps give out very easily. I can walk two miles on good days on a relatively flat surface, but I can’t walk for long up an incline. All went well until the technician started raising the treadmill then I flunked royally.

This year he still wanted a stress test done so he ordered a nuclear  adenosine heart stress test. I was told to be prepared to stay three to four hours. That in itself was just a little stressful when I tried to imagine what they could possibly do to me to take that long. Maxine was full of information about a previous neighbor of ours who was not allowed to drive and was required to stay the whole day in her recliner at home once the test was over. This was at least ten years ago and probably another type of test. I told her that the office informed me I didn’t have to bring anyone with me to drive me home. I think she may have been a little disappointed. She’s always up for learning new stuff as well.

I’m beginning to ask questions now so that the length of time of the test was the first one I asked. The technician told me that patients are informed of that amount of time because of the number of patients being filed through on any given day. He said I came on a good day. My cardiologist has the same equipment that a hospital has. If I had gone to my PCPs hospital, it would have taken the full two hours longer.

I arrived at my appointed time of 11:30 and one of the technicians was actually at the door waiting to escort me to the area. I was impressed. The other technician took me into a small room to insert the IV needle. Normally needles are put in the bend of the elbow, but since I had had a blood test the day before, and the technician counldn’t stop my veins from rolling so had to use both arms, he opted to put it in the back of my hand. I don’t usually flinch, but I did when he said that because I’ve gotten so used to my elbow that I hardlly feel it anymore. The back of my hand is much more sensitive. I asked if he was going to use a butterfly which is a smaller needle. He told me there are now needles smaller than a butterfly. I hardly felt it, much to my relief.

I then waited in line. Within five minutes the technician was done with the patient ahead of me and escorted me into the gamma camera room.


Now the camera my cardiologist used had patients sitting up. It kind of reminded me of a futurisitic pilot’s chair. I had to climb up to sit on the seat. When I said, “Pilot to control tower,” the young techie didn’t know what I was talking about. I raised my arms and rested them on an armrest above my head while he “belted me in” with this foot wide reinforced cloth around my chest like in the above picture. He sat down at the computer and my chair began to rotate around the camera so they could get every possible view. That only took about five minutes. This was my heart at rest.

I again waited in line for the next step. I was escorted into another room EKG where I was hooked up to the EKG machine. The nuclear test guy came in to be with the EKG techie. I knew adenosine sounded familiar but I couldn’t place it. I asked nuclear techie guy if adenosine was an amino acid. Every once in a while I like to challenge my brain to remember what I was supposed to have learned in college. He didn’t know what I was talking about. EKG techie (young woman) said that adenosine triphosphate was part of the RNA …I wasn’t sure that was correct but I did suddenly remember the Kreb’s Energy Cycle where ATP is transformed into ADP…I was so proud of my brain. When I came home I naturally had to check things out. ATP is involved in Dna not Rna. It’s also necessary for the transformation of proteins into amino acids…so I wasn’t entirely off base with my first thoughts. I digress.

I think my mind was trying to divert itself from what was about to happen. I grew up as an asthmatic as a child. I know vividly the feelings of not being able to take in air, heart pounding fast, and chest pressure. I figured that was what was going to happen in a few moments. I try to avoid such occurences as much as possible. I had been advised that all those feelings could happen. I braced myself. The EKG techie took my blood pressure first. It was 130/64. That’s a little high for me. Nuclear Techie inserted the adenosine and the radioactive isotope. Within seconds I started feeling pressure inside my chest. BUT…hold on…it wasn’t all that uncomfortable. Next I felt pressure in my neck and my temples…again, it wasn’t causing a headache…just really noticeable. The only movement I had to make was kicking my feet. I forgot to ask why. The EKG machine continued to record an even heart beat. As soon as the medication was stopped, all symptoms stopped too. She unhooked me and took my BP again…it had actually FALLEN to 124/60!

At that point I got to eat my peanut butter crackers and drink more cold water. Fatty snacks kick start the liver and it disposes of the isotopes that are in the liver and kidneys so that only the heart glows on the gamma camera. Once more I crawled into the “pilot’s seat” and revolved on the “merry-go-round”. Both times the camera techie was working on viewing images of patients before me so I couldn’t tell what was happening in my own heart. It was once again beating at its 68 beat normal rhythm. Techie said the camera can record the exact moment when the heart stops receiving the isotopes…up to SIX hours after the injection. Isn’t that amazing? I didn’t get any more details.

I was completely done with the whole test by 1:00 and driving myself back home. The needle stick and the chest and head pressure were slightly uncomfortable but I wouldn’t rank them above a 1 on a pain scale and they disappeared immediately. The most painful part is paying for the test since I started a new calendar year with my insurance and have to meet my annual deductible again.

Next stop is in a couple of weeks when carotid artery, aneurysm, ASI (hardening of the arteries) and ABI (atherosclerosis) tests occur. All four of those tests are costing me less than only two of them through my insurance and the hospital. Here’s to alternative testing sites! Namaste. Attic Annie

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Teaching and Vicodin …definitely a no no

Good morning. I wrote my blog last night. I woke up at 4 but decided to go back to sleep. It’s a gloriously cooler morning so far. Welcome.

It’s Thursday evening and I hope to get most of this blog done before I crash. I had a surgical procedure done last January. I was given a prescription for twenty hydrocodone (vicodin) tablets for pain. When I had my root canal on Tuesday I still had nine left. I really don’t like to take pain meds any more than I have to, but my jaw was really bothering me since Tuesday so I took one that night, two yesterday, and one this morning. I thought I would tough it out and not ask the dentist for any script. I was wrong. I was glad I still had my bottle.

I have been a zombie all day. The prescription reads one every four hours. I hate to think what my brain would look like if I took that much. I seem to retain pain meds far longer than the average person does. Take your pick of side effects. This chart could easily have my face on it….with a few other alterations!

What your body looks like on drugs

What your body looks like on drugs

Thank goodness I am retired and can waste a day now and then. Back about twenty years ago, I had a run in with the same stuff that maybe could have cost me my job. At least I was that paranoid about it.

I had had dental surgery back then too. I didn’t let that bother me. I taught school the next day anyways. As long as I took the tab with food like I had at breakfast, I thought I was OK. It was getting close to lunch and my jaw was starting to throb. I thought, “I’ll sneak one now. I’ll be eating lunch in fifteen minutes. It will be OK.” Well, it wasn’t OK.

About ten minutes later I started feeling really strange. It was time to prepare for lunch. I called one of my students up to the desk and said,

“P l e a s e  g o  f i n d  M r s. H.” I felt like I was in a slow motion film. Mrs. H. was one of my teaching partners. She came back to the room and took one look at me. “Annie, what’s wrong?”

“I  t o o k  o n e  o f  m y  p a i n  p i l l s  o n  a n  e m p t y  s t o m a c h,” I said into this echo chamber. “Oh, geez, Annie!” She replied. She turned to my class. ” Laurie, go up to the cafeteria and get Ms. A  a tray. I handed Laurie the money. “The rest of you line up and follow my class.”

No problem. The kids were out of the classroom and food was on the way. I can’t tell you what I had to eat,  but I do remember the “fun” of trying to eat it. I was stoned and I was trying to avoid chewing on one side of my mouth.

Mrs. H. returned to my classroom and escourted me down the hall to the telephone. I held on to her arm all the way down. Of course this was before cell phones. We had a phone in the teacher’s lounge. With her help, I was able to reach the dentist. I evidently was coherent enough to tell his assistent my situation. I remember her saying, “You’re not feeling any pain now, are you?” There was kind of a laughter in her voice. Nope, NO pain….worry and guilt maybe but no pain. She told me I would be OK. She asked if I had eaten anything yet. I responded that I thought I had.

Mrs. H. started to walk me up and down the hall. I distinctly remember trying to grab the floor with my toes to keep from falling off. Off of what I wasn’t sure.  I kept mumbling that I hoped the principal or the program coordinator would not come see us. They had a habit of popping in whenever. I could just see the newpaper in front of me. “Elementary teacher gets stoned in front of class”. I saw the termination papers in front of me as I was getting kicked out of school.

Gradually feeling started coming back into my feet and I stopped talking like a zonked out robot. I was no longer trying to wrap my toes around the carpet. Mrs. H. assured me there were no administrators present. We walked for a few more minutes. She went back up to the cafeteria to collect our students.

By the time the kids got back to class and rotated rooms, the worst of the feelings were gone and somehow I was able to carry out the afternoon schedule.

I don’t know how drug addicts do it. I have difficulty taking more than two a day. I can’t imagine what kind of pain I would have to be in to take six a day. It’s a scary thought.

As I sat here this evening, a storm blew through. I brought up the radar for this area and saw some bright red blotches on the radar right over our neighborhood. I knew I was supposed to unplug the computer but I chose not to. The storm has passed and nothing was damaged. There was a huge clap of thunder right over my house. My family room lit up like noon with the lightening showing through the skylight. My TV had gone off the air (my dish satellite tends to do that). I called Maxine but it was a very short conversation. She didn’t want to be on the phone in the storm.

That reminds me. I have a question. I know it’s not good to be on an old fashioned corded phone if there is lightening. Does that warning still hold if both parties are on a cordless phone? It seems to me that there would be no problem, but then again I know very little about such matters.

We got another drenching. Once again, the lightening was its usual spectacular self. Somehow when I was growing up, I don’t remember the weather shows like we have down here in Texas where everything seems to be grander.   Maybe because we don’t have as many storms as other places the weather gods store up all the energy for fewer but mightier storms. It’s time to call it a night. See you in the morning. Namaste. Attic Annie

                                                                 fw lightningstorm


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Growing old(er) is not for sissies!

Got lots to do but come sit down. We can talk a while.

Got lots to do but come sit down. We can talk a while.

Good morning. I’m not talking too well this morning. I went to the dentist yesterday.

OK….so maybe deep down I may be a masochist. I am making appointments right and left to “fix” everything all at one time. Why? Only GOD knows. I am in pain…and I am the one who is usually quite stoic. I take things as they come. However, I have achieved a position that has almost brought me to my knees.

Several years ago I lost a tooth to an abscess so a “permanent” bridge was made. It’s lasted several years,  but not the lifetime I had hoped. I went to the dentist in April and with the usual yearly xrays it was discovered that the first tooth of the bridge had a cavity under the crown. Now I was naive enough to think that once a tooth was crowned, there would be no more decay.

I was wrong!

I was given two options, a partial denture or two implants.

They would remove the bridge, pull the decayed tooth, and make a partial plate with two teeth. They were willing to do this but said the back tooth may not stand up to the pressure of being the anchor due to bone loss surrounding the tooth. They didn’t mention any partial hidden clasps like in this picture. This was not their first recommendation.

I remembered my dad’s partial. He used to complain about his gums being sore underneath. I hesitated about this option.

The next option was to pull the decayed tooth and put in two implants.

The “insurance” I have is not insurance but a dental discount HMO type. The company pays very little for implants at this time. The periodontist was charging $2,000 per tooth for the metal screws. Then on top of that, there was  more than that (a LOT more) for the regular dentist to prepare my mouth, do the extraction, and make the crowns for the implants. Total cost, WITH the amount taken off by my dental discount, was over $7,000!

“The disadvantages of implants are that they can cost more and be more  time-consuming, and the cost may not be covered by dental insurance. You will likely have to deal with two dentists – the dentist who does the surgery to place the implant, and the dentist who puts the false tooth on top of the implant. There is also a delay in getting the false tooth or teeth – a healing interval of several months may be required before the artificial root can have a tooth placed on it. There is also surgery involved with its attendant discomfort and healing period.” http://www.mynewsmile.com/missing.htm

After deliberating my options, I decided to get a third opinion. My friend suggested I see her dentist. She has been going to him for many years and trusts him explicitly. I made an appointment. He doesn’t accept the dental discount program I had. He only takes PPOs. Thank goodness for the internet. I found a PPO he did accept. The savings I will gain offsets the cost of having both a PPO and an HMO discount program for the next several months. I bought into the program.

His idea was to do a root canal on the first tooth, cut out the bridge tooth, and get one dental implant in its place. Well, with only one implant that was a savings of $3,000 right there.

I had another root canal several years ago. I don’t remember any special discomfort. I was not expecting any yesterday. Unfortunately, he ran into an unexpected abscess. The procedure took a lot longer than he planned as a result. He kept asking me if I were feeling any pain. I was fine. I can say I was not too fond of the noise of the file grinding away at my tooth’s root.

I couldn’t say that thate was no pain after the anesthetic began to wear off. I hate to take hydrocordone. I had a surgical procedure last January and out of twenty tablets prescribed at that time, I still had ten left. I had two of those and four Tylenol after I returned home from my appointment before I went to bed. The pain was only numbed. I don’t know what to expect for today. Visits to the dentist and oral surgeon will continue for the next several months.

Masochistic part number 2. My chiropractor moved to another part of the state and I had to find a new one. I’ve had lower back curvature problems probably since birth that causes an imbalance because of a cockeyed center of gravity. It explains my lovely performances in sports growing up. No doctor has ever taken the x-ray view that revealed it before. Most generally my left shoulder is a little lower than my right. My pelvis tips causing one leg to be longer than the other. My aunt would always tell me “Annie! Look how you’re standing. Stand up straight.” I had no idea what she was talking about. I thought I WAS standing up straight.

With my other chiropractor I would go in several times a year for an adjustment and all would be well. Now  I had to find a new one.

The one I found takes an entirely different approach. She takes her clients through a twenty visit program to realign their entire spinal column. In 2004 I was in an automobile accident that caused a sideways “whiplash” to my neck. I feel no pain any more, so I didn’t pay much attention to it. I had no idea my neck muscles were as stiff as they were. If it doesn’t hurt, it’s out of mind.

So now I have a chiropractor three times a week working on realigning my neck and lower back with adjustments, the tens unit attached to my back for ten minutes, and resistance exercises. She puts a headband around my head that is connected to a resistance rubber cord attached to the wall. I have to stand there and stick my chin forward while keeping my shoulders back and straight. They call it “the chicken”. Ever watch a chicken walk? Yep, that’s what I do. Except only my head moves…not my feet.

Then comes the manipulations. She is more vigorous than I am accustomed to although she does not hurt. She can’t adjust my neck because of the stiff muscles. She has to use a device which she cocks and presses against each vertebra. Kind of reminds me of a jack hammer. Doesn’t hurt. This will continue three appointments a week through the middle of October. I’m already 5’7″ which is relatively tall for women. The chiropractor is decompressing my spine and correcting the curvature. I’m wondering if I will come out of this a couple inches taller!

Why do I consider these two things (dentist and chiropractor) as masochistic of me? Well, the two of them together really aren’t too much to handle. However……later today I have to make an appointment with the podiatrist to treat my ingrown toenail. My pain is definitely in my mouth, my neck, my back, my toe, and my PURSE! I’m experiencing a “pocketectomy”!

“Growing old is NOT for sissies!” I believe it! Namaste. Attic Annie

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The “sell my house” saga continues

A certain amount of stress is supposed to be good for the soul, right? Having lived a relatively stress free life since I retired from teaching (relatively speaking) the stress I’ve been feeling since deciding to put my house on the market is off the scale.

Come on and sit down on the porch and I’ll tell you about it.

Three weeks ago I decided to put my house on the market. From there, things happened very quickly. I had my house staged, I found a house about half the size of mine and put a contingency contract on it, I had a rehabber/handyman come through and give me an estimate on repairing the obvious little things that needed to be done to sell my “as is” home.

That last statement is one of two stressors that I dealt with yesterday. The back bath (this house has 3 1/2) had a discoloration on the floor under the vinyl flooring. It was kind of a blue gray showing through the white vinyl. I knew that had to be replaced so I went to Home Depot and found 69c peel and stick tiles.

The handyman has a team of three others and throughout the day all three of them were here from time to time. When the tile layer started working he realized there was a leak under the sink. Turns out one of the shut off valves was bad. This just happened the past few days, I swear. You know, nobody told me that not using faucets is bad for the plumbing. This bathroom gets used maybe once (this year twice) a year. I go back there to flush the toilet when all the water has disappeard but I didn’t know about once a month to turn on the tub and basin faucets. I do now.

Moving on to the hall bath. There is a place in the ceiling that cracks every five years or so. It gets fixed and ignored. After I put the house on the market, the crack reappears and is longer. Handyman gets up there and realizes the ceiling under the plaster is moist. He cuts away plaster about the size of a pig’s leg in order to replaster. Now why the ceiling is moist, I don’t know. That’s another trip for him to the attic. It hasn’t rained for a long time. The roof is relatively new (10 years into a 30 year guarantee). He thought maybe an air conditioner pan or something might be up there. Huh? Not that I’ve been aware of in the 30 years I’ve lived here. Well, SOMETHING is causing the moisture. He’ll investigate further today.

The half bath over the years has lost three ceiling tiles. It is only a 4×6 room so three tiles looks like a lot. The tiles are old enough that they can’t be matched. That means a whole new ceiling.

That was just yesterday at this house. Flashbacks of Tom Hanks and Shelly Long in The Money Pit appear in my mind. NO! I shout to the universe. Be gone, such thoughts. These are the only things I need fixed. The house will sell after the Open House this Sunday.

Actually, in three weeks I’ve only had two people looking at the house. Both of them said the same thing. “Nice house” “Good location” “Cost too much to upgrade”.  Upgrade my house? I’ve spent thirty years upgrading. OK so the kitchen has 70s dark orang laminate counters. OK the kitchen has an obvioius square replaced where there was a slab leak. OK the patio floor has repaired cracks that are cracking again from the slab moving with the levels of moisture in the soil….ok ok ok ok. Both women had almost identical thoughts. Yes, the house could stand a few multi thousand $$$$ of “upgrades”. But hadn’t I priced my home accordingly?

I know about the upgrade part because yesterday I paid for an inspection on the house I have under a contingency contract. I knew there were cosmetic changes I wanted to do to the house (unfix everything “handyman husband” changed) but now I have three additional things to consider, squishy roof, foundation on corner of garage, air conditioner wired with too small a wire. I’ll not even go into thoughts of that today.

Today I get to start my adventure with the dentist, can we say remove bridge, root canal, implant?  Have a great day. Namaste Attic Annie


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Where is Susan Boyle? and Who cares?

Susan BoyleWelcome to the attic. I hope you like bananas. Help yourself to the smoothie pitcher. There’s something bothering me that I’d like to talk about.

What’s bothering me? I’m glad you asked.Three months ago the world could not get enough of  Susan Boyle, the middle-aged singing phenomenon  from England. Her voice was truly extraordinary. She dared to enter a competition where the audience and judges are well known to ridicule and boo contestants. She was older than most the other contestants, and she certainly did not look the part of a star. I cringed for her, the idea of the audience and judges salivating to tear into her forming in my mind. Instead of receiving the insulting treatment, however, she was treated with  grace once she started singing, her magnificent voice echoing to the ceiling of the theater.

Over the next couple of weeks, she was given the royal treatment including a make-up, hair, and wardrobe make over. She was too dowdy, in public opinion, to be accepted seriously. She was considered a shoo-in for the grand prize of the Britain’s Got Talent program. After the last performance, the shoo-in lost. Not only that, but Susan Boyle quickly followed that show with a melt down.

It seems all the attention showered on her became too much for her to handle emotionally. The glare of world recognition was too much for her to bear, so she entered a clinic to unwind from the short but extremely intense ordeal.

That brings me to my concern. In the past month or so,  I have seen a banner on the internet a couple of times which shows copious tears flowing from her picture with the caption of  “Slap Susan Boyle” along side a hand. I am not one to be emotional, but that banner upset me immensely. I didn’t “slap” Susan Boyle so I don’t know the company behind the ad. I figure it’s the same one for “Cut the String” and “Shoot the Duck” among others, but maybe I’m wrong.

I grieve for modern humanity in our so-called “civilized” world  when some ad company thinks such a banner is funny! I am often accused of having a warped sense of humor, but I see no humor in this instance at all. I see scorn and ridicule. The media’s behavior  is positively disgraceful. They take unknowns, hold them in the glaring spotlight, and then not only often throw them out like garbage, but they delight in turning on them like savage dogs at the first sign of weakness.

The public is hungrily awaiting the next overnight phenom and the next and the next. In easier times “overnight phenom” took place over months. Now, with the internet, it literally means over night as in some cases from 7 pm to 7 am.  The world starts to nibble with their morning coffee or tea.

I do not know if humanity has always been this cruel or not. Perhaps it is in our DNA to attack and eliminate the weak among us. Perhaps turning upon others after knocking them off the pedestals we erect when we idolize them is just part of our natural behavior and so therefore we are not responsible for our actions. Persons wishing to reach the apex must understand the cost of any sign of slipping.

I would like to think, however, that we have simply lost our way. Somewhere inside of us there is a compassionate side that just needs to reacquaint itself with us. Perhaps, because along my path I have experienced small incidents that were very painful, I can empathize a little with Susan Boyle’s post-Talent experience, although I will never know the global humiliation she has received.

I do not know what has happened to Susan Boyle. A Google search pretty much ends at the end of April, save for Simon Cowell’s interview in June where he says the family thinks “they” (? I guess the show cast) did the right thing. Elaine Paige and Kelly Clarkson also made news after the April debacle stating they were fans. The rest of the world pretty much has remained silent.

Susan Boyle wanted to sing for the Queen. I hope her star light is still bright enough for that to happen. The Queen deserves a Susan Boyle performance. I hope her skin is thick enough to forgive the world for the treatment she received. As for who cares what has happened and wil continue to happen to the Susan Boyles of this world, I care.

Come visit me and talk for a while.

Attic Annie


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