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Learning All Over Again HELP!

I was halfway through writing yesterday when I had to stop. I saved the draft to finish when I could. Well, now I have the time again but I can’t find the draft to work on it.

I haven’t blogged since December of 2012. So much has changed with WordPress I can’t believe I have to start all over again relearning how to publish. I was proud of myself yesterday when I finally figured out how to add a picture and link sites using visual rather than HTML. I was even researching and using information correctly (I think) directly linking the sites in the material so I wouldn’t be caught plagiarizing.

I’m in the process of moving and can only do a little bit of packing and sorting at a time, so sitting down at my computer is my way of relaxing. It keeps my brain more active than just sitting in front of the TV. I do that as well. I remember when an acquaintance showed me how to originally set up my web page in 2009. My brain was much more able to absorb directions back then and, even though it was very frustrating,  by trial and error I learned how to do pretty much all that I wanted to.

Now I visit the WordPress site and find everything has changed. I click on all places I see, but my “saved draft” is playing hide and seek. My current status says “New Draft”. I know I used to be able to save several drafts so I have hopes that I haven’t permanently sent the old one into oblivion.

Maybe in the new town I will be able to find a WordPress guru who can become my advisor. That would be nice. Right now I’m pretty frustrated with all the blank white spaces and pale blue borders. It’s very soothing to look at but not helpful to my needs right now.

In the meantime, I just have to put yesterday’s draft on hold and hope I can find that lost “child”. Does anyone else who is blogging here have similar problems or am I just showing my age and mental status?

By the way, when I first started blogging I would find a picture that went along with my copy and insert it into my blog. I found a photo on IStock just now I was going to use but when I read the licensing information it says 1 credit is $12.00. Please help! I’m not going to be able to afford any pictures if I have to pay for every one. Where can I find complete guidelines as to what to do?

Namaste Attic Annie

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The Reunion of Shirley and Jennie

Whenever I see videos like this one I am so moved by the idea that all creatures are capable of love. How could any scientist or animal behaviorist prove else wise? I’ve seen it in dogs staying with owners who are injured or other dogs, ducks who  remain with mates, cats who adopt baby bunnies…You Tube is filled with such videos. How can we be so blind as human beings not to notice relationships around us because “only humans have spirits”?

Shirley and Jennie were truly fortunate to find each other. It is the story of a friendship that never died. Their undying love for one another is obvious. It is a very moving story.

Shirley’s handler must have had a feeling of pride beyond anything I will probably ever feel when he said, “I don’t know who the first one was to put chains on Shirley but I am the last one to take them off.” What a blessing to know you helped free another sentient  being.

I am jealous that I feel that I have never had a friendship as close as this one. Such friendships are truly rare and a blessing. Perhaps there is still time to be able to feel such joy. I can only hope. Namaste Attic Annie

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Why abuse “evil” corporations?

I  have  become quite interested in the Occupy movement on my FB page. There are several people constantly posting pictures, quotes, stories, etc. of the people who are doing the occupying. There are those who shout “Nothing is free”, “Get a job”, “Go home” “I paid for my college education, you pay for yours”, “Dirty Hippies”, etc. They delight in reporting the number of tampon and condom wrappers as if that debases the people who are there.

This morning, this picture was posted.

The message that I glean from this poster is, “You are all using products made by the ‘evil’ corporations you are attacking. You are all hypocrites. See how much better life is with all these wonderful corporations providing all those things which you now feel are necessities in your lives. Now just go home and shut up.”

I will admit that I use many of the products corporations produce as mentioned in this picture. I drive a car, take a train, ride a bus, and fly. I do not grow my own cotton or wool or dye them with natural dyes like beet juice. I buy manufactured clothing. I use cardboard boxes, a cell phone, and a camera. I correspond by using my computer. I stop at stop lights and am thankful they are there. That does not mean I have no right to expect the corporations that provide these material goods and services to be fair and ethical.

No one disagrees that corporations make products which consumers buy. The disagreement is whether these products are of good construction and are safe for the consumer and for the environment, whether they were made by workers making a living wage or in sweatshops, whether the corporations paid fair taxes. All of these positive  conditions can occur if the corporations have their customers, their neighbors, and their workers first in their minds rather than how large a house (or houses), how big a yacht, how extravagant their parties, and how many zeros appear in the bank accounts of the CEO and major stock holders. Some people just don’t get that message.

It is possible for business to be conducted with a fair profit. I haven’t heard of anyone saying all corporations should be non-profit. But when companies poison the earth with their toxins, fix prices, nickel and dime customers (that should probably be $50 and $100) with all kinds of fees, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum to the point of destroying entire lives and lifestyles, it is time for people to rise up and voice complaints. No company needs to make billions in profits on the backs of the lowest 99%.

I do not know where this will end. I feel it would be a good step to start with eliminating the idea that a corporation is a person. Another step would be to turn out every person in Congress to run again without any payments by the lobbyists who currently own them. Yes, there are some good people in Congress. If they are honestly good, let them be re-elected but hold every Congress person to a limited term. A Congress person should not be allowed to “serve” longer than any president. A third step should be to limit the time served in courts. The life time appointment idea was made at a time when life spans were in general half of what they are now. We need leaders who will hold these corporations responsible to the earth and the people they serve. Paid off Congress and judicial persons will not do that.

I support the Occupy movement. I support the idea that banks should work with people whose houses have been foreclosed. I support banks releasing the trillions of dollars they are hoarding until after the election in an effort to get people to believe it is entirely the president’s fault that the economy is as it is. I support honesty and fairness. I guess I’ve been on the wrong side all my life but I like my side.

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An Anglo-Chinese Wedding…I was there!

In July I posted that my son had gotten married in Dalian, China. He did. But the wedding was scheduled for September 10, 2011. My childhood friend, who is my son’s godmother, and I were able to fly there for the wedding. She had enough frequent flyer miles to fly for free. My son loaned me the money for my ticket. It seems he chose the same summer that my air conditioner broke down and had to be replaced and hail damaged my roof to the point it needed to be replaced as well. The wedding fell in the middle of those two events and part of the foundation needing repairs due to the drought, a new crown needed for my tooth due to a cavity underneath it, and a dented car door. Life goes on!

I didn’t sleep much the night before I left. I never do. I was all packed and ready to go. I left my home at 6:00 a.m. to get to the Park and Ride. I can park my car for free and enjoy a relaxing back seat ride to and from the airport in comfort. I followed the mapquest directions until I came to the Belknap ramp split. I forgot to stay to the left until it was too late. I took the road to the right.

Instead of entering Belknap Street, I found myself wandering around an industrial area of Fort Worth in the predawn dark in an area I had never had any reason to visit. The streets were narrow and semi cabs were strewn along them. I presumed they were filled with truckers waiting for their loads. I came upon a freight train parked across the road. I had to maneuver my car around in a U turn. Next I came to a dead end road and again had to turn around.

I’m not certain how I did it, but I finally managed to follow my Garmin directions and pulled into the Park and Ride at 6:40 a.m. I thought I had been told to be there by 6:30 and was worried I’d be late. I was told the driver would be there to pick me up by 6:55. I sat down in the waiting room to let the morning’s adrenalin work its way out of my system. By 7:05 the driver appeared.

We said our good mornings and he took my bag to load into the van while I entered and buckled myself in. He sat in his seat and was just about to pull out when I realized I didn’t have my carry-on bag. Just in time I told him to “STOP!” and explained. He turned off the motor. I reentered the waiting room and found my bag right where I had left it. Thank goodness. Of course, except for the attendant I was the only person there so the bag was perfectly safe.

One must not be prone to anxiety attacks when driving from Fort Worth to the airport. One must leave at least two hours ahead of time to allow for traffic. I knew that. I knew my flight did not start boarding until 8:30 a.m. Yet it was difficult to keep that in mind as we inched ourselves the twenty five miles in bumper to bumper traffic along TX 121. Actually, the wait in the van equalled the wait I would have had at the gate. Check in and security were relatively fast and I was cleared to board. I had no more than fifteen minutes at the gate before I embarked on my newest adventure.

My friend and I met up with each other in Chicago. She had to start out even earlier than I. She flew from Florida to Houston and then to Chicago. Fortunately, she flew into Terminal B on Continental and had to find me in Terminal C. We originally thought we’d have to find our way to the International Terminal M, traveling by train, but luckily United had all its flights in the same terminal.

By the time we found each other, (thanks to cell phones) we had fifteen minutes to spare after having our visas checked (along with 500 other passengers). We once again boarded for our thirteen hour flight to Beijing.

I did not include my diary on this trip so I can’t report day to day but I’ll continue with the highlights of the rest of the trip tomorrow. Namaste. Attic Annie


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God was with them with no fires with the fireworks

It is the 4th of July…another day to celebrate our independence. Our freedom. Our desire to do as we please and let everyone else be damned. A day to assert once again that we know what we are doing and we’ll do it regardless of the consequences…so help us God!

Our village has a parade every year. It only lasts about ten minutes but it’s good clean fun. The boy scouts lead with the American flag. The fire trucks roll, the mayor sits in the back of a convertible wearing an oversized Uncle Sam hat. The citizens on patrol volunteers wear their uniforms and drive by in cars with the magnetic COP signs attached to their doors. Then there is an assortment of kids on bikes, kids in wagons, senior citizens on bikes, and, if we are lucky, the county sheriff’s mounted patrol…this is Texas after all. This is the first year where somebody actually thought about the gifts that horses often bring and decided to make the patrol the last entry in the parade instead of the first. It saves those that follow from breaking ranks and weaving around the piles looking like they started the celebrating a little early.

This day is the one day there is a possibility to actually talk to some of the neighbors. We all gather on the street to watch the parade go by. I wish I hadn’t had that opportunity today. It makes it a challenge for me to befriend this one family.

I asked the mother if they were going to watch the fireworks tonight. “Oh, we already had our fireworks. We have friends down in Joshua who have a house out in the country. We always go down there and set off a whole bunch for our kids.”

If you live outside the city limits in unincorporated areas there is no one to stop you. Now before you think what’s wrong with that…almost the entire state of Texas is under a burn ban. Except for a handful of East Texas counties, the whole of Texas is one big haystack waiting for that one match to set off unstoppable conflagration. We’ve already proved that to the west of us around Possum Kingdom.

She went on to explain that they had garden hoses to put out any fires and said the boys stomped out several of them before she even realized there were any lit. She sounded so proud that her boys knew how to handle fires.

What makes me upset is that the father of this crew is a very rigid Literalist Religion professor. He has home schooled his children and made certain they live to follow the rules of God more often found in the Old Testament with its rules and regulations with sinners and hell than in the New Testament love one another variety. He honestly believes that the world would be a much better place if everyone believed and acted just the way he does.

So what does he do? He defies the burn ban and actually teaches his children by example that following the letter of the law in the Bible does not include using common sense and following the laws of man.

Had the wind been blowing one or two miles per hour heavier last night, or had one of the rockets landed just outside the radius of the garden hoses there would have been much different results.

But then they knew God would take care of them. He always does. Namaste. Attic Annie


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SC and Video “Games” Shame on You!

OK. I have a burning question. How much longer before the venerable Supreme Court in our land strikes down the laws banning the sale of alcohol and tobacco to our underage children?

It seems that there is no reason to have these laws on the books any more. They only poison the lungs and the livers of their users. It is obvious we have no care about the poisoning of the  minds of our young anymore so why care about the bodies?

I’m very concerned about the recent ruling of the Supreme Court on striking down the California  ban on violent video games being sold to children.

The ban was lifted under the guise of “Free Speech” .

According to one definition from Wikipedia

“Freedom of speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. In practice, the right to freedom of speech is not absolute in any country and the right is commonly subject to limitations, such as on “hate speech“.”

I contend that delaying the time that a child can be exposed to such horrendous violence is not censorship of free speech. It’s the promotion of common sense.

As much as I dislike some of the things being said today, I support the right of anyone to say anything at anytime without being censored. I don’t have to listen. I can walk away or change channels. But I am an adult. I am not an impressionable child. Children must be protected until old enough to think for themselves.

I was in college in the 1960s when I first was introduced to the topic of children and violence. At that time it was noted that children (preschoolers) who watched cartoons portraying violence were themselves more violent when allowed to play with the boxing clown toy.

We are so far beyond the violence of the Road Runner and the Coyote anymore. We are at the point where the children can control the violence being perpetrated on their victims. How much longer before the video gamers introduce snuff actions into their games like the underground snuff films being sold?  The kids aren’t allowed into theaters but the games are allowed to be brought right into their homes!

The military uses violent simulation games in preparing their soldiers to become killers. They call that “training”. My question: What are we training our children to do when they play the same types of games and worse in the guise of “entertainment”?

We can have the support of the law to help keep alcohol and tobacco out of teenager’s hands but we can’t have their support to keep violence out of their minds.  SHAME on you, SC! The video gaming industry is making more and more “games” intentionally targeted for children yet you ignore that and let their money from their aggressive, influential lobbyists influence your decisions.

One argument is that it is up to the lazy parents to get up off their butts and monitor their children. With parents needing to be out of the house working to support the children, there are too many hours when they can’t be there. There are times when the older children play these games right in front of younger brothers and sisters. All while the parent cannot be in the home.

There is the argument that children can’t buy these games without their parents providing transportation for them to the store. Evidently those arguers have never heard of malls  where dozens of stores await the money of their children. They’ve never seen the children on public transportation.

Yes, parents buy children the equipment for playing the games. That does not mean they intend to expose their children to such violence as found in these games. Teenagers have many ways to earn their own money for such things. They swap games back and forth among friends. One parent may prohibit such games but that doesn’t stop the child from playing it at a friend’s house.

One Supreme Court justice defended peddling violence to kids by stating that there has always been violence in the lives of children. He then cited the Grimm Brother’s story of Snow White. Come on, now! He sees no difference between Snow White and modern day video games? To me that’s like comparing vinegar to hydrochloric acid. Both can do damage but the hydrochloric acid does it much more rapidly!

To me this law reversal is one more in the path the Supreme Court is following. I strongly feel they are allowing the huge corporations to control their decisions. These are dangerous times. I cry for the children and all the others whose rights are being ignored in the interest of big money!

Namaste. Attic Annie


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How can I get rid of spam?

I have seriously cut back on the number of blogs I have been writing lately but that has not discouraged spammers from adding comments to my web site. It seems my “about me” is stuck somewhere in the ethers on a site that promotes prescription drugs of all kinds. It is also posted somewhere in the eastern European Poland area. I get these very mixed up hardly intelligible comments all posted on “about me”. None of them follow any individual blog. Even if they are legitimate, I have no idea to which blog they are referring. All I do when I visit my own site is to delete the spam. Sometimes there are three, sometimes there are more than thirty.

I had one poor soul tell me that s/he marked “advise of comments” or some such remark so that other comments could be read. The same spam messages are going to that person. It is a pain.

I’m wondering if out there in blog land there are other bloggers who have had similar problems. I’m wondering if my only resort is to start a brand new blog with a different title. Is there anything I can do short of that? I have several subscribers to my site but I guess I could notify them of the new site. What if one of the subscribers is one of the sites sending out all the spam? That would defeat the purpose.

I wish I were more fluent in computer. Then I would have some idea of where to start. I know how to blog, play games, reply in FB, and check my email. Oh, I can also search the web for interesting articles to write about. That is the extent of my technical knowledge about computers. Oh, I can add a movie to my instant queue on Netflix and pay some bills. As far as diagnosing any problems or even figuring out where to go to start to solve my problems, I don’t have a clue.

If anyone is still reading me, if you have any suggestions for eliminating the spam, please let me know. I once was engaged to a young man whose mother taught him how to make spamburgers, but that’s the ONLY kind of spam I enjoy. That kind of spam I can handle. Fry the Spam, add lettuce, Miracle Whip, and a pineapple ring (or tomato slice) and place on a whole wheat bun. That I can do.

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