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What to Wear on Christmas Eve

sue's sweater

…and there it was, hanging right in front of me.

Once again it is Christmas Eve. I have been invited this evening to a friend’s home for tamales before going to the Candlelight Service. I have known this friend for about six years. I think this is the fourth year of invitations. I have been trying all day to figure out what I want to wear. It makes little difference at our church. There will be many in jeans and several in new outfits with every style in between. I guess that’s one of the reasons I like going to this place. I have never felt any sense of pretension. It really isn’t a matter of what one wears.

I have not bought any new clothes for Christmas in more years than I can count. Actually after twenty years of being unchurched, it has only been eight years that I have attempted to attend. My memory of Christmas Eves does not extend much beyond that.

I have a black long sleeve tee that is decorated with an embroidered cardinal and sequined white poinsettia  flowers. The cardinal is the state bird of Illinois, my home state, so it is a little connection with home, even though I haven’t lived there in thirty five years. The cardinal is a beautiful symbol for Christmas and winter I think.

“The cardinal makes a fantastic animal totem. It reminds us to hold ourselves with pride – not ego pride. Rather, the cardinal asks us to stand a little taller, be a bit more regal, step into our natural confidence as if we were born to lead with grace and nobility”. I tend to hold back in crowds. I thought perhaps if I wear the cardinal I can be a little more joyous.

“As we observe the cardinal – particularly against the backdrop of the stark winter months, we are reminded that even when things appear bleak or isolated, there is always the presence of beauty, hope, and love”. The tee was a gift from my cousin’s family. She transitioned two years ago. The top still had its tags on. I had been with her when she bought it. The cardinal was her favorite totem. I wanted to feel close to her tonight.

I mentally went through other things in my closet. It’s not supposed to get really colder until tomorrow when it might snow. I don’t think it will, however. I think any snow will stop about forty five miles north of us around Denton.

I washed a couple of loads of clothes and hung them on my rack in the laundry room. And there was my answer hanging right in front of me. The very last time I saw my cousin she was wearing a new sweater. When we hugged, I was amazed by the softness of the weave. It felt so like her. Her husband asked me to take whatever I wanted when I left because by that time it was a matter of weeks. I couldn’t get myself to take anything without feeling very uncomfortable. I kind of felt I would be in the deathbed scene of Scrooge when the chambermaids were stealing the curtains before he was even dead.  I did ask him to mail me a couple of things when he was able to get around to it. That sweater was one of the few things I felt I truly wanted.

So tonight I am wearing that sweater. It will be warm enough to wear without a coat as opposed to the thinner tee. It will be soft and cuddly and I will be sharing  the service with Sue once again feeling her loving arms wrapped around me. The number of people I share this holiday with has almost entirely dwindled away but the spirit of my gentle, talented cousin will be with me to the end…at least until the sweater and the tee become too tattered to wear. Merry Christmas, y’all. Namaste. Attic Annie


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Goin’ fishin’ again on match sites…one last time

Hi there. Want something hot to drink? It sure will be nice when the mornings are a little warmer. I’ll not complain, however, because they will all too soon be very hot again. Soon and for a little while it will be “sit on the porch” time and then it will be summer cabin fever time. I hope the summer will not be as equally hot as the winter has been cold.

I’m a sucker when it comes to trying out match making sites. I do not come into contact with very many men in my daily routine. Several years ago in the 90s I tried I met a guy interested in friendship. Our friendship lasted about ten years. Platonic friendship. I’ve already talked about that tale.  Platonic was fine with me. I had no luck at all with eHarmony the first time I tried it about four years ago. They were running a three month special late last fall so I bit once again. I swallowed their spiel about being a relationship site rather than just a dating site. In four months (I forgot to cancel in time) I met one guy who was so exactly the opposite of me in my opinions that I was glad lunch was over. The second guy I saw for five dates but he called it off because of “no sparks”. I agreed with him but I kind of mourned the fact that we really did get along quite well together. If he had been looking for a great friend, we could have continued seeing each other. We had a lot in common. Everything but “sparks”. I asked him how many other women he was corresponding with when I first met him. He told me 13. It was a couple of months before I was able to communicate with just two…and those were not even at the same time. Viet Nam widened the odds for the women in my age bracket. I hate war.

A friend told me about a free site that I decided to join. I stipulated I’d like to meet someone between 55 and 70 within a 25 mile radius. I’ve had several men contact me, something that never happened on the other two sites. However, most of them are on either coast. So far, only one is within that radius. I want someone who can take less than an hour to get to my home. That’s by car and not by plane.  I had two 49 year olds contact me. I hate to think that I consider that robbing the cradle.

 I saw one other site for Big Beautiful People. This one is not free but it is 1/3 the cost of eHarmony. I bit. I paid for six months of service for what two months would have cost me had I stayed with eHarmony.  One man is also mailing me,  but all he has done is send me flirts. I think he is either mute or very lacking in vocabulary. I guess I’ll give up on him.

Any way you look at it, I am big. If my parents had named me Brunhilde, it would have fit. I am 5’7″” and I look very slim if I diet down to a size 12. As a matter of fact, my hip bones protrude at that size and what little butt I have now entirely goes away. Completely. Almost looks convex. I heard on the radio on Monday that the average American woman is size 14. Due to undiagnosed thyroid problems I gained about 15-20 lbs. in a little over a month last December so I am now a size 16…again. At least I’m not larger than that like I was during the years that I had fibromyalgia.  In this age of so many men liking petite tiny frame women, that cuts out quite a few suitors. I figure if a guy finds me on BBP board, he’s going to sense I am not tiny.

However, most of the guys are considering themselves big and beautiful but still desire small women. Men and women have such different standards of describing themselves. So many men say “a few extra pounds” when they should be saying “a few extra chins”. They describe themselves as very good looking. When I think of good looking, I think of a face. I don’t care if a guy is bald. I had a crush on Yul Brenner and Telly Savalas. I do care if the picture obviously shows a rug. Rugs are not as prevalent now as they once were but with some of the guys it seems to still be a home remedy.

I try to be honest with the guy. If he doesn’t care to meet a size 16 then I want to know up front. That is preferable to meeting him and seeing that initial look on his face. I think everyone knows the one.

I also eliminate those who post pictures of themselves laying on their beds, or those, my age, who think it is masculine to sit there with bare chests and have their video cam snap a picture in front of the computer. Guys, very few of you are built sexy enough at our age to pose like that. You look so much better in a shirt, believe me. Along with trying to be sexy, I eliminated the 73 yo who said he was horny and liked lots of sex. He wasn’t the only one. Any guy who is just looking for sex gets deleted. I want a much longer lasting relationship.

Some men have expressed their desire for big beautiful women who still have hour glass figures. They don’t care if the bottom is big and long as she has a smaller waist. It’s that old waist hip ratio again.

I guess if I don’t know exactly what I want physically in a man other than his being taller than me and hopefully not too thin,  I guess I shouldn’t eliminate any more than possible. If I meet anyone on these two new sites, I’ll probably blog about it some day. Namaste. Attic Annie

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The Beat Goes On With Pants On The Ground

I thought I posted this before” The View” came on but just as I was about to post my doorbell rang. When I logged on around 1:30 pm I realized it hadn’t posted. Evidently I missed the program today. They had the General on as a guest. If anyone reads this and knows if ” The View” can be accessed by computer, please let me know. I’d love to see the show.

It turns out, according to Maxine who called me about this, the General was an activist who actually marched with King. The kids should listen to a man like this. He knows how hard it was. I regret missing the show.  

Isn’t modern communication fantastic? This 62 yo man auditions one week for American Idol, somehow getting by anyone who might ask his age, and a few days later,  Brett Favre, who led his team in a bulldozer ride over the Cowboys on Sunday January 17, sings it in the locker room after the game.

Now, any time someone feels the need to gloat over becoming the victor will sing this song and it will become an international put down sung in every language.

We have gone from needing years to spread a song to needing a few hours or at the most a few days. Simon on American Idol was right when he said this song could be big. It probably will be.

The “General”, the guy who auditioned with this rap, intends it as a message to all the young men who walk around in defiance of any sense of propriety with their pants hanging down below their backsides.  Brett Favre uses it to put down his opponents during the victory party in the locker room.

The General was singing to a specific audience. The young men to whom he is addressing the song will simply laugh it off and pay no attention to it, or will sing it joyfully, as an anthem of honor, which is a shame because they are not listening to the message. The young have always had their own fashion to set them apart from the older generation, but this style is going too far.

The young men blame society for rejecting them,  but they are not listening to the leaders within their own community when it comes to advice on how to improve their current situation.

Bill Cosby came under attack two years ago when he tried to wake up the community where this style is so prevalent, the inner city youth, primarily African-American, but also Hispanic. He blames the parents for not setting any standards of behavior or dress. Instead of his community agreeing with him, they attacked him for airing the dirty laundry in public.

In a 2008 interview, Cosby mentioned Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Oakland, Detroit and Springfield, Massachusetts as some of the cities where crime was high and young African-American men were being murdered and jailed in disproportionate numbers. Cosby stood his ground against criticism and affirmed that African-American parents were continuing to fail to inculcate proper standards of moral behavior.[35] Cosby still lectures to black communities (usually at churches) about his frustrations with certain problems prevalent in underprivileged urban communities such as taking part in illegal drugs, teenage pregnancy, Black Entertainment Television, high school dropouts, anti-intellectualism, gangsta rap, vulgarity, thievery, offensive clothing, vanity, parental alienation, single-parenting and failing to live up to the ideals of Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the African American ancestors that preceded Generation X. Cosby criticizes those African Americans who associate his ideals with race treachery.

When I was teaching, I felt compassion for the children who had those older boys as role models. Some of them could not wait until they joined the gangs who dressed like that. To them it was a symbol of pride. Thankfully, the schools had started to instill dress codes so at least during school hours the kids had to keep their pants pulled up.

Maxine usually calls at least once a day. She was right on time right in the middle of this blog. She asked what my blog was about and she reminded me that how a child appears dressed on the outside does not always reflect how they are on the inside. I agreed with her, because that is true, but when a young man goes in for a job interview, the Human Resources director does not take the time to try to  find the nugget of good on the inside. Last week on PBS a man who was addressing this same topic said the same thing. I’m sorry I don’t remember his name. He was saying the young men had to gain enough sense to know when their attire was offensive and would not land them the job.

Maxine also reminded me of the fad of boys wearing long hair. Both of her boys followed that style in middle school and high school and both of her boys, now in their middle and late 40s are doing quite well in their careers. She seems to think that this method of dressing will pass and something else will replace it. The relatives of her sons thought they were both going to roast in hell, and yet they survived. Of course they didn’t have to contend with all the other stuff in their lives that the pants-dragging young men contend with on a daily basis. They had parents to guide them until they more closely fit the norms of society.

This too shall pass. The pants, at some point, will come back up, the gold will not be as prevalent in mouths, the hats won’t be worn sideways,  and, according to Cher, “the beat  goes on”.

The young eventually reach the age when they no longer feel a need to rebel. However, in the communities where this fashion is prominent, other factors combine to produce this generation where the death rates are so high. The attitude of the dragging pants  will take its toll among the young men at an extreme price.  Those attitudes come with a high mortality rate. Hopefully, someone will reach these young men in time.

In the meantime, the bodies of King and Chavez are probably wearing out at an extremely high pace from all the rolling around they are doing in their graves. They did not put themselves on the line so that the next two generations could behave the way they are now. Hopefully, this too shall pass and King and Chavez can finally get some rest. Namaste. Attic Annie


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What I think about when my brain won’t move

OK. It’s official, but I hope temporary. My brain is completely constipated. It has been blocked up several days, but today nothing is forming that I can push out to form even the slightest resemblance to an idea.

I didn’t rise until 8 o’clock when Ri-Leigh insisted that I get out of bed. I was not in bed until after midnight last night and awoke several times so I was luxuriating in the fact that I could stay right where I was. Sometimes my bed can feel so soft and toasty. Other times it just feels hard and cold in spite of how many covers I may drape over me.  Today it was really cozy. Other than take out the garbage I had nothing pressing to do.

As on countless days when I have difficulty forming an idea, I sat down to play Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. It’s the mindlessness of that game that helps me think.  I lost track of time and I finally noticed that 1 1/2 hours had passed. During that time I thought of many different things that I often think about, but nothing I really wanted to write about.

My relationship with my sister came to mind. We have not had the best of sisterships in our lifetime. In fact when I came home from last seeing her, I decided that I would divorce her. I had given up trying to “fix” anything and was tired of her attitude towards me.

I could really vent today about all the things I have stored in my brain and the files I opened, but it would prove of no benefit. I think my thinking about her began when I watched a PBS show on Elvis this weekend. In my memory I can only think of two times in my childhood that we ever went to the movies, and it was never with just the two of us. I was always the “tag along”. She was six years ahead of me in school. We never had anything in common. Anyway, one of those movies was “Love Me Tender” when I was ten. It was Thanksgiving Day and “the cousins” wanted to see the movie. Somehow I talked my way into going with them. Whether all the cousins went that day or not, I can’t remember at all.

It was really exciting because I didn’t get to go to the movies that often. The village where I grew up didn’t have a theater. The nearest theater was about eight miles away, I think. Maybe it was further. Anyway, there was no one around to take me. I think I remember going a few more times with another cousin, but I can’t really remember what we saw or for sure who was with us.

Anyway, as far as my sister is concerned, she has never been informed of this blog. I don’t think I ever wanted her to know in case I really wanted to get into some of the tough issues we have been through. But it really would not serve any purpose. I have come to peace with her knowing that in this life time things will never ever really change. We are siblings but judging  all the “It’s Sister Day” messages I get from friends in e-mail, our sibling hood missed the boat when it came to sisterhood.

I’ve never really been in her league. We are about as opposite as we can be, and it took all these years to realize how OK I am on my own to accept that she can keep her own league and I’ll keep mine. That was kind of a liberating day when I came to that conclusion.

Another thought passed through ( a little bubble of air) only God knows why. I guess in thinking about my sister, I remembered a dress she had left at home while she was in college. It was homecoming time my freshman year, and I borrowed the dress. I think she deliberately didn’t take it with her to college. Anyway, I wanted to be a little bit more dressed so I wore it. We did not have the same shape but it did fit, even if it was tight. I was out at the game and had to go into the building. The air was cold, and triggered the heavy breathy breathing that usually preceded an asthma attack. When I entered the building there was a sophomore guy alone in the hallway who I recognized. I swear the only thing I said to him was, “Hi Don.”

I passed him by and went into the restroom. When I came out, I saw him with his girlfriend, Donna. I kid you not. Those were their real names. I heard him say, “There she is.” Donna approached me and was really angry. She lit into me. Needless to say, I was stunned. Both of them were wearing black leather jackets, something we really didn’t see too much of at school. I really felt intimidated. Evidently, (hormonal) Don had thought I was really coming on to him with my breathy voice and tight dress. Donna was protecting her property. When she had finished warning me about staying away from her man, all I could say was, “I have asthma,” and I walked away.

It’s funny how memories pop out at the oddest of times and the associations we make from one to another. I was embarrassed that that dress was the only one I had access to that would be appropriate to wear (not too dressy but nice) l I was astounded that some guy actually thought I was coming on to him when all I was trying to do was breathe. It was the first time I ever remember to my knowledge that some guy actually thought I was sexy and some girl thought I was a threat. It was a unique feeling and a memory I never forgot.

I guess that’s all my mind can do for today. Hopefully, in the near future, it can return again to full power. Namaste. Attic Annie

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Make your parents feel old, dress up 80s style

Good morning. I’m willing to bet that there will be a lot of youngsters and adults dressing up for Halloween in the fashion of the 80s. A month ago I wrote a blog about 80s fashion. So far people have hit that blog 575 times, most of those in the past couple of weeks. People have been searching for “80s make up” and “80s hairdos”. My blog, “Mosquitoes and 80s fashion” comes up for those two searches.

Dressing up in garb of decades past is a lot of fun for kids. Thirty to forty years ago seems like ancient history to the kids of any decade. When I was trick or treating age,we really didn’t pay that much attention to fashions of the past. It was too much trouble to go to the library to do research. Now all kids have to do is type in a few search terms and everything is right in front of them on the screen.

20s flapper

When I was in high school, the big decade was the 20s. That decade was popular for high school floats and themes for school dances. I think we concentrated on the 20s because the 30s with its depression didn’t make for very happy memories. The 20s had barnstormers and jazz, gangsters and prohibition. It was a great charleston headbanddecade to “remember”. Women “flappers” wore short skirts, smoked using long cigarette holders and “bobbed” their hair. Dance marathons were popular. Women wore headbands . The Charleston headband was very popular when dressing up to go out into the city to have a good time. That’s a wealth of material for costumes.

Flash forward to the 80s. The kids of the 00s view that decade as ancient history. That is the era when most of their parents were young.

How would they dress up to look like someone from the 80s?  Well, first there would be the hair.

spray wigpurple wigmulletjersey girlpunk rockermaterial girlwomen's groupiesalesgirlrock

Once the hair style is chosen, we then choose the make up.

make up 1                        make up 2       

 Last of all we choose the clothes.

General types of clothing

1. Cross Colours clothes
2. afro-centric clothes
3. neon/fluorescent clothing and stuff
4. Miami Vice fashion
5. (early) Madonna fashion (i.e. Madonna wannabes)
6. patent leather
7. stonewashed denim
8. checkerboard clothing (flannel shirts and pants, etc.)
9. Esprit clothes
10. New Kids on the block clothing
11. Ocean Pacific clothes
12. bright colored clothing
13. T&C (Town & Country) clothing
14. Vision Street Wear
15. pastel colors
16. punk fashion
17. RUN DMC Adidas suits
18. tie-dye/hippie fashion
19. wearing too much jewelry
20. Flashdance fashion

Shirts, Jackets, Etc.

1. green scrubs
2. Fido Dido t-shirtsSeeking Susan Fahion Image
3. Hypercolor shirts
4. Spuds Mackenzie t-shirts
5. British flag t-shirts
6. Gecko t-shirts
7. “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirts
8. tank tops
9. ID# shirts
10. Jimmy Z shirts
11. 1-800 flourescent pink shirts
12. shirts with collars turned up
13. shirts with long flaps in the back side
14. Izod shirts
15. Vuarnet shirts
16. Ron Jon Surf Shop shirts
17. t-shirts tied at one side
18. shirts with sleeves ripped off
19. shirts with French writing on them (i.e. L’Universitie de Paris)
20. Panama Jack shirts
21. Coca Cola shirts
22. Gotcha shirts
23. “Choose Life” shirts
24. horizontally striped shirts
25. button-down Oxford shirts (especially in pink)
26. white shirts with long colored sleeves and iron-ons
27. sweater vests
28. monogrammed sweaters
29. off the shoulder ripped up sweats
30. Members Only jackets
31. big winter coats with sleeves that unzipped
32. denim jackets
33. denim jackets with lots of pins
34. denim jackets with lots of buttons/gemstomes
35. denim jackets with lots of heavy metal patches
36. bolero jackets
37. CB brand jackets
38. Michael Jackson jackets – red, vinyl with lots of pockets
39. leather coats with fringes
40. jelly jackets
41. bubble jackets and vests

Pants, et. al.

1. Underoos
2. thongs
3. bubble skirts
4. striped miniskirts with legwarmers (like Pat Benatar)
5. jams
6. skidz
7. legwarmers
8. overalls
9. Lycra bicycle shorts
10. Bugle Boy pants
11. military fatigue pants
12. parachute pants
13. leather pants
14. corduroy pants
15. Rubgy/Rugger pants
16. leopard skin tights
17. cargo pants
18. stirrup pants
19. Sweet Orr Pants
20. pinning pants
21. two tone denim pants (black in back, gray in front)
22. Levi’s with the white patch on back pocket
23. E.J. Gitano jeans
24. Jordache jeans
25. Guess jeans
26. Sassoon jeans
27. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans
28. Chic jeans
29. Zena jeans
30. Z. Cavaricci acid-washed jeans
31. acid washed jeans
32. ripped jeans
33. stone washed jeans
34. bleached jeans
35. pleated jeans
36. jeans with paint splatters
37. French-cuffed jeans (often worn with short socks and deck shoes)
38. pegged jeans
39. spiked jeans
40. jeans with high heels
41. tight jeans with zippers on bottom of legs
42. loose jeans safety pinned at the bottom

Footwear –

1. Balloons shoes
2. Doc Martin shoes
3. Espadrilles shoes
4. Vans tennis shoes
5. sebago shoes
6. deck shoes
7. China flats
8. high-top sneakers
9. high waters
10. Converse sneakers
11. Roos sneakers
12. Zips sneakers
13. Pumas sneakers
14. Pony sneakers
15. L.A. Gear sneakers
16. British Knights sneakers
17. double mismatching socks
18. slouch socks
19. dress socks with sneakers
20. lace socks worn with high heels
21. big thick scrunchy socks worn over tight pants
22. velcro sneakers
23. jelly shoes
24. Jazz shoes
25. mismatched Chuck Taylor high top shoes
26. unlaced Adidas hightops with the tongue hanging out
27. moon boots
28. “cougar” winter boots (tan-colored leather with red lining)
29. fat shoelaces

Accessories –

1. bandanas
2. bandanas tied around knee area
3. G & S bands
4. headbands
5. terrycloth headbands
6. banana clips
7. roach clips with feathers worn in hair
8. caps with the short bill flipped up in front
9. Panama Jack hats
10. charm necklaces
11. candy necklaces
12. Charmkins (jewelry that are also toys)
13. plastic clip on charm necklaces
14. thin gold chains
15. plastic charm necklaces
16. Stopwatches as accessory
17. narrow [leather] ties
18. long metal earrings
19. big earrings
20. spiked belts, wristbands, arm bands,etc.
21. telephone cord belts
22. skinny belts
23. magnetic belts
24. chain belts
25. brass/silver nickname belt buckles
26. bullet belts
27. Michael Jackson mirrored glasses
28. Back to the Future glasses (Pizza Hut promotion)
29. polariod sunglasses
30. Glacier glasses
31. Zany Zappers
32. Swatch watches
33. pop swatches
34. Takara Transformer Robot watches
35. slap bracelets
36. friendship bracelets
37. bangle bracelets
38. jelly bracelets
39. leather bracelets with spikes
40. gloves up to the elbows and full of holes
41. Michael Jackson glove
42. Freezy Freakies gloves
43. Lee Press-On Nails
44. Jordache purses
45. Sportsac purses
46. Adidas bags
47. Esprit bags
48. pop-beads
49. friendship pins
50. iron-ons
51. twist-a-beads

Take your pick. Everything old is new again. If you don’t have your costume yet and retro 80s is your theme, head to the nearest Goodwill or consignment shop. You’ll probably be able to whip up a reasonable costume in a very short time. Or, just head to the department store. Supposedly, the 80s were so much fun, the styles are coming back again!

Happy Halloween! Material Girl, salesgirl, punkrocker, rock star, mullet head. Take your pick.


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One of those nice successful days

I had a good day Tuesday. It was one of those that wasn’t at all unusual. I like days like that. It was just pleasant. If you want to hear about it, sit down on the glider with me. The temperature is in the high 60s. I love weather like this.

I worked on my blog about Tradition, Statistics, and Women’s Names (yesterday) until 12:30. Once I decide on a topic it can lead me into a lot of different directions. I ended up doing a lot of research for that one.

I decided to do two things with my afternoon. One, get my hair cut, and two pick up my watch at the jewelers.
I had gone to this salon several times a few years ago so I thought I would go back again. I had had someone else cut my hair two times before but I was never really satisfied when it grew out a little.
I really like this place because they have moveable wash basins that can fit right under your head. I’ve never seen those anywhere else. I’m a little tall so its nice not to have to recline and then stretch back to hyperextend my neck to reach the bowl. I asked the stylist about the recession. She said their business has reallly cut back. People are waiting longer in between cuts and not as many are dying or bleaching their hair.

alpmanMy hair is baby fine and thin. It has been all my life. One day my first fiance picked me up for church. That was in the days before blow dryers and mousse. I hadn’t used curlers the night before. He looked at me and said, “You look like a hairy bowling ball.” My hair had no life to it that day and my head is quite rounded.
I googled “round head physical characteristic” and lo, and behold, a picture appeared of someone who could possibly be my brother. I have a high forehead so I have to wear bangs. According to the site I should have brown hair and brown or hazel eyes. Of course my hair is gray, white, and silver now and at one time it was blonde and red but as a child my hair, which was very light brown, turned a brown almost auburn. There’s red hair on my mother’s side of the family. My eyes are hazel. My physical characteristics match exactly the Alpine sub group of the white race. That sure does fit. My father’s family all came from the area around northern Germany and I bear a too striking resemblance to my father. It’s not convenient having a rounded head. I had the distinction of having the largest graduation cap in my high school class. I love to wear hats once in a while and I can find very few that fit. I’d trade my Alpine head for any other size in a heart beat. I think it’s more noticeable on me than on a guy. Anyway, I thought she did a good job.

Moving on, I knew my watch had been at the jewelers  for a while. I’d been called three times. Each time something else was going on and I would mean to pick it up, but I would just forget. When I saw the tag, I realized it had been a whole year since I had brought it in for repair. The clerk was very nice about the whole thing, but I was embarrassed.

I complemented her on her outfit and mentioned I was looking for black dress slacks. She suggested I try a store directly across the street. I drove across, parked underground so my car remained cool, and walked into the store. Miracle of miracles, I spied a sales clerk, one of those disappearing breeds formerly found in department stores. I told her what I wanted. She pointed to where I might find it. Five minutes later I was trying the slacks on and bought them. They were on sale 60% off. I didn’t feel so bad about buying them. Somewhere in this house is a pair of black crepe dress pants that I have been unable to find. I will probably not wear this outfit again in this lifetime. I’m going to a very special dinner and thought I’d dress up “after 5” for a change.

Another sales clerk appeared great trend going on here) and tried to help me find a top to go with the slacks but we had no luck. I left the store and continued walking in the mall. I stopped at one store and tried on three tops. One had a neckline far too low, one had a waist far too high, and the third one had patterns throughout the material that were far too transparent. I struck out.  I passed another store that has been in the mall forever. I’d never been in it. I thought it was basicallly for petites and averages. I wear a large. I told the sales clerk what I wanted, she pointed me to a sales rack (50% off) and there it was, the perfect top for my dress slacks. I tried it on to make sure it would fit. I was so happy I decided to buy a big pair of silver hoop earrings to complete the outfit. Now I had everything I needed to go with the jacket wrap I just had to buy two weekends ago.

My next stop (I was only going to do two things) was to find a USB port for the new camera phone I purchased. It seems they are not included in the package. I can take pictures but there is no way to get them transferred to the computer. I stopped at the T Mobile kiosk and they directed me upstairs to Best Buy Mobile. The clerk was helping another customer so I walked around. I didn’t see what I needed. It was a very small shop. He confirmed my suspicions but told me if I were to go to the big Best Buy store I would find what I wanted. Tomorrow I will delve into a new adventure…loading and transferring images from my camera. Hopefully, I can start using them in my blogs. As I was leaving this young clerk said, “I like your hair.” You know, little comments like that can really make you feel good. That was nice. It made me smile.

I walked with my neighbor. I am really getting to know her better and having more fun with her each time we walk. Because I was quiet and reserved when we first met, she thought I was “an old prude” as she tells it. I’m trying my hardest to convince her otherwise. We laugh a lot as we walk now. Along the way, we met another man walking his dog. He asked if I was the one selling my home. He said he knew of friends who really liked my house. They had come to the Open House  and really wanted to move into this neighborhood. They had a concern, however, which I assured this young man was not the case. I’m hoping that he will go back to this couple and tell them to check further. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to sell my house before September 29 after all. That’s when the contingency runs out on the house I want to buy. Please keep me in your prayers. Namaste

Attic Annie

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To shorts or not to shorts… Why is that a question?

These were like mine
These were like mine
Mine were white with an orange modesty flap front and back
Mine were white with an orange modesty flap front and back






Wecome. It’s still cool outside. Let’s talk about one more media meltdown this morning. I know, my topic today is already overly discussed but I seem to always want to add my opinion. Let’s talk decorum and fashion.

OK…I’ll admit I’ve been the last one who could ever have been termed a “fashionista”. When I was in grade school we had to shop for “princess” style clothing…marketing term for bigger than average, or my child minder had to alter hand me downs from cousins to make them fit. When I was old enough to ride the bus into town, I shopped in bargain basements for outdated cheap clothes because I didn’t feel I deserved better. Anything not to have my father complain about costs for me. When I married my ex, he spent most of  his money on himself, so I shopped at consignment shops and stores that made K Mart look like an exotic botique because I had inherited the fear of living in debt.

I always tried to blend in with my age group as much as possible and look the best I could. I tried to make sure my clothing was “appropriate” . Except maybe in the early 70s when I did have that pair of hot pants and calf length white patent go go boots I wore for a while.

I was the first teacher in my building to wear pant suits before they became popular among educators. I was evaluated lower for not dressing professionally by the same principal who, the following year, was wearing pant suits herself. The first outfit I wore to school was pink but was somewhat like this Simplicity pattern.

My clothes looked about like this

My clothes looked something like this: unprofessional for a teacher

What I’m leading up to is my abhorance of critics who have nothing better to do than criticize the dress of others. Now I will admit I, too, believe some professionals have carried individuality a little far. I’ve seen some teachers in the last twenty years who were wearing ill fitting jeans, tee shirts and flip flops to school on days that came to be known as “Casual Fridays” as well as every other day of the week. To me they looked more like they were ready to do housework on Saturday morning rather than to be a role model for students. They were carrying casual a little too far.  But that was none of my business any more than what Michelle Obama wears on her vacation is any other’s business.

By now the world knows that our First Lady stepped off Air Force One yesterday wearing mid-thigh shorts while on vacation to the Grand Canyon. You’d think she’d gone skinny dipping in the Colorado River! Someone was trying to make it such a scandal attempting to use  it for political advantage , I’m sure. The media yesterday morning  jumped all over it asking for a variety of opinions. Was she showing a tacky amount of cleavage? Were they SHORT shorts as the media called them? No and No.

OK so Laura Bush was never seen in public with mid-thigh shorts. Did Laura Bush ever go on vacation to the Grand Canyon in August when she was twenty years younger? Laura Bush is old enough to be Michelle’s mother and Barbara Bush, her grandmother, yet that was to whom Michelle Obama was compared. What they were doing in their mid 40s was not national concern. The news did not cover them all that much when they went on private vacations. Of course that raises the question, “Can the first family ever even go on a private vacation?” Or must they be considered on the job 24/7, he the president, she the president’s wife, both open to criticism?

I believe that Michelle Obama was dressed appropriately for the occasion. They were at the Grand Canyon for goodness sake. It was August with temperatures over 100 degrees. They were on vacation! I wouldn’t have even faulted the President if, at that time for that purpose, he had deplaned wearing Bermuda shorts and a baseball cap.


What I want to know was what the hidden agenda was behind the critcisms. There always seems to be one. Was it to bring shame to Michelle? Was it by reflection to cast doubt upon the President’s ability to advise his wife’s (read control) every fashion move? Was it to divert attention from something else that is happening that someone wants to slip by public scrutiny?

OK  for the sake of decorum, perhaps they could have been an inch or two longer, PERHAPS! They didn’t need to be, but there are those whose lives revolve around cricizing who could be salved a little to make them feel better about their self-important jobs of finding fault in others.

Maybe they, in their cricisms, would like to turn back the clock:


Should we dress Michelle like this?For those who criticized Michelle Obama’s inaugural attire with the bare arm, and the vacation attire with the bare legs, shall we dress our First Lady like this? What would make you happy?  

                                                                                              But then again, what would the Muslims think? woman-in-trousers Forty lashes anyone?

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