Are We All FRACKED Up?

Fracking Farmland 615pxWhat the FRACK are we allowing to happen?

This graph is in an article about fracking and our food supply. It tells the story of Jacki Shilke and her cattle on a ranch in North Dakota. Two years ago gas companies started massive drilling operations surrounding her ranch. Soon afterwards her cattle became seriously ill and many died.

This event is not an isolated case, unfortunately. It is happening all over the United States as water continues to become contaminated. The citizens of the United States are allowing gas and oil companies to continue to pollute our land and water. It is either because of lack of knowledge of what is really happening or lack of caring as we continue to believe the propaganda spilling from the companies that tell how safe everything is.

There is a commercial running currently on television from one of the major natural gas companies in North Texas. The voice of the father explains his role in keeping water safe for his children. The children are seen swimming in the crystal clear water of a swimming pool. You see the blue water, the blue sky, the happy children. You hear the proud voice of the father explaining his role in protecting his children and protecting the water which sustains their lives.

Not surprisingly, this commercial is in complete opposition of what is actually happening to our water supply not only here in North Texas but also everywhere throughout this country.  When they can get away with it, they are even taking our treated drinking water out of the hydrants. When that water is used, it is permanently contaminated.

The oil and gas companies have such a stranglehold on our Congress that it is impossible for environmentalists to even get heard. From a 2010 article from CBS, “… environmentalists are naive to think that the current crop of milquetoasts on Capitol Hill will engage in anything more than distracting (and useless) policy debates. It’s going to take more than an earthquake to alter Chesapeake Energy’s beguiling “clean and green” gas drilling activities.” It is referring to the earthquakes measured at the airport in addition to the pollution.

The article on the ranch states that the carcasses of the cows are being sold to middlemen who sell them to makers of animal foods including chickens. That means there is a direct connection between the ranches and our own dinner tables or the food of our beloved pets.

Personally, I think the United States, if not already, will soon be permanently FRACKED UP! In our pursuit of cheap energy we allow the lobbyists to dissuade the best Congress money can buy to keep safe, clean alternative sources of energy from being produced. The industry keeps reminding us of the jobs it creates and how vital the producers are to our nation. Don’t other sources of energy need workers as well? I truly believe this is a specious argument. Who will be around to hold down the jobs if those in the US continue to be poisoned or die of thirst due to water that can no longer be drunk?

Once again, I feel it comes down to a matter of greed. How all the decision makers who sanctify the ruining of our earth think they and their families can forever escape from the effects of what they are doing is beyond me. They too have to eat and drink in order to live. I don’t care what anyone says, even they can’t eat money. Namaste. Attic Annie


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