Define Necessity

There are some new pictures floating around the internet entitled “Define Necessity”. They  compare the dire poverty seen in parts of the world with the abundance of presents in shopping carts or surrounding a well decorated Christmas tree.

I don’t think there are children in America who are quite that skeletal…yet. The way the safety nets are being pulled out from under unemployed parents, it might come to that yet.

What is a “necessity’? Take a look at the definition:


something necessary  or indispensable: food, shelter, and other necessities of life.
We have always had on this planet people who lack even the necessities of life. There will always be, barring the end of the world in 2012, the starving homeless among us. That’s not any news to us.
What is so bothersome to me are those at the other end of the spectrum and the attitudes of disdain which are being so openly expressed towards those in need.
A friend of mine posted a snide remark about one of the Republican candidates running for national office. An obvious supporter of his fired back a scathing message.
Any of the GOP candidates are a hellova lot smarter than the idiot in the White house now! Tax the rich their fair share? What’s fair? We pay six figures in taxes, work our asses off to give it to lazy welfare people? Well find a way to hide it, don’t worry, then the middle class will pay it! Obummer is Jimmy Carter on steroids, when he left, taxes were 75% for upper income, that’s fair! You liberals make me furious”.
Because she was a friend of a friend , I had access to her web page. It shows several pictures of a very well groomed woman, a couple of her friends and her husband at a casino, spa, black tie charity event at a luxury hotel, and a group picture of obviously well nourished healthy children and grandchildren. Her jewelry can probably be guaranteed to be real and abundant. She’s leading the good life. There’s no doubt about that.
It is my prayer that this friend of a friend never has to experience welfare. There are multi-thousands of Americans who were at one time comfortably middle class who are having first hand experience. In their wildest dreams, they probably never envisioned being jobless, homeless, broke and on welfare. If that friend was more aware, she herself is only one divorce away from the possibility of that position herself. Of course she’s probably in a position to have a smart lawyer.
Why is it that the adjective lazy automatically modifies the condition of people being on welfare? Such people love to shout out “Get a job!” They have no knowledge of what brought about such a condition.
This is the right time of year to bring out the Scrooge in a lot of the very wealthy. This woman is confident enough in her money income and investments to brag about hiding assets and making the middle class pay more. She complains of six figure income taxes yet she still obviously has enough left to live a very high style life. Maybe she was the one, or one of her friends, who recently paid $203,000 for a Hermes bag. It looks as if she could handle it.
Life is not fair. It never has been. Life is a roll of the dice. This woman was fortunate. Her Prince Charming came with the potential to win mega-wads of cash. With the hard work she says “we” (probably meaning her husband and herself) do, she is able to stay trim by working her ass off. She feels everyone else should do the same. I agree. But first they need a job.
There are no longer workhouses for the Scrooges of the world to send the homeless debtors to until they can pay their debts. There are just the streets, and if they are lucky, food pantries to provide the necessities to keep them alive. But then perhaps it is better to let these lazy welfare people die and decrease the surplus population while they are at it.
Namaste. Attic Annie


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4 responses to “Define Necessity

  1. I must be missing the point then… are those posts not supposed to make people feel sad about the excesses and the unfairness in the world, particularly the suffering of the innocents in the world…the helpless children who have no say in their lives? I do feel anger for those who continue to perpetuate the excruciating suffering that their own loved ones must endure..the parents. I believe they are cruel, selfish, and worst of all, they can do better and don’t. The word disdain implies that I feel they are less worthy or that I am superior in some way. Maybe it is applicable, maybe not. I cannot for the life of me understand how a parent can bear the pain of seeing one of their children suffer, especially with the cruel, unremitting pain of starvation, much less continue to have more babies to add to the sad mix. If that is disdain, then so be it. Those parents anger me beyond belief. How could they indulge themselves at such a potential cost?

    • atticannie

      Your thoughts have been echoed for eons. Who has the right to procreate? Is there an answer? Perhaps their food should be laced with saltpeter or their water laced with birth control pills. I have no answer. My original blog was simply written to compare the inequalities in the world today. I started out writing an electronic journal with no thought that many people would ever read or care about what I have to say. I am not an “expert” on any topic. I just enjoy good debates once in a while.

  2. What in the world entitles the destitute to continue producing starving, uncared for children? They are obviously in need…no argument there, but what selfish “greed” to continue to make more children. Why not at least attempt to provide for the poor unfortunate suffering ones that are already here? Quit having unprotected sex, you selfish, horrible people!! Quit pepetuating the misery. Come on, you know better. It’s hard to see those suffering children, but it is unfair to judge the people who are not starving just because they have been able to succeed in this world. They didn’t continue reproducing and cause economic devastation in their families…what’s wrong with that? Cultural differences don’t justify it either..get real, they know another mouth to feed will add to the burden of their families. I don’t think that because someone chooses to stop having children, or chooses not to have any at all because of thier circumstances should be judged as greedy. They are the responsible ones. I feel so sad for those innocents, but thier parents make me sick.

    • atticannie

      I agree that in some areas of the world women should have more access to birth control. Men should be willing to do their part in not bringing children into the world who will be exposed to such an environment. I don’t believe all women in those situations want to have the children they bear. You make it seem, to me, that they desire that situation. My post was not an endorsement or a condemnation of such circumstances. They just are.
      I don’t believe I said anything about couples who stop having children or choose to remain childless.
      The gist of my blog was “What is so bothersome to me are those at the other end of the spectrum and the attitudes of disdain which are being so openly expressed towards those in need.”
      I am sensing disdain from you. I am not disparaging those who succeed either. What I am saying is that there are many successful people in the world who choose to condemn everyone else who is not successful. Because of their success, they feel they are more privileged somehow than the rest of the world. That makes me sad.