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How can I get rid of spam?

I have seriously cut back on the number of blogs I have been writing lately but that has not discouraged spammers from adding comments to my web site. It seems my “about me” is stuck somewhere in the ethers on a site that promotes prescription drugs of all kinds. It is also posted somewhere in the eastern European Poland area. I get these very mixed up hardly intelligible comments all posted on “about me”. None of them follow any individual blog. Even if they are legitimate, I have no idea to which blog they are referring. All I do when I visit my own site is to delete the spam. Sometimes there are three, sometimes there are more than thirty.

I had one poor soul tell me that s/he marked “advise of comments” or some such remark so that other comments could be read. The same spam messages are going to that person. It is a pain.

I’m wondering if out there in blog land there are other bloggers who have had similar problems. I’m wondering if my only resort is to start a brand new blog with a different title. Is there anything I can do short of that? I have several subscribers to my site but I guess I could notify them of the new site. What if one of the subscribers is one of the sites sending out all the spam? That would defeat the purpose.

I wish I were more fluent in computer. Then I would have some idea of where to start. I know how to blog, play games, reply in FB, and check my email. Oh, I can also search the web for interesting articles to write about. That is the extent of my technical knowledge about computers. Oh, I can add a movie to my instant queue on Netflix and pay some bills. As far as diagnosing any problems or even figuring out where to go to start to solve my problems, I don’t have a clue.

If anyone is still reading me, if you have any suggestions for eliminating the spam, please let me know. I once was engaged to a young man whose mother taught him how to make spamburgers, but that’s the ONLY kind of spam I enjoy. That kind of spam I can handle. Fry the Spam, add lettuce, Miracle Whip, and a pineapple ring (or tomato slice) and place on a whole wheat bun. That I can do.

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