Pregnancy due to rape is like having a flat tire? #$%$#@$%^

Some days now I’m feeling well enough to think about things other than just getting through the day. On those days I actually allow myself to become LIVID and filled with, in my humble opinion, RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION at the attitudes of some of the so called leaders whom we, the public, are electing or, by abandoning our right to elect, are letting slither into office. Whew! How’s that for a sentence!

Somehow, I discovered a new blog site this morning called The Root. I know nothing about this site or its political leanings. I do know the article that caught my attention did not cast the Honorable Rep. Pete DeGraaf in a favorable light.

Rep. Pete DeGraaf: Being Impregnated During a Rape Is Just Like Getting a Flat Tire

You’ve got to read the whole thing to get the gist of it. Basically, he’s advocating women buying “abortion only” insurance policies in the event they ever get raped and that said rape results in a pregnancy. He claims women should “plan ahead” for such a possibility. He plans ahead. He buys life insurance….and carries around a spare tire in his trunk in the event of a flat tire!

This guy is an associate pastor. That’s right. AN ASSOCIATE PASTOR! I think my skin would crawl if I got within 100 yards of his church…since I am a woman. Where is the empathy and compassion a good pastor needs to console a young woman who might seek him out for counseling?

Can you imagine a theoretical situation where someone pregnant comes to him? She has been raped and cannot tolerate the idea of bringing the rapist’s child into this world. She was brutalized. No one will help her financially. She is alone and in need of comfort.

DeGraaf looks at her and says, ” You should have planned ahead and purchased abortion only insurance.” Are you KIDDING me?

Abortion is such a hot topic. I have never gotten into a debate about it with anyone. This is my stand: I do not favor abortion, but I would never condemn any woman who made that choice. It is not anyone’s job to assume to judge her. I honestly feel a woman should have the freedom of choice. No one should have control over another person’s body.

I have also been in schools long enough to realize the effects of not being wanted. I have seen the abusive parents. I have seen the longing for love in the eyes of the children. I read the news and hear of the deaths of the children at the hands of their parents. I cry.

I have only known two women personally in my life who were concerned with being pregnant without a supportive partner. With the first one, her pregnancy was not planned, but it was not rape. This was way back in the early 70s before abortion became legal. She flew to New York by herself, went to the clinic, and flew back the same day. She did not tell me any details of the ordeal and I did not ask. To this day we have never discussed it. I have never asked her how she felt about it. I never asked her how much it cost and how she paid for it. It was a done deal. I don’t know if I was being her friend or not. I do know her family would have totally turned their backs on her and she would have lost her job. She would have been in an extremely difficult situation even if she had given the child up for adoption.

The second young woman was the victim of date rape. I am totally convinced it was not consensual because I know how completely conservatively religious she and her family are. To have sex before marriage was out of the question. An abortion was never considered. The difference with her is that her family surrounded her with love and support. She was still in college and it was difficult for her to drop out for a semester but she made up the time, graduated, and found a job in her field. Her son is completely beloved by the whole family. She  would not have needed insurance.

She was born into the right family. She is in a very exclusive minority. She would never have been forced to buy “abortion only” insurance but she is one of the lucky ones.

What the male leaders of this country are doing to women is reprehensible in many areas. The women leaders who stand by and let them economically and verbally rape and enchain them are not far behind.

To have an abortion or not is for most women the most difficult decision a woman can ever make. It is not made easily. To tell a woman in such a position she should have prepared by buying “abortion only” insurance whether it was rape or not is incomprehensible callousness. Namaste. Attic Annie


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