An OMG Moment!

I have been going through my comments since I started my blog. I had several semi-regular commenters and followers at one time,  but I have lost all of them since I mainly stopped blogging last April. I went several months without writing anything. My muse had flown far away.

In an effort to reach out to some of those commenters, I thought I could reach them through their email addresses which are attached to their comments. I wanted to tell them that for the time being, I am back once again.

I have over 700 comments, but many of them are my replies to the readers’ replies. I ran across one name that I hadn’t really paid any attention to a year ago. Not many people respond to my blogs. Not like some people who have 5000 or so comments on any given day.

This person  responded to my first blog that was “Freshly Pressed”, titled “Should we have a Department of Peace?” I’m afraid with my lack of awareness of the players on the world stage, his name meant nothing to me at that time. Little did I know how much I could have learned by going to his blog page just to check out what he was saying. When I saw his name today, I did click on his blog, but it has been taken down. I wonder if I could have set up a dialog with him? One never knows!

I say I am mainly writing for myself, which I am, but sometimes I am unaware of how many people have really heard my voice since July of 2009. At least one of my blogs has been read by at least one person in 173 countries. When my son helped install the flag counter  on my site that first month, he thought he was being generous by showing ten countries. In my wildest imagination I would never have thought I would be read by more than a handful of people on any given day. I have not yet written 365 blogs since I started, but it would take a long time to count the number of blogs which only had one visitor. That one visitor was often my cousin who became a fairly faithful follower. BTW, Hi, Cousin! I digress. The blogs that received no visitors are not even listed.

That was OK with me. When I started this blogging, I intended it to be primarily an electronic journal. I had no idea that my blogs were taking on a life of their own and that as of this day, nineteen months later, I would have had 87,558 visitors. I was astounded when I reached 1,000!

Speaking of thinking one is writing a private blog, I wrote yesterday about English teacher Natalie Munroe. She thought she was writing only to family and friends. I guess there is no such thing as a private blog if a student is really out to get her. They had to do a pretty good hack job in order to find her. Then they had to read everything carefully because she wrote on so much more than just her job frustrations. They had to take everything out of context. Her news has caused thousands if not millions of comments by now. Kind of makes my 700 rather miniscule.

Most English teachers like to write as well as teach writing to others or teach the writings of others. Most teachers like to vent. They say things confidentially to voice frustrations. I can’t count the number of times I have heard teachers make remarks such as, “His elevator stops on the 10th floor of a 12 floor building.”  Name me one parent who has not said something negative about their child in a confidential setting. Ms. Munroe certainly had HER OMG moment when all this came back and slammed her in the face. Parents have their OMG moments when they hear their children repeating verbatim when the parents didn’t realize they weren’t speaking with complete privacy.

I understand now the power of one. One voice either spoken or written has the possibility of reaching anyone in the world on any given day. Little did I know who in the world I might actually be reaching. I will continue to blog on any idea which causes me concern but I sure am glad I retired first. OMG moments can sometimes be a negative thing. BTW, in case you are wondering who responded to my blog…. Namaste. Attic Annie

Husni Mubarak

Congratulation for Mr.President Barack Obama !




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3 responses to “An OMG Moment!

  1. I am also glad you are back.

    You are correct in only writing when it feels good to do so. Life is supposed to be fun and writing can only be fun when it feels good.

    I certainly feel good reading your blogs.

    Take care and have fun

  2. atticannie

    Hi ZZ. I saw Julie and Julia. I like Amy Adams so I liked her part also. I understand Meryl stood on a box some of the time in the kitchen. I don’t know where I heard that.
    The other link is for an email to that foundation. Coming across that was an OMG moment for sure. Your reading list sounds interesting.
    Take care.

  3. Glad you’re back. Sometimes the Muse just needs a break. I almost got sidetracked because there’s a WordPress site “atticanie”.

    “I say I am mainly writing for myself,…”
    That’s the way to start (but of course you started long ago). I have a blog that’s so obscure I don’t even know where it is.

    As a semi-related aside (speaking of writing), I’ve been reading books of letters of famous people (those seem to be the only kind that get published). First there was Ada Augusta (1815-1852), a brilliant woman and friend of Charles Babbage. Betty O’Toole collected her letters – which started when she was a young girl.

    Then there was Arthur Conan Doyle. His letters also stared when he was young, go through when he was a doctor, through the Sherlock Holmes period.

    Then a few weeks ago I saw Julia Child’s letters (to Avis De Voto), from the time before Child started working on the Book). I was drawn to those because earlier I read her autobiography “My Life in France”. Julia was a remarkable woman. Someone made a movie about her (“Julie and Julia”), which I can recommend only if you promise to skip over the “Julie” parts. Meryl Streep is great as Julia. (Except that Julia was 6 ft 2 – dwarfed by her sister Dorothy, at 6 ft 4.)

    PS: That last URL in the Mubarak list is yours. The first isn’t there any more. Should we pay any attention to the gmail link?