“Encouragement…pass it on!”

I really don’t ever pay much attention to television commercials. However, every once in a while, some of them get to me. The television  is on across the room. The station just played one of my favorite ones for the Foundation for a Better Life.

I love this 15 seconds. It is refreshing to hear something that is not selling cars, fast food, acne prevention, anti-aging creams, or pills to enlarge “that certain part of a man’s body” especially when it  is former Cowboys’ coach Jimmie Johnson.

It was difficult at first to find  information about the foundation on the net.. They do not accept any money other than a grant from  Philip Anschutz, a conservative Evangelical Christian billionaire. The primary purpose of the foundation seems to be  to” promote positive behavioral values such as honesty, caring, optimism, hard work, and helping others, in an attempt to make a difference in communities”.

The mother and father could have completely bungled this scene if the pianist had not come on stage when he did. In their effort to correct what could have been a very embarrassing situation for them, they could have completely humiliated the little boy. He is old enough to remember such humiliation the rest of his life.

I was involved with elementary education for thirty years. I was also a single mother. I had innumerable opportunities to pass on positive values. I will admit that I did not always accomplish these tasks. I also had innumerable opportunities to watch as parents, in an attempt to chastise their children, completely did the opposite of encouragement. I found myself wincing while witnessing such scenes. The same holds true for teachers I witnessed who chose to reprimand their students in front of the entire class. I felt so sorry for these victims.

What we as adults sometimes forget within ten minutes, young impressionable children can remember a life time. For example, as a thirteen year old, I had the same desire to experiment with make up as every other girl in my middle school grade. I saved money from my allowance and bought my first tube of lipstick. Granted it was a bright red. No one had any interest in helping me pick out a more appropriate shade.

We had a mirror which hung close to the front door in my childhood home. I stopped to apply my lipstick right before I went outside. I didn’t notice my father sitting in his chair watching me. As I turned around, he said, “You look like a two-bit….” Although I was unfamiliar with that phrase, from the tone of his voice and the scowl on his face, I had an idea it was not a good thing to be. When I recall that scene, I can still feel the sting of the heat from the blushing that that comment produced. I think I probably wrote about this incident earlier in my blogging career when I talked about my father, but it is worth repeating. That one comment…the DIScouragement…had a profound effect on my self image, believe me.

The website for this foundation is Values.com. They started ten years ago and now have TV spots, billboards, radio spots and podcasts. All they do is promote positive values. That’s it. The above video is based on a true story. They encourage people to write about and share their own experiences. We can learn from the examples of others.

This foundation believes that people are basically good. They just need to be reminded once in a while. With all the negativity that is shown on TV and in the movies these days, it seems there is an attack on positive values. This foundation seems to believe that if people are reminded about a positive way to live their lives, things can change. I believe so too. Namaste. Attic Annie



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2 responses to ““Encouragement…pass it on!”

  1. JW

    Hi, just today, I stumbled upon this blog again. The last time I contributed here was back in 2010, I believe. I’m happy that I managed to find it again, because this entry is wonderful. Within the last couple of months, I have been thinking a lot about my prinicples and values. Through this process of self-reflection, I realized that one of the things I strongly value is encouragement.
    I started to understand how encouragement can make a big difference when I had the misfortune of having a coworker, back in 2007, who was not supportive of anyone but herself. She loved to subtly torment other coworkers and prey on their weaknesses. She had signs of classic narcissistic tendencies. Currently, I am working with another individual who displays similar behaviors as my previous coworker. This person hoardes information so that she can maintain control, and is not genuinely helpful or encouraging. Recently, she chastized an employee in front of several other employees. Before this incident, I had felt uncomfortable around her, but witnessing this particular display of behavior confirmed to me that this individual does not know how to be genuinely supportive of anyone. She definitely displays Queen Bee like behavior. I had seen this type of personality type, to some extent in the workplace before, but she is definitely the posterchild for that type of personality. It has gotten to the point where I am on guard around her, because I refuse to tolerate her discouraging attitude and poisonous negativity. Most of my coworkers feel the same way about her, because of her haughty attitude.
    I recently started an online degree completion program and the first class that I am taking is about adult development. One of the topics that has been discussed on the class message board is encouragement and how it is important to build a social network that supports our goals.

    • atticannie

      I’m sorry I’ve been away from my blog for so long. My muse not only flew away, she left me high and dry in a very arid desert of inspiration. I just seem to not have as many ideas to write about as i used to. But, when something does catch my attention I do feel like expressing my attention ….sometimes.
      For a while, I thought I’d be able to blog every day for an entire year. I kind of pooped out around blog 260 or so. I have yet to reach 365. I’m glad you found me again. Welcome back.