LiLo Such a Messy Falling Star

Lindsey Lohan was a cute red headed freckled child star. She could act. She could sing. Thousands of other children wanted to grow up just like her…A STAR. Unfortunately, if they do, they will be as out of control as she is.

It is sad that at the age of twenty four, she has already been in a revolving door of DUIs and rehabs  for many years. The article from which the above picture was printed stated her obit is already being prepared. People are writing her off. She has become the butt of jokes. David Letterman used her as a top ten list. “Signs that Lindsay Lohan  is out of control.”

Now she is accused of felony grand theft for taking a $2500 necklace. She claims she thought it was a “loan”. She is the subject of an interview on the Today Show. Every bit of her is critiqued from her angelic white dress which suggests purity but, “Come on, Lindsay. It’s way too short. A suit would have been more appropriate.”

She is in a position where EVERY thing she says or does is spread across the world wide internet. When the judge tells her not to “push your (her) luck” that she’s” just like everybody else”,  it is sent immediately to you tube.

Unless a potential juror does not have a television, newspaper service, internet, etc, etc,, that person is apt to know all about Lindsay Lohan. They can’t help it. Wouldn’t that lead then to a tainted jury?  Several years ago, Winona Ryder faced the same issue in her shoplifting charge. There was a “prosecution motion to admit prior bad acts, evidence this was not the actress’s first run-in with store security.” The prosecution in Lohan’s trial won’t have to admit it. There is probably no potential juror alive who doesn’t know everything already. To “taint” means “to make someone seem less honestmorally pure etc. Showing her actually wearing the necklace certainly makes her seem less honest to me. Commenting on the attire she wore to the hearing implies that she is not necessarily morally pure. The woman can’t win. She is being compared to a tart. Let’s bring in sex to darken her image even more. Even a change of venue will not help find an impartial jury in her case. But then, according to the Today Show, since this is her first felony charge, she may not even get any prison time at all. “A day in prison to any one else is like a year to Lindsey” ??????? I don’t understand that quote. Time is one thing that is impartial. Are they perhaps referring to her star light fading?

Do I feel sorry for Lohan? I guess, in a way. So many stars self destruct when they can no longer  stand the brilliance of the light constantly shining on them. The amount of $2500 to me is like $2.50 to Lohan. This has to be a case of wanting to get caught. Of needing to be caught. But then I’m not in any way a psychologist.

She has been surrounded by enablers all her life. She is the product of parents who divorced when she was still quite young. Any average child cannot some times cope with that, let alone a child who is on the road to becoming famous.

There have been other child stars who either faded before they could get adult roles or managed the transition to becoming adult stars. Some of them began to self destruct, like Drew Barrymore, but then turned themselves around. There are others, like Jodie Foster, who never seemed to crave the spotlight and managed to steer clear of all the media attention, all the while carving out a spectacular career for herself.

It is not too late for Lindsay to turn herself around. Many successful stars live their lives away from all the publicity and “glamor” of Hollywood. They shun the press yet they manage to be very successful with their careers.

Does Lindsay act this way because she is craving love? Is she addicted to the attention? Does she do ANY thing just to know that she is still in the spotlight? Who knows? IMHO, I think the media should back off and let this matter play itself out without any more attention. I think professional help should continue to be a part of the conditions of punishment. I believe she can be saved. Falling stars make so much mess. Namaste Attic Annie




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