Iced In…No fun

Somewhere in the metroplex

It is now day 4 of my isolation. For the most part, the roads are still too slippery to drive.The picture above looks just like the view out of my window. The news begins at 4:00 with stories of I 35 and I 20 being turned into parking lots.  I don’t ever remember that our school district closed for three days in a row. That is unheard of. It was rare enough that we ever had two consecutive days of closure. For the most part, the metroplex is at a stand still.

My dog, Ri-Leigh, is bonding even more with me. She doesn’t seem  willing to let me out of her sight. She will dance her dance to be let outside, but once she is in the covered patio, she shows her reluctance to venture through the patio doors. Ice has prevented the door from being closed all the way. The opening is just wide enough for her to squeeze through. I have to give her the command to “Go pee!” before she will go outside. Once she is out, she will take the least amount of time possible to try to relieve herself before running back into the patio. This morning I had to refuse to let her in two times before she finally went back outside the third time and sat there long enough to satisfy me that her business was done.

I do not talk on the phone all that often, but when she hears me talking, she immediately tries to get my attention. She’ll put her muzzle on my leg and stand there as close as she can get. She’ll whine. She’ll wiggle. She’ll put her feet on my leg. She knows someone else has my attention. As an experiment I just now picked up the phone and started talking. She was laying about twelve feet away from me within sight. I have tile floors and an area rug. In the winter she prefers to lay on the rug. As soon as my “conversation” began, here she came. I talked for a couple of minutes just to see what she would do. Yep, I’ve written down everything. She gazes up at me with her big brown eyes like it pains her to not have my undivided attention. Too much bonding, I guess.

My neighbor called this morning to check on me because she hadn’t seen me out. At least I’m not having as much turmoil in my house as she has had in hers. She has kept her eight year old grandson with her all this time and he has not been able to go outside. She cares for him on days when his mother has to go to work. As we were talking, he started singing as loudly as he possibly could. She told him to stop which he did for a couple of minutes then he started up again. She wailed that they both had cabin fever. She was going crazy.

I told her about my lack of water in my kitchen sink. I forgot to keep the faucet dripping and the cabinet doors open. She told me her daughter turned on her oven for about an hour and the water started running again. I tried it, but I think the oven is too far away from the pipes to do any good. I’m just going to have to wait until Friday or Saturday for them to melt…and pray as much as I can that the pipes don’t burst.

The news said that the rolling blackouts that have been happening are likely to continue today. So far my area of town hasn’t been hit. I guess if it is, I’ll just find more blankets for my bed and try to hibernate.

Namaste. Attic Annie


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