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It’s has been a very long day. I decided it was time to get back to volunteering. Fortunately one of the other volunteers picked up as many new mothers as she could yesterday. When I had crossed everyone off the list, I was left with only six mothers to talk with about the immunization program. When I got back to the volunteer office I unpacked two crates of the information packets we hand out and called it quits. I was only at the hospital for 1 1/2 hours total. I now have a lackluster 130 hours credit since February. This past month of not working went by quickly.

My son is having difficulty finding gluten-free bread near our home. The closet store we have found is about ten miles away. Since the hospital is only a few blocks from the expressway, and the Central Market is only a few blocks from the expressway 10 miles away, I decided to surprise him with enough rice bread to last until he leaves in a week. If there is any left over, I know I won’t let it go to waste.

He let me make an appointment for him with my dentist. I’m always worried about his getting oral cancer since he insists on chewing. I just can’t let go of meddling in his life. The dentist told him he would need a crown over a tooth he had fixed while he was in Switzerland and would also need to have a couple of fillings replaced, but nothing that needs to be done immediately. His check up included a teeth cleaning job. He hasn’t been able to do that in a while.

While he was at the dentist, I watched Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. I should not try to watch movies in my recliner, especially when I wake up at 3 AM. I will admit I was unimpressed enough to miss part of the movie. Since I knew that group of Army officers were unable to carry out their plan to assassinate Hitler, I didn’t feel too bad about missing about 15 minutes of the plot. It certainly wasn’t very exciting.

When my son came home we headed to the movie theater to see Despicable Me. When someone treats me to a show, I hate to admit I didn’t particularly care for it, but we were pretty much in agreement that we would probably not take the time to watch it again. There’s something about messing with my vision with 3D glasses that gives me a headache. I spent half the movie rubbing my arms because of the cold air. Maybe that’s why I didn’t appreciate it more. What I thought was going to be a charming funny movie was at best mildly amusing.

As we were driving to the store, we decided that the accent that Steve Carell used was totally unnecessary. Why he had to speak in some type of vaguely eastern European accent was a puzzle. He’s supposed to be some kind of supervillian. Do the directors and producers think that Americans are not in that category? It was ironic that on the drive to the hospital this morning the radio commentator was interviewing someone who discussed how hated Americans have become world-wide over the past ten+ years. We have enough supervillians in our own back yards. We don’t have to prejudice little kids into thinking that supervillians are all foreigners.

The little girl next to me in the movie was eating nachos that smelled really good. I suggested stopping at Taco Bell for nachos for supper. My son had a better idea. We stopped at Krogers for the fixings to make our own super nachos. It is totally off my diet list as far as cholesterol goes but I think it’s worth it. He is cooking the meat and melting the cheese as I write this. Sometimes, you’ve just got to relax and home the cholesterol lowering medicine will work extra  hard once in a while.

Namaste. Attic Annie


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