Surgery again!

It is 2:15 a.m. and I am still wide awake. I guess that is the price I am paying for the hour nap I took at 5 p.m. I didn’t do it intentionally. Some days all I have to do is sit down and I’m out.

Once again next Wednesday in a week I have an appointment with a surgeon. I joked with Maxine this afternoon that when I’m gone I’m just making it easier for the Egyptian mummifiers to make my body eternal. By the time I die, every organ will probably be gone. I’ve already removed my tonsils, gall bladder, and two lenses due to cataracts in my early 50s. This time it’s both my ovaries.

In spite of several annoying conditions, I try to stay out of my PCPs office. It’s my goal to only go twice a year. Because he won’t let me have a urinalysis when I know I have a UTI, I had to see him a couple of weeks ago. That’s only because all attempts to treat it myself failed this time. Some times I am fortunate enough to head it off at the past.

He ordered the blood work necessary  for the tests I need to have run twice a year. While he was keying (I guess that’s the term now instead of typing) his orders into his computer I asked him about the C 125 test. He told me it gave a lot of false positives and was usually only used to monitor the progress being made during cancer treatment.

I told him that in my father’s family there are seven female cousins. Three of them have already had breast cancer. I was the lucky one who caught it early enough to only need a lumpectomy. I told him about my cousin who died one year ago of ovarian cancer. I realize that first cousins are usually not included in direct blood lines but I tended to see a pattern among us.

He ordered the C 125. Of course I was assuming I would only use it as a reassurance that all was well. It came back slightly high. Since it was time for my yearly visit to my OB GYN, he told me to get over there. Of course he repeated the same thing about false positives that my PCP had said. He said he would have his x ray tech (I guess that’s an outdated term) do a sonogram just to make sure since he wanted to prove it was a false positive.

The sonogram showed I needed a CT scan which I did last Thursday. He called the next day so I wouldn’t have to worry about it the whole weekend. He doesn’t know me all that well even though I’ve been his patient for almost twenty years. When you only see a doctor once a year for fifteen minutes, I guess we really aren’t BFFs yet. That’s only a total of 5 hours when you come to think about it.

I’m carrying around an ovarian cyst the size of a golf ball. He says the type of those cysts are about 96% benign. Women can have them for years without having them removed. There can be one problem. The ovary can torque (or twist) and that shuts off the blood supply. That can create a nasty problem. Also, there is a 30% probability that once it affects one ovary, it can affect the other…thus the pair are coming out together.

You see, because of my heart valve, I have to be on blood thinners the rest of my life. Surgeons don’t like to cut on my any more than absolutely necessary. It’s a big pain going on and off the warfarin and getting the dosage adjusted.

So…next Wednesday I’m losing two more parts of my body. Most of these cysts appear in the bodies of women in their 30s. I have no idea why this one waited twice that long. I’m betting on being in the 96% and that there will be no problem with the surgeon using a laproscope instead of making a big incision. But he told me, and I knew, there are never any promises. He has to wait until he gets in there to see what has to be done. If the ovary has already anchored itself to my bowel, that’s a whole other story. But I’m affirming that isn’t the case.

For those few readers who may see this, say a small prayer on the 16th. If all goes well, I’ll be in recovery before 10 a.m. and home the next day ready to resume full activities in a couple of days. Thanks. Namaste. Attic Annie


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