Gulf oil plus grass = clean water. Who wudda thunk it?

Some times the ingenuity of good ol’ boys really fascinates me. You know these guys are rednecks, and proud of it!

They looked at the situation and used some pretty basic knowledge of science to come up with an extremely simple solution to a major ecological problem. They know that oil is sticky. They know that bunches of grass contain an amazing amount of surface area on which the oil can cling. They even thought far enough to think of what to do with the collected grass once it washes up to the shore. What is more simple than using it as a fuel source?

I think these guys are geniuses. They don’t have PhDs from some petroleum engineering university. They just know their environment. I think they have come up with some pretty clever ideas. Like the guy says, in a couple of weeks the south will be covered with these grasses ready to be used.

Did you see the quality of the water when they finished their experiment? I doubt I would be willing to drink it before it was filtered, but then I don’t drink raw sea water anyway.

Just think of how quickly the job could be done once all the leaks are capped. Think how inexpensive this whole operation would be compared to the environmental costs of burning the fuel, or adding chemicals to the oil which will only cause the oil to sink.

We have known the downside of producing oil for years. We, the ordinary people, have been blocked at every turn from finding safer methods of producing energy by those is power. Even the president bought the line from the oil producers of how safe everything is now. We cannot assume that oil production is safe. Now or ever.

The result? A tragedy and an economic and environmental train wreck from which recovery might not happen in my son’s lifetime.

We are still suffering from the travesty of the PR spin that the oil companies have tried to foist on the public regarding the Exxon-Valdez spill that was twenty years ago. They announced publicly that all was again OK. Yet the environment has still not returned to normal. There is still oil that is trapped for, some say, centuries.

These guys have come up with an ingenious solution that is low tech, cost effective, and demonstrable that it does work. Maybe you could send this video to the right people to get them started. And when they are done, they can start in Alaska.


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