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Maybe Hawking has it wrong!

It’s strange how sometimes events seem to follow one another so closely in time. It’s called synchronicity by some, coincidence by others.

Sunday morning we continued our viewing of Nassim Haramein’s DVDs. Part of the discussion centered around a message using the binary system that was sent to outer space and the responding message that was received in the form of a crop circle formation. His speech that morning was really very interesting. I came home with the idea of doing additional research and found the link above that explains the message that was sent and the messages that were received.

As I sat down to research and write this blog, I see the headlines that Steven Hawking is proposing that contact with “aliens” might be too risky.

Hawking: Aliens may pose risks to Earth

Astrophysicist says extraterrestrials likely exist, but could be dangerous

He likens the contact to the landing of Christopher Columbus where this time “we” are the native Americans and “they” are the invading Spanish.

That statement by itself sets up a we v. they mentality. Aliens are beings that don’t belong in the group called “us”. I recalled the blog I wrote in October about the Hispanic population that resented the costume of an extraterrestrial with a green card. Remember this controversy?

I totally believe he is correct. Any being with the travel ability to come to planet Earth, this puny little planet in the scheme of the whole universe, has to have intelligence so far above our powers to think that they could probably wipe us out in nanoseconds. Even if we do have uzis that fire 800 bullets per second!

Perhaps, however, they could be waiting for us to be less violent. We seem to be becoming more and more violent as the years go by. Of course, I’m talking about the United States. The great majority of our entire economy is based on military provisions. The more discord there is in the world, the more we send in troops, the more control we have, the more our economy thrives. It is very much contraindicated for us to lay down our weapons and seek peace. Think of how many more hundreds of thousands would be out of work if the military products were no longer needed.

If you don’t believe me, watch programs on the military channel. When the announcer discusses new weapons, hardware, and software, he does it at almost orgasmic levels of excitement. I hear something I can hardly believe. The speaker talks about the “sex appeal” of one of the ten most awesome ultimate sniper weapons as I write this.  It reminds me of ten year old boys discussing the latest video games. I’ll bet in a room of like minded military men you could probably smell the testosterone in the air while talking about this subject. This is our mentality.

Perhaps the “aliens” are waiting for us to become more peaceful before approaching us. Perhaps they tired millinea ago of conflict, wars, destruction.

Perhaps, if we would allow ourselves the possibility of learning of ways to exist that to us would be “heaven”, they would come to guide us.

Perhaps…but, yeah, that’s going to happen any time soon. Namaste. Attic Annie

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