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Earth Day World People’s Conference Style

How many of you heard about The World’s People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth? I thought so. Not very many. It ended yesterday in Bolivia.

It was created by the Bolivian President, Evo Morales, as an alternative forum to the failed UN Copenhagen climate talks last December.

It was a grassroots summit that attracted ordinary people from around the world…not the “leaders” of the free world who represent the most powerful among us. This was a meeting of the activists who wanted to meet. There were representatives from over 100 countries in attendance. They wanted to meet without the large corporations who are trying to portray themselves as green in order to muscle in and control the actions of those trying to remain independent in order to save our planet. Money talks. The corporations know this. It is their credo.

The first earth day proponents purposely stayed away from corporation sponsorship. That was forty years ago. Now the corporations are falling all over themselves to portray themselves as earth friendly. The hypocrisy of all these maneuvers is really mind bending.

The indigenous peoples of the world are the ones who are losing their lands, their resources, and their very lives.

We have a relationship with Pachamama that is  unique. The developed countries are the parasites who are trying to live on the earth while destroying it at the same time. It has been the credo of business that in order to achieve “progress” Mother Earth must be raped and plundered, her booty to be stolen as long as it exists. We don’t consider the effects of all these actions until nothing is left.

As a couple of examples of this insidious behavior there is the case of the whaling industry. The current humpback whale population is about 10,000. This is somewhat of an increase of the population due to the ban. However, it is now estimated that the original count of humpbacks was probably in the range of 240,000!

The current trend in overfishing will result in 90% of the world’s commercial fish being gone within the next 40 years! There are already large areas of the world’s oceans where no fish remain. They were fished out to the extent that fish life could no longer be sustained.

In the Appalachian Mountains, coal companies have stepped up their methods of producing coal by removing mountain tops. This process has been referred to as “
strip mining on steroids“.

These three examples are just a miniscule listing of the amount of damage that is being done.

The world’s peoples have got to wake up, stand up, and speak up louder than ever before. The First Earth Day was forty years ago. The dedicated activists are still trying to swim against the tsunami causing corporations, most of them controlled by international cartels (mainly the US, China, Japan, and the European Union) who are so short sited they don’t see that there will come a time when there is nothing left to rape.

Did you ever notice growing up that the sci-fi cities of the “future” never featured any sign of natural life? All we ever saw were vehicles flying in the skies from one place to another. They never landed near forests. They never had living pets. That is not the future I hope will come to be. If it is, I want to stop believing in reincarnation! Namaste. Attic Annie

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