Random Thoughts for a rainy Sunday

My Sunday discussion group has been viewing videos for the past several weeks instead of reading a book. Have you ever heard of Nassim Haramein? He’s a Swiss born physicist who seems to have as many critics as he has proponents.

Some people refer to him as the new Einstein. Even though much of his discussion on his first couple of CDs in his set went flying straight over my head, I found the things I could understand quite interesting. He talks about, among other things, the geometry of everything in the known universe. He points out patterns that occur in very similar ways by either going electron microscope miniscule or Hubble telescope universal.

Today we viewed information about the Egyptian pyramids. He talked about the fact that it is now assumed the pyramids are thousands of years older than was first assumed. When an opening to some of the pyramids could not be found, it was assumed that grave robbers blasted their way into the pyramids, removed a multi-ton slab of (I think he said) granite, removed the cover of the large stone box, took out the mummy and all other relics, put the lid back on the box, the multi-ton slab on top, then sealed up the pyramid again so perfectly no one could tell they were even there. Then he adds, “I don’t think so!”  Makes one wonder. He is head of an organization called The Resonance Project. You may wish to check it out.

It has been raining most of the day. It’s a very gentle rain, one that soaks into the ground more easily. The young woman behind me when I left church today expressed the thought that she loved days like this. The mist reflected the light of noon and made the peace garden look like something out of a hazy impressionistic painting.

When I got home I noticed one of the duck couples swimming in the big puddle at the end of the driveway across the street. Whenever it rains, the water  always forms “ponds” deep enough for the ducks to be able to swim in at the end of our driveways. That did not always happen. As the street needed resurfacing, the center of the road kept getting built higher . Some of the water now gets trapped when it rains. That sometimes brings the ducks.

Maxine thinks the swimming pool of the neighbor next to her is the nesting site of one of the couples this year. She has observed them flying behind the fence. The pool in general is not maintained so the ducks have a larger “pond” to swim in. Before I had my pool filled in, the same thing happened in my yard. Seeing the ducks  made me wonder if the female had laid her eggs yet. I don’t know that much about duck baby making. Is the female able to leave the nest for short periods of time without the eggs getting too cool? I thought mama had to remain on the nest all the time.

I read in the paper that “Little House on the Prairie – The Musical” is being produced in Dallas this summer. Then I really started to feel old. Remember “half pint”? That was the name Pa called the little girl Laura played by Melissa Gilbert when she was ten years old. Now I’ve seen her as an adult playing mainly in made-for-TV movies on various cable networks. However, this summer she is playing “Ma” in the musical. It just made me realize time is passing.

Ri-Leigh is her usual crazy self. For a couple of weeks I could hardly get her out of the house. She’d leave to do her job and then sit at the door waiting for me to let her in. When I opened the door shed’ run right in. She stuck with me regardless of what room I was in. Now last night she wouldn’t come in. She stayed out all night in the patio. When I got home from church I opened the patio door and she still wouldn’t come in. She certainly is a hard dog to figure out.

Not much else is on my mind today. I had to put on my sweatshirt this afternoon because it was feeling too chilly, even though the thermostat says 73º. I guess it’s the humidity that is making it feel cooler.

I saw an ad in the newspaper for an invitation to a church function. It was labeled “YOUR Invited.” I cringed. I see this mistake so often. I’m beginning to think YOU’RE is going to soon disappear. I hope not but when neither the church who submitted the ad nor the editor of the paper  caught the mistake, I’m losing hope.

Namaste. Attic Annie


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