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Blogs gain a life of their own…but in Serbia?

Think yellow instead of red

Today I was asked if I would consider another site posting one of my blogs on their site as a guest blogger. It was posted a couple of days ago, “*89 and still volunteering”. I told the inquirer that it was fine that she use it.

I know from the number of hits on some of my previous blogs that they must be reposted somewhere else. The blog’s editor was the first person to ever ask me if she could do that.

Sometimes for fun I click on the referrer list to see if I can find my blogs on other sites. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes people find me because of images I download into my blogs. Those I can usually recognize. One of my major hits blog is a blog I did early on concerning wanting to be like Florence Nightengale. People research her and end up finding my blog because of the picture I borrowed.

The referral I found today really astonished me. The site was called “The Tatoo Fever”. It was written in Serbian! Google was able to translate it roughly into English. I clicked on the first seven pages of their site but was unable to find anything that referred in any way to Attic Annie’s Blog.

It seems to me that one of my early blogs mentioned my getting a tattoo a few years ago. What I can’t figure out is how that blog found its way to a blog site dedicated to tattoos written in Serbia! I have no idea why my one sentence in the middle of a long blog about my tattoo which is smaller than the tip of my thumb could be of any possible interest to the people who visit that site. We are talking MAJOR artwork on those guys…whole heads, whole bodies. Makes my tiny yellow rose a major insignificant piece of art.

I had to giggle because the thought crossed my mind that I was glad there was no one around to help me take a picture of my pitiful tiny rose. That’s not exactly the way I would choose to achieve world wide fame…a picture of my derriere that hides under the back pocket of my jeans! Granted it would be such a close up that no one would be able to see anything else, but I doubt very seriously that anyone would ever want to! At least that small piece of skin is still not wrinkled like some of the rest of me is becoming but still….

I wrote a blog about “Why Teachers Drink”. Actually, all I did was transfer an email about test answers some British kids posted into my blog and add a short editorial comment. I discovered it was reposted as humor on some moderate Christian website. I have no idea how to ever find that site again.

The more I write on as wide a variety of topics as I can, the more I discover my blogs all over the internet. It makes me very aware that I really should be more conscious of what I write. My blogs are out there forever and ever. Once they are published and are reposted on other blogs, they achieve a life of their own. It’s no long possible as far as I know to recall them just by removing them from my own blog roll.

In the meantime I’ve kind of been thinking about adding a second rose. My family took a “trace your roots” tour to the European home city where the first patriarch of our family emigrated from about 150 years ago. We were able to see a brand new beautiful hybrid pinkish-red rose that is named for that city. Maybe…..nah!

Namaste. Attic Annie


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