Luck Comes in Threes

Just in case

Did you ever wonder who the “they” are who say things? “They say….”

I’m referring to the folk belief that luck, good or bad, comes in threes. Fortunately, I’m not too much of a believer in such superstitions, but one can’t be too careful, can one?

I hear frequently what is called the law of mind action. “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind.” Everything in the world began with an idea.

I’m trying to remember that and affirm that nothing else will happen. Monday evening I was eating supper and I bit down on something hard that I knew didn’t belong in my food. Not to be too gross, but I maneuvered the food and the hard bit around until I was able to spit the hard thing out. It turned out to be one of my crowns off my molar. I called the dentist but was unable to get any reply, I kept waiting for the call to be returned. The day ended without my problems solved. I knew it had to be cemented again,  but I didn’t consider it an emergency. I didn’t call their special cell number. This morning before I went to the hospital I called the dentist and left a message again.

I had heard somewhere that a temporary fix is to  use toothpaste as a sealant. Unless I wasn’t using the right type of toothpaste, it didn’t work. I replaced the crown but it came out again once last night and twice this morning. Eating soft food was definitely not the answer.

When I got home from the hospital there was a message on my phone. I could come in today. As I drove through the 3.5 miles to my dentist, I heard three sharp “pings” hitting the roof and windshield of my car. No damage was done and the hail was so small all that was left was water so I don’t think I can count that as bad luck.

The parking lot where I leave my car is about a block or so from the entry to the hospital. I have to walk straight east. At that time of the morning, the sun shines directly into my face. I didn’t see the pothole so before I knew it, my right ankle hit the road as my foot turned. Fortunately, I didn’t lose my balance. I was able to make my rounds.

By the time I got back from my dentist, the ankle was really throbbing. I have just a few Tylenol with codeine tablets left from dental work done a year ago. I decided to take one of those since I had no plans for the rest of the day. Now the discomfort is down to a dull ache. I hope that I bought enough time so that when the medicine wears off, the ankle will no longer hurt enough to need anything. I have run out of Tylenol and don’t feel like running to the pharmacy.

Now, if I can count what happened Monday while I was doing my rounds, my “three” have already happened. If not, I will have to continue to affirm that nothing more is going to happen.

I’ve been turned loose in my patient rounding and I’m on my own. I go in to patients’ rooms and ask them about their treatment so far. This is within a short time of their arrival. On Monday I entered a room I shouldn’t have. There were two entrances to this room and I entered the one off the hall. The patient was in bed. I introduced myself and asked the first question.

An attendant poked his head in the other door and motioned me to come out of the room. He told me I should not be in the room without a mask. He said the door I entered should have been locked. It wasn’t. He left to lock it. He didn’t tell me why before another man who had been in the room came out and said the patient was very agitated. He wanted his pants. I had just put on the mask but I decided I didn’t wish to go back in with him. I’m supposed to interview as many patients as I can, but it is at my discretion. If the patient is asleep or in pain or if the nurse or doctor are attending, we don’t interfere.

There was no nurse at the station so I waited until I returned to patient relations. The woman in the office brought up information on the screen. It seems the patient has TB.

Now I was in the room less than three minutes and I was at least three feet away from the patient. The chance that I contacted anything is slim. However, I have to go to the floor for a TB test in twelve weeks. I’m not too happy. I’m hoping my three are over. I’m not as well practiced at positive thinking as I should be. Think positive thoughts for me, please?  If you believe, clap your hands. (It worked for Tinkerbell.) Namaste. Attic Annie



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6 responses to “Luck Comes in Threes

  1. There’s a saying in show business that deaths come in threes. Every time a Hollywood type dies, they wait for two more. And it usually happens.

    I think the explanation is that when something noticeable happens, people start counting, and when they get to three – which really doesn’t take that long (as you noticed) – they say, “Aha! Three!”.

    I’m beginning to worry about the hospital (I just read the “Good Day” post). The room should have been marked. Out here in California, rooms have notices on the door saying “Must wear masks” or “No Visitors”.

    • atticannie

      The room was marked. I didn’t originally see it. The door was supposed to be locked but someone went out that way instead of going out the anteroom. I don’t think this hospital is any worse than any others. In fact, since they’ve had a turnover in head honchos, it has really turned around. With the patient load that this hospital has, there are fewer mishaps than probably a lot of hospitals. People make mistakes, including me. I’ll be more diligent at reading signs and asking questions next time. AA

  2. 06mickey

    Hi Annie.
    Its been a while. just thought I’d pass by and see how you are doin.
    I see your readership has really grown!. You have to show me how to do that.


    • Hi Mimi,
      If I knew for sure how my readership has grown I’d share the info. All I know is about 4 of my blogs are hit almost daily. I don’t know if they are posted somewhere else or not. I used to blog every day but I’m in a really dry spell of no incentive or material to blog about. I’d like to know what’s been happening with you. AA

      • 06mickey

        Tell me about it. If there’s anybody who knows anything about a dry spell its me.
        Not much going on with me(clearly) otherwise it would all be on my blog.
        And you have 4 blogs??? since when?I’m havin enough problems with one blog as it is!

      • atticannie

        I only have 1 blog. Tell me about the other 3 you think I have. After I got started is discovered someone else, I think a very young woman, was using the same name. I continued with my blog anyway, I haven’t seen much of her lately. I think there is also a yarn shop or something with a name similar. It sound like you are a lot like me. We both really need to start getting a life! AA