Earthquakes, storms, grasshoppers (?) Oh my!

I can possibly see why some people would want to join a militia. There certainly seems to be a seemingly endless stream of unusual activity brewing in our lives these days.

If you’ve been watching the news the last couple of days, you will have  heard that the number of militias in the US has been growing exponentially by 244% of patriot groups since 2008.. The people who are attracted to such groups are those who live in fear. That fear is cultivated by the extreme rightists in our government who stoke the fires every election time to get the hatred brewing. They used these military groups to vote their fears to keep the incumbents in power. Now, the military groups are growing in numbers. If they are not reined in and defused by these same leaders, things might get a little edgy. But the leaders are standing on balconies, egging them on.

The staid solid Midwest is a home to many of the militias. The states of Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan are gaining numbers by the month. These are the same states, by the way, that used to have (don’t know about now) large numbers of KKK members. They might call themselves patriots now, but they are just younger generations from the same grandparents. However, even the KKK is growing once again. They may have gone to sleep for a while, but immigration issues and gay rights issues are stirring the sleeping giant right along side those who consider themselves patriots and are desiring to protect themselves from the “government”.

Of course Texas, California, and Alaska are right up there with them. Every time the topic comes around to guns around me in Fort Worth I find more of my friends who own them. There’s the lady who can see Russia from her front yard gaining momentum leading the pack with her own agenda followed closely by Glenn Beck, Huckabee, Hannity, and Limbaugh, just to name a few.

The economy, the hatred of anything smelling vaguely liberal or socialist, the view of being caught in the middle while those “less deserving” (I actually saw that phrase) are taking advantage of them…all of these things are adding dry kindling to an explosive bonfire ready to be set off. And somebody has the match.

Along with them come those who are looking for astrological and physical signs in nature that the end of the world is approaching. Supposedly, the battle of Armageddon is not far off. The most recent time we were to have been prepared was Y2K. Obviously nothing happened. Now we are revving up for 2012. The doomsayers are revitalized once more.

People are paying closer attention to the number of earthquakes, floods, gigantic snow storms, etc. saying these are all “signs”.

Now I read that grasshoppers are coming back strong in Wyoming and other states in the West and the Plains. The prediction is for at least 48 million acres of infestation this summer. The young grasshoppers are due to hatch  around May and June. The farmers and ranchers are praying for a cool, wet spring while those in the Northeast are praying for a warm dry one.

It is a frustrating time. Fear and uncertainty fuel adrenaline. Adrenaline stokes the fight or flight response. There is no place to run so many are turning to the idea of fighting. They are not planning to fight some foreign power who is invading our country. These militia, a group we learned to praise during our studies of the Revolutionary War, and priming up to fight fellow citizens.

I am not ready to die, but we all must die sometime. If I make it to June, I will have lived longer than my father who died three months before his sixty-fourth birthday. I have a fear of guns and will never own one. If some rabid “patriot” reads my thoughts and deems I am too liberal too live, (I do honestly try to be a fence-sitting peace maker), then I hope the bullet aimed at me is from the gun of a sniper and I don’t hear the shot. Loud noises disturb me.

My prayer for today is that we all stand down, take a deep breath, and realize we are ALL Americans in search of answers. Violence has never been a good answer, but violence seems to be the way that empires have always been brought down. Unless we are in a time warp and we have been transported to Egypt and the grasshoppers are just signs of one more plague before the “people” are set free. My only question is, “What happens the next morning after we achieve this “freedom”?  Namaste. Attic Annie



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  1. Sarah did make the comment only it was “out her back door” I was watching the interview and then SNL made fun of it. As a matter of fact she also used that as an example of having experience in foreign affairs and as a possible risk to national security……right around the time she could not remember any of the printed new sources she “reads”…… any way AA thank you for such a great post and having the courage to tackle this very hot topic……. I too will from time to time jump off that fence…..mostly about our environment and wildlife but the two leg critters are important to me too. We seem to agree on most of what you have expressed. You have clearly and calmly made your points…..thank you for the great read!

    • atticannie

      Thank you for the back up. I was watching the Katie Couric interviews but there were so many segments after a while it didn’t seem to be worth the time. I did find where she said Russia could be seen from some point in Alaska which turns out to be an island inhabited by native originals who have never seen Palin. Being that close to Russia was her explanation for her qualifications for international relations. As a soccer mom, I think she’d be fun to visit with during a game…but …??????

  2. Thalia

    Let’s see: So far we were promised Obama would swear in on the Qu’ran, open our borders to illegal aliens, take away our guns, prevent off-shore drilling, change American into a Muslim/communist country, and invite a takeover by the United Nations.

    Oh, yes, he’s BLACK.

  3. freedomactionnow

    “There’s the lady who can see Russia from her front yard …” Whoever that was, it was definitely not Sarah Palin. It’s amusing to see how hard the Left is working to portray her as a clueless ingenue.

    At least she knows that there are not 57 states in the Union, and she knows how to pronounce the word “corpsman”.

    “People are paying closer attention to the number of earthquakes, floods, gigantic snow storms, etc. saying these are all “signs”.”

    Maybe in Kansas and Arkansas. People have been predicting – and preparing for – the End of the World ever since about the year 800. Evidently almost no-one bothered to read the part where Jesus says that nobody will know the hour or the day. It’ll come when it comes.

    As for the militias, in a country of 300 million people, there’s bound to be a small percentage of kooks and fanatics.

    “I have a fear of guns and will never own one.”
    I find no fault there. To each his (and her) own. Most of the country, though, realizes that the Bad Guys have no compunction about having them and using them. (But that’s another thread.)

    “The Mayan calendar runs out December 20, 2012. ” It doesn’t “run out”. It “starts over” – just like a circle.

    A last note on the Tea Party movement. Whatever violence there has been, has been from people on the Left attacking Tea Party people. After Tea Party meetings, there are no broken windows, no littered streets, no onerous blocking of traffic, no chanting of mindless slogans. Only a few broken bones, courtesy of the SEIU.

    • atticannie

      *I can see if we were face to face we could have one heck of a delightful dialogue since we differ on a few topics. I apologize to Sarah if she actually did not make that comment. In all honesty, I thought she did. I think I’ll need to do further research, doncha know.*I don’t have a clue as to who referred to 57 states or didn’t pronounce “corpsman” correctly. My first guess was Bush but I guess you are going to tell me I am wrong. Perhaps the Tea Party meetings have not been televised as the actual protests outside the Capitol Building have. I only commented on what I saw and read. *That’s the first time that I have heard that the Mayan calendar was a loop and did not simply end. That’s not what the History Channel and other references implied. Glad to know when I wake up December 21, 2012 I’ll still be safe in my own bed.Am I going to do more research? You betcha! AA


      • atticannie

        I researched Sarah Palin and discovered that quote about seeing Russia was quite probably from Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live. I apologize to Sarah if she was not the original source.

      • The 57 states comment, and the ‘corpsman’ comment were both courtesy of Barack Obama, along with another gaff, where he said the special consideration in the Health Care bill (now law) for Louisiana “would also help Hawaii. who had an earthquake” on an interview with Fox News on March 18th.

      • atticannie

        I actually discovered that fact about Obama’s misspeak right before I checked my comments. I am so glad I am not in the public eye where every minute utterance is examined, commented upon, and hung up many times for public viewing but I misspeak quite often. AA


      • freedomactionnow

        Scott (I hope this goes in at the right place): There was indeed an earthquake in Hawaii. It was pretty strong. It was on March 8, but did little damage (4.4 quake).

        Thalia: I’m not sure who it was who “promised” these things. It wasn’t anybody we know.

  4. If you re-focused on the current economic slowdown and how the cycle of boom and bust feed into fear which leads to human conflict, it would help your understanding of this most recent rise of militias.

    • atticannie

      I totally agree. Uncertainty about the quality of life is always at the bottom of the formation of militias and always will be. There are those who are ready to fight. There are those who are content to sit on the fence and wait it out. Fortunately, so far I feel comfortable with the latter.

  5. Anne-Marie

    I was just reading your blog about all the militia and it made me think of John Titor. He was this supposed Time Traveller who popped up on Forums on the web from Nov 2000 to March 2001. He said he was a soldier from the year 2036. He predicted that CERN would create a black hole in their lab in 2002 and that would be the beginning of discovering Time Travel. He also predicted that in 2004 there would be a civil war in America, between the government and civilian militia over security versus personal freedom. This war would escalate and become World War three, and destroy a lot of the planet with radiation.

    Obviously there was no civil war in 2004 and CERN did not create a black hole in 2002, so a lot of people thought that John Titor was a fraud.
    But if you remember in September 2008, CERN did create a mini black hole with their hadron collider, and now you’re saying that there’s growing numbers of Militia.

    I mean it could all be a coincidence!

    • atticannie

      There are many people who believe in synchronicity. This whole matter is far from being settled. The Mayan calendar runs out December 20, 2012. Who knows? Right now I’m just being precautious and getting all my spiritual thoughts lined up in a row. I think I’ll explore more about John Titor. Thanks for the info. Namaste. AA

  6. Not every mother is like Casey Anthony
    Not every athlete is like OJ Simpson
    Not every movie mogul is like Roman Polanski
    And definately, not every militia is like the Hutaree (nor is every ‘Christian’ as the media loves to point out the Hutaree happen to be)

    The media finds the worst freaks in a group, and then purports them to be the norm. I doubt if you were to interview every militia group in the country, you’d find any others that would applaud the plots of the Hutaree.

    Most militia groups are defense oriented, not offense oriented. Militia groups have existed, in similar or larger numbers than now, since before our nation was founded. Militia groups in this country have commited less murders than just about any other group you could come up with. (except maybe for lawful concealed weapons carriers)

    And no, I’m not a member of one. I just have an aversion to the media telling me every week what I am supposed to be afraid of.

    • atticannie

      I agree with the “most are not offense oriented” until I remember the influence of the militia on the deranged Oklahoma City bomber. I think the leaders of any militia must make it absolutely clear as to the position of being defense oriented to every member who hooks up with the group. It’s the word “most” that disturbs me. AA

      • Attic Annie: I’m looking for a new place to blog since Yahoo Buzz took down over five hundred Christian Posts that renounced the supposed Militia call to arms. Mine was taken down which led with: “The Modern American Christian Achilles Heel is to bear arms…” and … “We follow the steps of Jesus Christ, His Apostles, and the First Century Church Members who abandoned their GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE, into the Providential care of our Heavenly Father…” So it goes.

        Of course we meekly hold Rulers accountable to Biblical standards and ethics as did John the Baptist’s rebuke of Herod, King of Israel. When we go into the Lion’s Den of, “Civil Disobedience,” we’d better be more than right; we’d better be READY to lose our heads. Many things are lawful but unjust and immoral. For me? The cause to die for would be the Gospel of Christ Jesus. However I have found it is harder to live for Jesus than it would be to die for him, eh?

        It seems, having been warned by the powers that be, that there are, Agents Provocateurs, who provoke naive bloggers to incriminate themselves. No longer are criminals who committed crimes pursued but those who thought or talked about things not PC. How sad & pathetic. Alexander Solzhenitsyn warned of the National Prison Industry. Drug laws, Domestic Violence, DUI offenses based on potential danger, all have contributed to new criminals not sought after in my Dad’s day. He was a Federal cop in Tucson for 30 years. Donald Bonham White, RIP Dad…

        Everything done on the Internet is public and open to Global Law Enforcement. If Muslim UN Peace keepers are ever patrolling my neck of the woods I guess we can expect a visit, eh?

        I would miss not blogging and the interesting people I’ve met from all over the world. It is a distraction from my serious ill health and a way to keep on preaching and practicing my faith…

        Independent Baptist Evangelist, Bro. Don R. White, Tucson, AZ USA

      • atticannie

        I wish you better health and a place where you are free to air your opinions. I’m not certain why you posted on my blog. Is it to warn me of possible shut down because of the topic? AA

      • AA:
        Just looking for a place to vent. Being a little paranoid isn’t so bad. You hang in there! DRW

  7. I am an American who has lived abroad most of her life, but I still think of myself as American. I visit often and was in New York state last week.
    From what I could follow of the news from outside the country, I was very sad because it seemed that politicians were mostly just ‘name calling’. From inside the country the situation felt worse! My simplified view is that a lot of people are more or less sticking their fingers in their ears, closing their eyes and shouting “NO!”
    America has some big problems (so does Europe, I know) and I believe solutions would be found more quickly if all sides sat down and talked in a constructive way.

    • atticannie

      There is another new movement that just started a little over a month ago called The Coffee Party which is seeking just that…sitting down and dialoguing. It is my prayer that cooler heads come to the forefront soon. I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago comparing the situation in America with the conditions that led up to the French Revolution. It is my prayer it doesn’t go that far again. Thanks for your comment. AA


  8. Atticannie, you need not worry that some militia boy is coming after you. They are coming to liberate you from your future of dependency on an intrusive federal government, and the saddling of debt that will crush this American economy.

    Most Patriots seek only to be left alone, without federal intrusion into our lives. The creeping influence of an intrusive federal government has been coming, through many regimes and is now bordering on intolerable. I have to take exception with your assertion is that fear is the motivator. It all has to do with governments infringing on personal liberty, and confiscating our money to pay for those who are either to privledge to work or to lazy. Also, the injection of race into the the agrument is the last resort of the desperate. For many, it is just too easy to go to race, than to understand the deeply held feelings of many Americans.

    So sleep well tonight, knowing that a patriot stands guard on your behalf.

    • atticannie

      Hello Smitty, It is difficult for me to balance the need for regulation against the need for freedom. This discussion has been going on from the beginning of our country and will probably never be settled. It concerns me, however, when long fought for regulation by government (with teeth to do something about it) is abandoned. As a result, we have agricultural products that are unsafe (especially meat) causing death from bacteria, prescriptions that are pushed through to market without acknowledgement of all potential side effects, the disappearance of jobs due to the government looking the other way when major corporations contribute to reelection coffers, etc. I am beginning to feel less safe because of the deregulation than I am of over regulation. I fear the market place more than the government.
      As far as being too lazy, I frequently see retired teachers that would willingly work if a job were available. They are subsisting far below poverty level after giving their lives to their jobs. Hopefully I will not live to see the day when my pension runs out if I live to see 84. That’s only 20 more years. Longevity runs on both sides of my family.
      Yes, there are those who have learned to take advantage of the system and I have trouble dealing with that. I saw many examples when I taught for 30 years. But I also saw parents who were desperate for a job and just could not find one,
      Yes, I too feel that there are those at the other end of the economic scale who are worthy of being hated because they use every loophole their tax lawyers can find to avoid paying taxes. I understand the frustration of being in the middle. Even though my retirement income now places me in the upper lower class, I still identify with the middle class. I have to stringently watch my expenditures to try to save what little I can when 84 rolls around. The older I get, the more I will be dependent on the government to take care of me first through Medicare and finally through whatever funds are available when my pension runs out. That will not be my desire but my reality. There may not even be social security left by that time. Please do not liberate me too much from my dependency on the government unless you are willing to give me free room and board and pay my medical expenses.
      Perhaps in addition to fear, I should have added frustration to my blog. I used fear because I see fear of government intervention. I see fear of “There are more of them than us now,” Those who are in power are losing their power to those whose birthrates are escalating instead of declining. If that is a racial statement then so be it.
      Whenever there is a feeling of loss of power, there is fear. I’m sure there are those in the middle class of several ethnicities who share these feelings. We just don’t see them acting on their feelings yet. I realize these feelings are deeply held. In some cases of revolution, feelings like that are held throughout several lifetimes until they erupt. I am in fear when the patriots feel they have to practice with all sorts of weapons in order to prepare to take over the government.
      The best way, in my opinion, to take over the government is to infiltrate all the departments and make changes on the inside. One way to do that is to make certain of the commitment of the people we elect to serve us that they truly reflect how the majority of Americans feel. However, with those who have achieved power in the last 25-30 years, I feel they are more about enjoying their power, gaining their privileges, and prodding the patriots every election time in order to be reelected. There is much about our American government I would like to see improved.
      Thank you for your response. This is not an easy issue to confront. I firmly believe rational dialogue is essential. That is why I’m hoping the Coffee Party will soon start in Fort Worth. I’m not willing to drive to north of Dallas to express my opinions. They seem to be more so far about dialoging than yelling and sign waving as the Tea Party seems to be about. AA