ATT DIRECTly sold me a “bill of goods”!*

When the well runs dry, there ain’t no use throwing down the bucket. This has not been a very productive month for me. When I first started blogging, my readership slowly built up to between 200-300 a day. I was able to blog on something every day. I skipped from last Thursday to today this week and the same days last week. There was nothing of interest for me to write about. Actually not much of anything was interesting to me. I didn’t even bother to sit down at the keyboard.

As a result, the hits to my blog have plummeted. I have to decide whether I want to take breaks or build up a readership. I started this blog as an “electronic journal” but to tell the truth, I like the idea that people are actually reading what I have to say.

I get that way. Some people may think I get depressed. I just prefer to think of it as unload and recharge time. My mind takes a break. I crawl into my den and stay there as long as I can. There is very little that interferes with this quiet. Then I snap out of it.

I am proud of myself today. I actually complained about something a few hours ago. I doubt anything will be done about my complaint, but I felt proud of myself for standing up for what is right instead of letting it just pass.

* I had called AT&T billing last week to ask a question about my DISH satellite charge. I was told that for $34.99, I could get comparable service with DIRECTV PLUS I would get three receivers, HD TV, and HD DVR all for 34.99 for the first year. That was about $23.00 less than my charges for DISH.

Now I’m aware that there is a lot of competition between DISH and DIRECTV going on right now. I thought I was getting one hell of a deal for that first year. The installer comes out on Saturday, March 20. Everything is fine. HD is somewhat sharper than the regular channels but not by much. I am satisfied with my service.

Saturday, March 27 I get a bill from DIRECTV for $91.90. Excuse me????

Either the ATT customer service agent was brand new, or he didn’t know what he was talking about, OR he is working on some kind of incentive program and wanted the sale…badlly enough to lie or at least have his fingers crossed when he talked to me. I can’t remember if he was committing a sin of omission or just a plain ol’ lying sin. Since I’m not Catholic, I don’t always know. Besides, “bearing false witness against a neighbor” is not the same as just plain lying so he wasn’t really breaking a commandment.  I think it was the Church who made lying a sin. Personally, I think that commandment should be rewritten to say, “Thou shalt not lie”. It makes things plainer that way.

I don’t care what it was. $34.99 is significantly lower than $91.90. I didn’t get my mail until late Saturday afternoon and didn’t feel like dealing with it then or on Sunday. I called today.

I was so proud of myself. I realize it is not the fault of the person who answers the phone, so I at least remained civil. Actually I received two letters on Saturday. The first letter was dated March 18, the day I placed my order. It seems there is a rebate. If you redeem your rebate BEFORE the installation of your equipment, it goes into effect immediately, otherwise it takes 4-6 weeks to process the rebate. Excuse me? I order on the 18th, they install on the 20th, and I’m informed there is a rebate on the 27th? No civil comment comes to mind. In two more bills, I should see a lowered amount.

When I talked to the DIRECTV customer service agent today, I canceled the HD DVR. That was a charge of $7.00. The HD charge was $10.00. I was told that I could have up to 5 receivers for free. I don’t have guests very often but I thought it would be nice to have service for my son who is visiting in June. Since it was “free” I had one installed in the guest bedroom. What the ATT rep didn’t say was the INSTALLATION was free. There’s a $5.00 monthly charge for every receiver. For the package I bought the price was quoted by the ATT guy as $34.99. I was billed $63.99. That’s before the rebate. Now mind you, several times during my conversation with ATT guy, I repeated, “And all of this is for $34.99 to which he replied “Yes, ma’m!”

Supposedly after the rebate goes into effect I will be paying $41.40 a month. I’m not sure what that extra $5.00 is for but it is still cheaper (except for this month and next) than the $57.00 a month I was paying for DISH.

My neighbor across the street still has an antenna. If things keep going up, maybe I’ll just go back in time and dump all the cables and dishes.  i can remember the time when we first had two channels, then three, and at last four channels to watch while I was growing up. If I was satisfied back then, I should be satisfied again, don’t you think?

Would you believe when I looked up the phrase “bill of goods” an advertisement from Directv was shown on the same page?  That is just too funny for words. Caveat emptor, folks. Namaste. Attic Annie


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