Ladybugs are Everywhere! Well….almost…

My Ladybug

Actually, they are not everywhere. They are just in my bedroom. So far.

I saw a very small crawling insect on the wall a few days ago. It didn’t look too harmful so I allowed it to crawl on my finger so that I could examine it more closely. To my surprise, it was a ladybug.

I walked to the door, opened it and gently flicked it off my finger.

Again to my surprise, Wednesday afternoon, I walked into my bedroom and discovered the bodies of ten ladybugs on the floor, three on the windowsill, and one, still alive, crawling on my ceiling.

Question: At what point does one call multiple ladybugs an invasion or an infestation? Do fourteen bodies qualify?

I found a site which actually talks about ladybugs in a language I can understand. It says that ladybugs usually enter a home in the autumn while looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. That didn’t help. I didn’t see any last fall. We have fast approached the beginning of spring which occurs today.

I dug into the site further and discovered that sometimes the hatching ladybugs get confused. This happens because of the variation in temperatures from the interior of the home versus the outside temperatures. It is still pretty chilly in the mornings.  My bedroom with its southwestern windows gets warmer than the outside air. I am wondering where they hibernated all winter. My home is brick so it wasn’t under any clapboards as the article suggested.

At first I was a little confused. It looked like a ladybug with its spots and all, but it wasn’t red. All my life I’ve thought that red was the national color of ladybugs. It turns out that they can be red, orange, orangish-red, brown, black, and cream-colored with or without spots. Actually, there are over 500 species in the US.

It says they do not harm the interior of the home so I’m not too worried…not like I have been in previous years with the termites in the walls and the fire ants that invaded my bathroom and closet. After all, so far I’ve only seen fourteen. At first I really didn’t mind the thought that a ladybug was in my house. I often have small insects which invade my bedroom which are not as welcome. I thought that it would be nice to offer hospitality to a friendly insect for a change. However, I do not have any plants in my house so I don’t, to my knowledge, have any aphids hanging around. It seems that is their favorite food along with spider mites and other small scaled insects.

I don’t really see where they are entering my house. I had new windows installed several years ago and don’t see any place that needs to be caulked. Since they are in my house, however, I guess they are getting in somewhere around the double-paned window.

I guess if I don’t see hundreds, I’ll just try to capture the live ones and escort them out and dump the dead ones in the trash. I’m not one for ceremonial burials. It says they die of dehydration when they are in the home. My bedroom must be pretty dry. Too bad they haven’t noticed that my shower is only a few feet away.

I hope they get their directions straight and go back out the way they came in. I won’t bother them as long as they don’t bother me. However, any of those things start crawling on me in the middle of the night and they are toast!

Namaste. Attic Annie



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2 responses to “Ladybugs are Everywhere! Well….almost…

  1. freedomactionnow

    They may be like cats – if you let one in and give it something to eat, the next day there’ll be a whole herd of them.

    • atticannie

      So far, after the mass “burial” I’ve only seen one more. I hope there is not a hoard but it was really cold this weekend, they may be confused by the temp. Only time will tell.