How do you pray for others?

Good Sunday morning to all! Yesterday I attended a Unity of Texas Prayer Breakfast at the Petroleum Club of Fort Worth. That place is really nice. We were on the 39th floor. At that height, when I look out the window, the cars and trucks approach the size of car models. The sky was overcast with rain clouds approaching, so it was difficult to see too far, but I was able to trace the road leading to my house stretching out to the horizon.

I started a discussion with the prayer chaplain sitting at our table. I related to her a story of something that happened to me two weeks ago in my volunteer job at the hospital. I was making my rounds visiting the new admissions surveying them about their satisfaction for services received so far.

I walked into one room to bed 2 and saw that the patient was asleep. As I passed the patient in bed 1, I noticed that she was crying. No one said I couldn’t stop to talk with other patients, so I took it upon myself to talk with this patient for a moment. I felt the need to listen to her.

I asked if there was anything I could do to help at which time she started to cry harder. She began sobbing  so I could hardly understand her. I asked if I could contact a nurse for her or if she would like to talk with anyone else. She shook her head no and said the nurse had just left.

I felt an overwhelming desire to pray with her. Believe me, that is simply not me. I have never come close to thinking about taking time to pray for someone else when I was with them, let alone a complete stranger.  I stood there gently stroking her arm. I couldn’t bring myself to ask her. You see, for the past five years, I have learned to direct my prayers to Mother-Father God, or Great Spirit, or sometimes simply God. I was afraid that those salutations might not be appreciated by those who pray to the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

It is not that I don’t believe in Jesus. I definitely do. However, as I grew up I could never really understand why my prayers could not go directly to God. I felt the same way of going through Jesus as I do about going through any of the saints or Mother Mary. For those who start their prayers that way, I have no problem with them doing that in any way. I just feel more confident now going directly to God as I now understand God.

Yes, I realize someone is probably going to want to comment to me that we must go through Jesus to get to God, but I’ve never really understood exactly what that meant. I have studied more about the Gospels and what Jesus taught in the past five years than in the previous rest of my life. I am beginning to understand what He said.

Anyway, I wasn’t sure I wouldn’t offend this woman if I didn’t start my prayer correctly, so I didn’t pray out loud. I just said a silent prayer instead.

When I related this story, the people at my table started offering suggestions. No sooner did we have that conversation than the program began.

The speaker started out her speech saying many people are afraid to pray for others because they don’t know how to begin their prayers for others. I couldn’t believe it! She asked the question. Then she rattled off the same answers that our table members had just mentioned. She said other things as well.

She said, prayer is where Spirit meets language. It is the Spirit within us which is doing the praying. She commented that we need a prayer for grown-ups. So many pray the same prayers they learned as children.

There is no way to get prayer wrong. That made me feel much better. I found that reassuring. The word prayer is derived from Sanscrit ‘pal al’ meaning “judging ones self wondrously made”. We pray believing it is already delivered. It does no good to pray  begging God for something or trying to make deals with God. The persons praying get what is focused on whether they want it or not.

She said if we offer to pray for others, and the others accept, very seldom will they be offended. If I ever do get into a position again where I feel the need to pray with someone else, I will choose to believe that and give it a try. Namaste. Attic Annie


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