New computer no more hackers…so maybe all is well

Today is at last Friday, What a week! Earlier this week, or maybe it was last week, I wrote two blogs on being hacked due to my own stupidity. GRAND stupidity!

What a nightmare! I already wrote about the near miss of the hackers getting into my checking account . I had to get a new credit account number, my savings account firm had to mail me a new pin number….on and on. When I volunteered on Wednesday I was obviously walking around in a fog. I told one of the nurses that I was suffering from post traumatic stress. She agreed I had been in a battle..not with bullets but certainly with keystrokes.

My son said if he upgraded to Windows 7 it would get rid of all the hackers. I bought the upgrade premium edition and when he logged in from work the next morning (5 PM my time), we backed up everything with my back up drive and set to work.

I can’t explain everything that happened ,but Windows 7 didn’t support the drives on my computer…XP did, but evidently it was just that old, that the next generation of Windows saw it was obsolete.

We were talking to each other on the phone (thankfully at 2c a minute). He told me to get the box of CDs that was in the old office area. Why? Because there was a disc in there that could reinstall the drives.

I got sick to my stomach. I had tossed that CD box this summer. I kept getting the message to simplify, throw out what you don’t need, you know all that stuff that people say to get others to get rid of their clutter? When I was preparing my home for sale this summer, I took that advice. I thought that all the box contained were old games he had purchased while in high school or college. Out they went! That’s including the discs he now needed.

He said he could go back to Windows XP but it might take him a long time to get rid of the hackers so I couldn’t bank on line. His other choice was to declare my computer dead. I mourned and then I agreed.

My local computer friend had suggested I get a MacMini. He claims Windows has over 9,000 viruses, Mac, nine! There is an Apple store in town about eight miles from my house. I drove to the store and purchased the new computer with my new credit card that had arrived that morning. I will figure how to pay for it later.

Last year I decided I wanted to move my computer out to the kitchen/family room area. I didn’t like being in the back bedroom any more. That involved one of my son’s friends coming over and drilling a 2″ hole in the top of the desk, and a hole on either side of the desk from the kneehole to the side behind the top drawer so I could fit all the wires to the computer beneath the desk in the knee space and the power strip at the side of the desk. The desk is attached to the wall.

That meant when I got home I had to unplug cords from the old computer from the power strip and guide them through the back of the desk after taking out the top drawer…a heavy drawer! Or, I had to pull the cords up through the hole behind the monitor. With the computer gone from underneath, all that was left was the DSL modem and this honkin’ big speaker my son bequeathed me. That was not so easy. I had to thread the cords up through this common hole that seven cords of various diameters pass through. This hole is at the back of a desk that is the depth of my fingertips to about four inches from my armpit….at the back of my knee hole area.

That involved a lot of body twisting and getting down on the HARD floor. I finally got the idea to use a wire hangar as a hook and thread the cords through. That’s down on the floor, thread the wire up, stand up, pull wire up…repeat and repeat. That’s two DSL modem cords and two speaker cords. There are also seven cords that pass behind the drawer to the power strip or the WD backup or the printer. That was a little easier.

After that job was accomplished, I looked for the mouse…no mouse…anywhere. I looked for the receipt…no receipt….anywhere. I called the Apple store. The clerk who sold me the computer was nice enough to believe me. Just then my son called again and I told him I had to go back to the store for the mouse. I drove up there (rush hour on University is a joy! Not!) and waited. My son called me back about two hours later.

It took him about four hours to do everything. He worked through his lunch. It was almost midnight by the time he was finished. Thank God for “log me in” and a son who is a tech specialist. I was getting more exhausted by the minute. We were having issues with my Microsoft Mini-Cam…the one he suggested I buy when his girlfriend was visiting here from Japan. …the one he doesn’t like to use when we talk. He told me he would get to it later…to leave the computer running and he’d log in. He told me to only turn the Mac off a couple of times a month.

I woke up this morning and the computer is off. I push the button to turn it on…several times. I call Maxine to ask for the Apple number ….again….I couldn’t find it. Last night she brought the book over because she had just put drops in her eyes anc couldn’t read. Today she is able to find the number. I call Apple national support…twice. Both times I’m put into the queue and am told repeatedly how many minutes it will take. Both times, half way through, I hear a dial tone because I’ve been disconnected.

I call the local store, waiting another twenty minutes, and ask the man on the other end if he can possibly think of why I would get no power. I tell of leaving it running, my son setting the sleep time for 30 minutes and the log me in left running. He doesn’t have a clue! He tells me to bring it in. I start unplugging the cords from the back and jostle the power cord. (The one I had already checked twice). The computer starts running. I shut it off and move the plug to another site on the power strip. It starts right up. Isn’t life grand! Of course it will be a long time, hopefully before I show my face in the Apple Store. In less than twenty-four hours I need a mouse, which the clerk claims she put in the bag, but gives me another mouse anyways, and then claim the next day I have no power, getting it to run, and knowing I won’t call them back.

Oh, and yesterday my son informed me he has accepted a new job in China…you know, that country which restricts internet use to its citizens? %^&$^&!!!!!

Namaste. Attic Annie


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