Surviving the attack while under fire!

I went to bed Sunday night knowing my bank password had been changed and not knowing what to do about it. I got up early in the morning ,and by surfing the site, I found a way in to reset the password. I reset it and headed for the bank. I was an hour early so I came back home. The bank didn’t open until 9 a.m. An hour later I was in a room at the bank with a consultant going through steps necessary to change my account.

She discovered when she couldn’t change my password that another four unsuccessful attempts had been made to change the password in the hour that had lapsed. Whoever was out there was out to get me or to use my computer for no good. My Unity prayer was on a loop running through my brain, believe me. The power of God watches over me. Wherever I am, God is. I was making positive affirmations as fast as I could…all is well, all is well, F E A R is False Evidence Appearing Real, my bank account is safe…I am secured financially (as much as I can be at this moment in this economy) ….etc etc etc. My denials included saying such things as … The hacker has no real power to harm … I am not in a position of danger. etc. etc. however fast my brain could spew things out and try to follow what the bank consultant was telling me.

All this was going on while my adrenaline was flowing through my body at top speed causing me to feel jittery. I will never understand adrenaline junkies. My blood sugar yesterday morning was closer to normal than usual at 117. That was upon waking. Within an hour after taking my morning diabetes medications and not having the stomach to eat anything,  it was up 60 points. My body was at war.

I mistook the jumpiness of the insomnia I had last night and the adrenaline I was feeling as low blood sugar while at the bank. I was given a Sprite which I requested. I drank it then came home and tested again. My blood sugar was now 100 points above the first test…219. I still was not hungry. I still could not eat.

As far as I know, anything financial has now been secured. Accounts closed, credit bureaus notified to watch for fraud activity, credit cards cancelled, pins and internet access denied…all the stuff that must be done in this age.

In the meantime, my son searches my computer and finds 23 more viruses and Trojans that reappeared since Sunday night. We still can’t get rid of Hijack Desktop but he is trying. It’s particularly nasty. In the meantime, I can’t use my email. I chose to open a new account and when I tried to log on yesterday morning, my password already didn’t work on my new email account.

I called a cousin and asked her to send me a whole bunch of virtual hugs. You know, I know it’s all in my mind, but as I talked with her and imagined her comforting arms around me, I really did start calming down. It was amazing. I asked her to email our family to tell them not to use the new email info I sent Sunday night and if they needed to contact me to use the old fashioned way…the telephone!

It amazes me that there have been times that I have sent emails and talked about occasions afterwards with the email recipient where they for whatever reason did not or could not read their mail. It never dawns on me any more to CALL them. I mean I have a cell phone and a land line but I depend way too much on email. I refuse to tweet. I pay $100 a year for 1000 minutes of cell phone time. I’ve done that for four years and have not used up the complete 1000 minutes yet. So much for the power of the email.

I came home and napped. When I awoke, I started calling those places that have automatic deposits and automatic withdrawals from my checking account. Some got resolved over the phone, some are sending forms, etc. Most of the calls were robo calls. That still unnerves me that I can’t talk with a real human. Most of them directed me to go to the internet. That was something I COULDN’T do! The whole world (exaggeration) expects everybody to have a functioning computer. There is often very little that can be done by phone any more. Has no one thought about what happens when computers get HACKED?

Back to the topic of hugs. I never grew up ever getting hugs. Our family just never did that. Now that my church friends have gotten me used to getting hugs on Sundays, or if I go to classes in the middle of the week, I realize how much I miss having somebody just to put arms around me and hold me when I am going through a crisis like I did the last two days. I used to love that part of being married. In spite of all the problems with my ex, he generally would hug me if I asked him to do so as long as I wanted. I MISS that.

So now I get as many hugs on Sunday as I can and am at least thankful for that.

I was almost ready to end this blog when my keyboard stopped working! My first thought was that somehow there was a remote way to lock my keyboard and THEY were still out to get me. I couldn’t think of anything possible to do. That was around 1 am this morning.

I woke this morning and sat down at the computer. In spite of turning the computer off and rebooting, I still couldn’t do anything. I refused to panic or feel paranoid like I was close to doing yesterday. It came to me that it might be the batteries, even though I changed the rechargeable batteries not too long ago. I’ve been using these batteries forever and I guess they are not holding the charge as well. You can guess the results since I’m finishing my blog now. I didn’t have to try to reach my computer guru, I didn’t have to figure out how I could use Dee’s computer to reach my son, I didn’t have to call the Geek Squad. All I had to do was stop, take a deep breath, and let the right thoughts come to me. That’s something that would keep me out of a lot more problems if I would remember to do it on a routine basis….but then, maybe adrenaline rushes might be good for the body in small doses. I’ll have to think about that. Nah….not for me. Namaste. Attic Annie


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