Computer Hacked!

I am feeling sooooooo violated. Last week I did something realllllllly stupid. I knew better but I did it anyway. I have a casual friend named Deliah. One morning about a month ago I got an IM message saying Delilah wanted me to add her to my IM list. I see Deliah at church and she sometimes joins the lunch group I attend once a week. I wasn’t paying attention to the name and read Delilah as Deliah and clicked. Delilah was added to my IM service. I got tired of seeing her name once I realized I had added the wrong person. I tried to get rid of her. BIG mistake. As soon as I clicked on Delilah’s name I got an alert from something that looked like a windows message. XP 2010 security alert.

I couldn’t get rid of it. I gave my computer to my trusty computer guru. I just got my computer back. It had more than 59 trojans on it.  The first thing I did was notify my bank to watch my account. I was able to log on. I did the same with my credit card company and one other financial company. I checked my email and it said my password had been successfully changed on my bank account and I hadn’t changed it. Now I can’t get into my account. Whoever hacked into my account did so between my notifying my bank and checking my email.

I tried to change my email address but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I have no idea how many places have my email address. I have to try to remember how many places to warn I will be changing my email.

My heart is beating so fast I can’t even think. I so totally rely on the internet to do everything. If any of you think of anything else I should do to stop the carnage, please let me know. Namaste. Attic Annie



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4 responses to “Computer Hacked!

  1. atticannie

    I.T. He is definitely a HE. So much for being lazy and not using periods. … … …

  2. I’m sorry to hear about that. (Back in the Old Days, just about all you had to worry about was looking both ways when crossing the street.)

    The first thing you have to do is get to the banks and let them know what happened and get your passwords changed.

    A few years back, I lost a briefcase with two separate bank checkbooks in it. I had to close both accounts and reopen new ones. It was a real pain.

    Some of the 59 trojans may have been lurking from before. It’s unlikely (but not extremely unlikely) that all 59 came rushing is at once.

    You need to get a good anti-virus program installed. The national computer guru, Leo Laporte (I hear his radio show every now and again) recommends NOD32, from these guys:

    There are others – search for ‘anti virus’ or ‘anti virus software’. Among them are McAfee, Norton, AVG (free).

    And you need to run the anti-virus scan every once in a while (most companies have it run on each machine every time it’s turned on).

    If you really trust your computer guru, it might well be worth rebuilding your computer. Save all the data files (you do do backups, right?), reformat the disk and re-install everything from the CDs. It’s a royal pain, but it’s one sure way to be sure that something nasty isn’t still lurking in the background.

    If you’re using a high-speed connection, and are connected all the time, you need a firewall program. Talk to your guru about that. A firewall basically checks everything coming in, and blocks things that shouldn’t.

    I don’t think you need to change your eMail address. All that address does is let people eMail you. People can send you stuff, but unless you open the mail (or especially, the attachment), all it is is a parcel out on your porch. If you don’t recognize it, send it back. If you don’t recognize it, delete it. If you’re using gmail, that has a pretty good spam-recognizer. Yahoo mail seems to have the same.

    You will get your computer put back together. Just a matter of time. Keep us posted on how things turn out.

    • atticannie

      My son is an IT…too bad he had such a slow learner as a mother. I think all is well again except there is still some concern over whether Hijack Desktop is still lurking in the background. He’s going to do more scrubbing. AA