Goin’ fishin’ again on match sites…one last time

Hi there. Want something hot to drink? It sure will be nice when the mornings are a little warmer. I’ll not complain, however, because they will all too soon be very hot again. Soon and for a little while it will be “sit on the porch” time and then it will be summer cabin fever time. I hope the summer will not be as equally hot as the winter has been cold.

I’m a sucker when it comes to trying out match making sites. I do not come into contact with very many men in my daily routine. Several years ago in the 90s I tried match.com. I met a guy interested in friendship. Our friendship lasted about ten years. Platonic friendship. I’ve already talked about that tale.  Platonic was fine with me. I had no luck at all with eHarmony the first time I tried it about four years ago. They were running a three month special late last fall so I bit once again. I swallowed their spiel about being a relationship site rather than just a dating site. In four months (I forgot to cancel in time) I met one guy who was so exactly the opposite of me in my opinions that I was glad lunch was over. The second guy I saw for five dates but he called it off because of “no sparks”. I agreed with him but I kind of mourned the fact that we really did get along quite well together. If he had been looking for a great friend, we could have continued seeing each other. We had a lot in common. Everything but “sparks”. I asked him how many other women he was corresponding with when I first met him. He told me 13. It was a couple of months before I was able to communicate with just two…and those were not even at the same time. Viet Nam widened the odds for the women in my age bracket. I hate war.

A friend told me about a free site that I decided to join. I stipulated I’d like to meet someone between 55 and 70 within a 25 mile radius. I’ve had several men contact me, something that never happened on the other two sites. However, most of them are on either coast. So far, only one is within that radius. I want someone who can take less than an hour to get to my home. That’s by car and not by plane.  I had two 49 year olds contact me. I hate to think that I consider that robbing the cradle.

 I saw one other site for Big Beautiful People. This one is not free but it is 1/3 the cost of eHarmony. I bit. I paid for six months of service for what two months would have cost me had I stayed with eHarmony.  One man is also mailing me,  but all he has done is send me flirts. I think he is either mute or very lacking in vocabulary. I guess I’ll give up on him.

Any way you look at it, I am big. If my parents had named me Brunhilde, it would have fit. I am 5’7″” and I look very slim if I diet down to a size 12. As a matter of fact, my hip bones protrude at that size and what little butt I have now entirely goes away. Completely. Almost looks convex. I heard on the radio on Monday that the average American woman is size 14. Due to undiagnosed thyroid problems I gained about 15-20 lbs. in a little over a month last December so I am now a size 16…again. At least I’m not larger than that like I was during the years that I had fibromyalgia.  In this age of so many men liking petite tiny frame women, that cuts out quite a few suitors. I figure if a guy finds me on BBP board, he’s going to sense I am not tiny.

However, most of the guys are considering themselves big and beautiful but still desire small women. Men and women have such different standards of describing themselves. So many men say “a few extra pounds” when they should be saying “a few extra chins”. They describe themselves as very good looking. When I think of good looking, I think of a face. I don’t care if a guy is bald. I had a crush on Yul Brenner and Telly Savalas. I do care if the picture obviously shows a rug. Rugs are not as prevalent now as they once were but with some of the guys it seems to still be a home remedy.

I try to be honest with the guy. If he doesn’t care to meet a size 16 then I want to know up front. That is preferable to meeting him and seeing that initial look on his face. I think everyone knows the one.

I also eliminate those who post pictures of themselves laying on their beds, or those, my age, who think it is masculine to sit there with bare chests and have their video cam snap a picture in front of the computer. Guys, very few of you are built sexy enough at our age to pose like that. You look so much better in a shirt, believe me. Along with trying to be sexy, I eliminated the 73 yo who said he was horny and liked lots of sex. He wasn’t the only one. Any guy who is just looking for sex gets deleted. I want a much longer lasting relationship.

Some men have expressed their desire for big beautiful women who still have hour glass figures. They don’t care if the bottom is big and long as she has a smaller waist. It’s that old waist hip ratio again.

I guess if I don’t know exactly what I want physically in a man other than his being taller than me and hopefully not too thin,  I guess I shouldn’t eliminate any more than possible. If I meet anyone on these two new sites, I’ll probably blog about it some day. Namaste. Attic Annie


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