Landline Phones and Chaplains

Good morning! Or rather good afternoon. I’m affirming it is good so I won’t go crazy! I am currently dealing with the modern voice activated repair service from the phone company. My phone has been dead since last Thursday. Someone was supposed to come out today between 1 and 5 to check the line. I was home from the volunteer job in the hospital for twenty minutes before I was left a voice mail message on my cell phone from the company. Their first clue should have been they had to call my cell phone to give me a message, duh!

My original call was to report static on the line. The next day my phone went dead. I kept getting the message to handle everything on line. If I don’t have internet service, that’s a no brainer, right? Evidently they checked the phone for static without coming out and said all was fine. All was not fine. My phone was dead. No wonder they didn’t hear any static.

I called repair back and got ROBO phone. I couldn’t get anyone live regardless of how hard I tried. Since I’m also having frequent ( and I DO mean FREQUENT problems losing my network connection, I called that number. Thank goodness for cell phones. The human (yes a human) in internet support tested my DSL line and said I wasn’t getting a signal. Right after he tested, the internet came back on, but I have no guarantee of how long it will stay. It may take me several hours to post this blog today.

My original repair ticket was cancelled. Internet guy switched me to another live humanoid in repair who said my ticket could not be uncancelled. I was rescheduled for Thursday. That would be one week without phone service.

I told him it made me nervous to be without a phone at night. I mentioned I lived alone and had had heart surgery. If anything goes wrong, I’d much rather have my larger land line working than to have to rely on a small cell phone which I may or may not be able to find in the middle of the night which I may or may not forget to recharge.  He said due to the weather last week, they were having an overload of repair cases, but since it was a medical emergency he would notify the local repair service to see what could be done. I replied that it wasn’t an emergency, just a concern. He said the phone company considers any medical problem an emergency. If it gets me my original place in line back, I’ll go along with that. I figure it is only fair to get my place back in line. I wasn’t the one who left it. I was cut out.

I’m really enjoying my time spent volunteering at the hospital. On Mondays I work for patient relations and survey patients as to their attitudes towards their care they’ve received so far. The patients for the most part think the care is wonderful. I had an interesting visit today with one of them who was in for observation. He had not yet been sent to a room. They do that when they are not certain where he should go. I had just started talking to this one patient when the chaplain stuck a head into the curtain and began talking as if I weren’t even there. She seemed rather fervent in her appointed rounds. I just sat back and waited instead of asking her if she would come back. I’m not so hot at being assertive. She asked, “Are you non-denominational?” The patient didn’t immediately respond. She repeated again, “Are you non-denominational, you aren’t Baptist or Pentecostal?” Why she would choose those two I’m not sure. He said, “I’m just the best that I try to be.” She really wasn’t too satisfied with that answer, but she let it go. I understood exactly what he was saying. I liked his answer.

 She asked if he would like her to pray for him. He agreed and she said a short prayer. When she finished, she asked if there were anything she could do. He replied, “Next time, perhaps you won’t interfere if there is someone else in the room ahead of you.” I bit my tongue to keep from snickering.

He said, “You know Satan was at work with you.” She was becoming uncomfortable. He was being very conversational and his tone was not confronting, but she was getting the message. She apologized to him (but not to me). He concluded by saying, “Maybe next time Satan will let you wait in line.”

I tried my best to complete the survey and then left. Little did he know how much he made my day. I have this thing about people who push their religion on others. It was priceless.

I just got a call on my cell phone from the phone company. This time my phone rang instead of immediately going to voice mail. Someone will be here before 5 PM. My day is once again made and all is right with the world.

Namaste. Attic Annie



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3 responses to “Landline Phones and Chaplains

  1. Hi Annie,

    Glad to hear I’m not the only one who has had problems with these voice activated ‘customer care’ lines. They would save themselves so much time and volume of complaints if they just employed people to answer the phone! You not only want to complain about the service they are offering but also the customer service line.

  2. atticannie

    Hi Pauline, I’m just looking back at some of my blogs. I guess after a time they are deleted from the cache if no one has read them. I came across your reply that I didn’t answer. Mi Espanol is muy malo. Mi no entindire (can’t quite remember the word for “understand”) solo leer.
    That’s about the extent of my Spanish after one year. I read the bilingual signs in the hospital but the Spanish doesn’t stick. I see “In caso incedio use escalaras” every time I go to the elevador. I now know what to do but I’m not sure where the stairs are! lol

  3. Absolutely brilliant blog Annie.

    That guy was brilliant with his responses. The best really was “being the best that I can”, how wonderful.

    How is your Spanish coming along?