A day to make you crazy in Winter Wonderland

It snowed for the second time this winter in Fort Worth. I’ve lived down here more than 32 years and I don’t ever remember that happening, but evidently it did the year  we moved down here in 1977-78. I remember my son playing in the snow that year in his red snow suit I had brought from Illinois. That year supposedly it snowed twice as much totally as it has so far this year. I think that news was posted before it stopped snowing last night. The snows for the most part in ’77 must have been more days but fewer inches.

I do remember listening to one of the area’s favorite weather forecasters. I will never forget him saying, “Be careful out there, folks. There are drifts up to an inch high.”Having just returned from Illinois where there was a white out blizzard and drifts up almost to the top of my car in places, I literally ROTHLMAO! I mean it. I was laughing hysterically. Those were the days before computers. I had to physically be at the closing of our house.

Outside my kitchen window yesterday, it looked like a great “Somebody” was continually shaking a snow globe all day long. The flakes were huge and very wet.

My connection with the internet has been driving me crazy. It will allow me on and then it can’t get a connection. It was off and on all day long. It’s been that way well over a week.  A red light appears on my modem. I watch for it to turn green. The cycle starts again.

My phone is dead. My satellite dish on the TV can’t get signals.

I’m taking advantage of this window of opportunity to hopefully journal all of this before I lose the connection again.

Outside is the most awesome blanket of white I have ever seen down here. As far as I can see, nothing is moving or has even moved at all on both streets. (I live on a corner.) The silence is eerie. When I stand in the doorway there is not a sound coming from the county road a long block away. I haven’t heard a train. If there is traffic on the interstate, it must be very slow and sporadic. I don’t ever remember not being able to hear that.

I let Ri-Leigh out this morning. She plowed through chest high snow to find her “place”. She’s tall for a Sheltie. Some time I’ll measure her legs to see how long they are if she’ll let me.  I called Maxine on my cell phone. She seems to think we’ve had 12″. There is one big branch touching the ground in front. I guess the tree service guys will be busy when all of this melts.

It’s supposed to be 51 tomorrow so most of this will be gone soon. Right now the wind is absolutely still and the snow is falling in big bunches so I know it’s getting warmer already. I know it is nothing compared to the east coast, but for this city, we’ll be talking about the winter of ’10 for a long time to come.

Ri-Leigh even decided to come back inside yesterday. She has become such an outside dog that once I let her out in the morning, she stays out until I go to bed at night. I have French doors opening onto the patio. She’ll sit on the outside looking in, but when I open the door, she’ll run away. Sometimes when I close the door again she’ll whine but she will still stay outside. She has never barked to come back in. Sometimes when she’s inside she’ll hop up on my lap if I’m in the recliner. She used to just stay less than a minute but sometimes it seems like it has been as much as four or five minutes before she feels she has to jump back down again.

In some ways, she eerily reminds me of me. I sit on the opposite sides of doors wanting in, but when doors are opened for me I don’t know what I want to do. Even if I do enter, it’s not long before I want back out again. I’ll try to get close to whoever opened the door, but then I back off again. It’s like Ri-Leigh is holding a mirror up to me. Now if the mirrow would just turn magic and show me how I could allow myself to be inside more often, I would certainly appreciate the clues.

I think that is one of the life’s lessons I’ve been sent here this time to learn. I’m not learning very fast. I don’t think I know any more in my sixth decade of life than I did in my first. If that is something I’m supposed to learn, I guess I’ll be around here a few more decades since I’m such a slow learner.

If you are snowed in and have no place to go, under the covers is a good place to be. I started a good book last night when I couldn’t sleep and couldn’t watch TV or sit at the computer. I think that’s where I will go now. The computer is back on, obviously after being off for another three hours. The land line is still dead. I have an appointment for Monday. Just when I start thinking I don’t really need a cell phone something happens to make me glad I’ve got one.

Namaste. Attic Annie


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4 responses to “A day to make you crazy in Winter Wonderland

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  2. “It’s like Ri-Leigh is holding a mirror up to me.”

    Well, you’re ahead of the game. Many people don’t even have a mirror.

    Try this exercize once in a while: Imagine a door. Let it open. Go through it. That’s all.

    You found a door a while back, at the hospital. It wasn’t as open as you hoped. That’s the way it is with doors. Not all of them open the way we’d like. But there’s only one way to find out.

    “My phone is dead. My satellite dish on the TV can’t get signals.”

    Now that’s serious.

    With all these snowdrifts we’re having around the country (here in Southern California, all we get is rain. Buckets of it.), it seems a perfect opportunity for Al Gore to make a speech tour around the country, telling us how the world is going to melt sometime next week.

    • atticannie

      From what I understand, global warming is predicting major changes in weather patterns not necessarily hot weather year round. If 12″ of snow in FW isn’t a major change, I’d hate to see what is. AA


      • I’m don’t want to start a discussion about global warming – there are plenty of other places where that goes on.

        But – when they say things like, it predicts warmer weather, it predicts colder weather, more hurricanes, fewer hurricanes, earthquakes, hay fever, and so on – I remain profoundly unconvinced.

        Especially when the only way to prevent whatever catastrophe is going to happen is for countries to spend massive amounts of money – “just in case”.

        “If 12″ of snow in FW isn’t a major change, I’d hate to see what is.” One thing it ain’t, is warming.

        I think dogs appreciate snow a lot more than we do. Maybe it’s because they don’t have to shovel it.