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Tree Fellin’ …add in air and water pollution and you have the metroplex

The people in this video are just common ordinary people who are willing to speak up. Somebody has to. One of their members wrote this paraody of Free Fallin’ to sum up their attitudes about what is happening to our community. The natural gas companies are decimating some of our prime city parklands to make it easy for the trucks to gain access to the gas drilling areas.

Be careful what you wish for. You might get more than you ever wanted but not in exactly a good way.

Several years ago a H U G E supply of natural gas was found in the Barnett Shale under the H U G E metropolitan area of Fort Worth, Dallas, and all the towns surrounding and in between those two cities. The area is simply referred to as the metroplex.

The whole mood of DFW was one of elation. The gas companies were going to come in, pay, in some instances whopping bonuses, and it was That Great Come and Get It Day, just like in Finian’s Rainbow.

Funny thing about Come and Get  Days. As time passes, it is no longer clear who is getting what.

Bartonville, Texas  is a very small community which contains an even smaller community of residents who are more aware of what we are doing to ourselves…or better yet, what we are allowing to be done to us. Currently, instead of trucking the waste water associated with the drilling, many companies want to pump it back into the ground, not far from fresh water facilities in that area. The spokesperson for the group trying to stop it says, “You don’t put a toilet in your kitchen.” That is a fair description of what is happening.

Health issues are starting to surface in Flower Mound.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Leukemia in Flower Mound

There seems to be an awful lot of leukemia in Flower Mound and it’s suspiciously near the existing gas wells.

Monday night at the Flower Mound Town Council Meeting, two fathers spoke with us about their children who are battling leukemia. One of these families live in the Wellington area and said he knew of 3 other families in the Wellington area with children battling this disease. The other family lives in Southern Flower Mound about 4 miles from the far northern property of DFW. Let’s make it very clear no one is saying this is directly from drilling activity and there is currently no evidence of this yet. But, it makes you wonder why 5 children from the same 5 mile radius area have been diagnosed with Leukemia in the last 2 to 4 years?

There’s a lot of politicking going on. Some of our honorable elected officials throughout the metroplex are doing  The Sidestep on this issue busily trying to sweep everything under the rug.

A report came out a short time ago saying the air quality in this area has not been affected by any of the gas drilling. Concerned citizens are now delving into who exactly paid for such a reassuring report.

There you have it. Trees and plants, water, air…when things get too bad, where are all the residents of the metroplex going to move to next? Instead of “Getting It” we’re being GOT! Namaste. Attic Annie

Update: Star Telegram January 28 news article: every 1 out of 5 natural gas sites have unacceptablely high rates of benzene in the air surronding them. Scary isn’t it? We are led to believe that money profits are somehow more important than our health. There’s drilling within a couple of miles of my home in two different directions. I wonder if those two sites were tested.


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