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Reconnecting with “old” friends…priceless

I love getting together with “young friends I’ve known for a long time”. I introduced them this afternoon as “old friends” to a much newer friend and my newer friend rephrased what I had said.

My two friends have been married for almost forty years. They spend almost 24/7 with each other all the time and seem to be thriving doing that. They finish each other’s sentences. They share everything. It sometimes seems they are one soul in two bodies. If I say something to Penny, Peter will know it at some point within the next hour or at least the same day. They keep nothing from each other. It seem to work for them.  They’ve been that way even before they retired ever since I first met them.

They used to live in Texas. I was a teacher to two of their four children. We created a friendship during that time that has lasted since 1984. They have moved twice. The first time they went to Alaska. I didn’t make it up there to visit them. Now, for the past couple of years they live in New Hampshire. I am hoping to be able to take a train ride this fall to visit them. I’ve only been to New England two times when my ex and I spent one weekend in Vermont and when my son spent two years in New Hampshire teaching at a school not far from where they live now.

 They will stay in NH until both of her parents, who have entered their 90s, are both gone. They figure that will probably be another ten years. These are healthy people we are talking about. After that, they see settling down in Seatle. As active as Peter and Penny both are and as conscious as they are of eating very healthy meals, they will probably both be around until they are 100.

After they described all the amenities for senior citizens in that city the thought crossed my mind I might want to join them up there. Did you know Seattle has cars that can be rented by the hour?

The couple became part of a family for my son and me. They shared their holidays with us. They had four children. My son fit in age right between two of their children. For a while when he was in middle school, it looked like we might become in-laws at some future date but, alas, that was not meant to be. The romance fizzled by the time they were half way through high school.

 One summer Nathan and I were even invited to go with their family on vacation. Nathan was being a perfect jerk, as middle schoolers are prone to be, and Peter took him aside at one point. Whatever he said, Nathan behaved more appropriately the rest of the trip.Peter is very quiet, but he certainly knows his way around kids. With no father around to help guide my son, I was very happy when Peter would talk with Nathan once in a while. It always seemed to help.

The two of them arrived Monday. We went out for lunch and I then suggested we go see the 3 D version of Avatar. I loved the movie. I’ve gone to a couple of movies lately with a new friend, but that was not the style he thought he’d like. He missed out on a good deal. I’d even go see it again. I don’t say that about many films.

 I watched a TV program prior to seeing the movie that explained how they were able to make the Avatar characters so realistic. That made the movie that much more enjoyable. I loved the story line. Many people have said it’s an animated Dances With Wolves. The plot in many ways is very similar, but that didn’t bother me. We need to watch movies like this until we get the message that we can’t continue to exploit the people and the environment around us. We can’t continue to drive inhabitants away because they have something we want. Military action and corporate profits are not always in the best interest of anyone. I buy into that kind of thinking. Others, I’m sure, cheered for the corporations and the military in the picture. I was glad the Na ‘vi won. In Dances with Wolves the Native Americans lost. Let’s cheer and toast one for the good guys, even if they were science fiction.

Back to Penny and Peter. They were originally coming Sunday night but I got a call that they were staying in Austin for one more night for family time. Their four “children” are in Seattle, Austin, the metroplex, and Virginia. They no longer all get together very often. This was a rare occasion and they made the most of their time together. They were going to then stay last night and tonight, but for the very first time, one of their sons invited them to stay with him and his family. They couldn’t refuse. Instead of having guests for three nights it ended up as one.

I cooked for guests for the fourth time in six weeks. The first time was turkey chili, then cream of tomato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches, chicken and noodles, and last night cabbage soup which we ate for lunch today. I’m really on a roll! I may get to liking entertaining and change my entire lifestyle from pre-measured frozen boxes for one just to have people come to my home!

Last night as I flushed all the peelings from the onion, carrot, cabbage, and potato through the garbage disposal, the drain stopped up. Penny, the daughter of a plumber, together with Peter, tried to unstop the drain for me after breakfast. I do have a snake. They got the snake about eight feet down the drain but it did no use. I had to call Roto Rooter.

This morning, of course, I had something to do. Today was orientation for my new hospital volunteer job in labor and delivery. It will probably take a long time before I am allowed to be a birth companion, but I am willing to be patient and wait. When a new person comes to a huge organization like the county hospital, there’s lot of red tape involved in getting any new program started. While I was there, Penny and Peter waited at my home for the Roto Rooter guy. I trust them so much I left a signed blank check for them to fill in for the plumber. How’s that for trust?

After lunch we headed for the newly rebuilt Museum of Science and History. We were all very disappointed when we compared the displays to the old museum. Bigger and more modern buildings do not always mean bigger and better displays. We both loved the old museum with its emphasis on more science much better. If you are new to Fort Worth, I guess it is worth  a visit, but it’s too bad you missed the old one.

As soon as we came back to the house, they left for their stay with their son. I really miss those guys. Somehow emails and facebook just don’t cut it compared to being able to drive fifteen minutes to their house. Some friends you just don’t like to lose. Namaste. Attic Annie

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