Don’t Bungee Jump Naked! (If you are a senior citizen)

I was going to write about something else but I received this video in my email yesterday.. I can’t resist using Jeanne Robertson again. I enjoy her humor so much. She is a treasure. She proves a comedienne can be hilarious without resorting to being a foul potty mouth. I appreciate that.

Too many comics today think that the more they talk about bathroom behavior and use language which insults their mothers, the funnier they are. I disagree. Hopefully we will hear the pendulum swing in the other direction where comics once again rely on actually funny material to entertain their audiences. Jeanne Robertson is my age. I’d like to see a 20 something try her brand of humor for a change to show others it really can be done.

It takes a certain personality type to trust enough and be crazy enough to bungee jump. I could never do it. It’s not even close to what I would consider putting on my bucket list. I hope you had several laughs today. Namaste. Attic Annie



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5 responses to “Don’t Bungee Jump Naked! (If you are a senior citizen)

  1. I love her accent.

    “Naked bungee-jumping for charity” – what a marvelous concept. (I think I heard her say “Canada” somewhere in there.)

    I just saw this other one – I think you’ll like it:

    Up time America, Kimberly Alyn

    Skip the first Obama cut. It’s way too depressing.

    • atticannie

      What accent. I’ve lived here in Texas 32 years. I don’t notice an accent from anyone anymore. 🙂 Yes, she did say she would not be bungee jumping in Canada in February. AA

    • atticannie

      You missed the first Sunday in January. I already used Up time along with talking about the burning bowl. Check out my blog on January 3. …and here I thought you read me every day 😦 !!

  2. Shes is really good 🙂
    Had never heard of her, thx for sharing!