Robertson and the devil and God (Haiti earthquake)

OK this broadcast happened yesterday and is probably old news, but I just saw it this morning. Caution: the “f bomb noun” is dropped into the print. Blink when you come to it. This video is a reaction to Pat Robertson’s remarks about the impoverishment of Haiti and the reasons for the earthquake.

When I first started looking into Pat Robertson’s allegation of the slaves making a pact with the devil, I watched the first part of the CBN NEWS from January 14, 2010 show from yesterday. I then scrolled down as I was listening.

There was a comment underneath that was poorly spelled from a woman who wanted to know where in the Bible it told about the Haitians’ slavery uprising in the 1700s. I kid you not.

I couldn’t believe what I was reading! But it seemed a beacon of light  shining on to the caliber of people who mindlessly follow whatever Pat Robertson says…part of his multi million following in the name of Christ.  They are willing to believe anything televangelists and some radio and TV commentators have to say.

When I went back to the same site about thirty minutes later, that comment was no longer there. I swear I was on the same site. Unless I returned to a different site, that comment had been removed.

The comment from Robertson caused a statement from the CBN officials. 

His comments ignited a firestorm in the news media and online, prompting Robertson’s 700 Club TV show to issue a statement.

“Dr. Robertson never stated that the earthquake was God’s wrath,” the statement said. “Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear.”

Now I ask you, doesn’t referring to the history of a voodoo priest leading a ritual prior to the uprising of the slaves as creating a pact with the devil by nature INFER Pat was talking about God’s wrath?   I know that last sentence is very long, but I didn’t know how else to word it.

How can anyone think he was saying anything else? God waited over two hundred years to punish the people of Haiti for one ritual before a slave uprising. At first I was getting the idea that because the slaves revolted, their descendents were being punished, but then I got the idea that it was mainly the work of Boukman Duffy, the priest that was the target of Pat’s comment.

There was another woman portrayed on another show that said she and her family were saved. That made her realize how much Jesus loved her. Hello? Jesus loved her but didn’t care about the multi-thousand others who were killed in the quake? It remains to be seen why she was so special to be saved when so many others perished.

Robertson also said that maybe the earthquake was a blessing in disguise. Maybe now the Haitians can rebuild more substantial earthquake resistent homes. Helloooooooo? If they didn’t have the funds to build safer buildings in the first place what makes him think they will have the funds now? Is he implying the good citizens of the world will unite to build an entire new city in Haiti?

Aren’t we past the age where we see natural disasters as being the work of the devil or the wrath of God? Why do we still say that we were saved because God or Jesus loves us when many thousands of others perish?

I suppose these are rhetorical questions, but it seems to me that humans have been blaming God or praising God for their being seen as favored or special in God’s eyes. I’ve never really understood that concept. Should that woman be thankful for surviving? Of course she should. I certainly would be…at first. Should she offer a prayer of thanks? Again yes. But on the other hand, the number of people who are estimated to die of hunger and thirst due to lack of supplies being available is mind numbing. Perhaps she will soon be crying because she no longer feels the love of Jesus quenching her thirst. Perhaps again she will be lucky.

Disasters such as this and the tsunami and the world trade center often immediately turn some people to thoughts of God. Why did God do this? We can’t accept in our modern age that we still cannot control God or humans bent on destruction or Nature so we play the blame game. Some of us forget about God and just blame the devil.

When we blame the devil or God for what other humans do or even what Nature does we place the blame elsewhere than on ourselves. Why do the governments of countries allow substandard buildings that are such death traps? Why do they allow people to live so close to the ocean? etc etc etc etc…with all of our knowledge of natural disasters why are we so impelled to ignore ways to cut the loss of life? Why do we continue to blame the devil or God? Because that way we don’t have to take responsibility for what we CAN do. God or the devil are perfect scapegoats and we use them all the time. Then again we can also blame Eve most of the time for giving the apple to Adam but that’s a different subject.

I guess what I am saying about the Pat Robertsons in this world, is they will say anything they choose and, because almost nobody thinks for her or himself, the sheep of their flock will blindly follow them until somebody pulls the plug on their air waves. Namaste. Attic Annie



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5 responses to “Robertson and the devil and God (Haiti earthquake)

  1. girl du jour

    Please call Pat Robertson’s “700 Club” @ 1 (800) 759-0700 to give your opinion of his comments about Haiti. It costs them about $1 to pick up each 800 call. Cut and paste everywhere, a million calls costs them a million dollars.

    • atticannie

      As much as I would be tempted to do this, I cannot but hope that some of the money they collect from their flock of sheep would make it hopefully to Haiti. If that were the case, I’d hate to see it going to AT&T.

  2. I by and large don’t post in Blogs. But, your blog forced me to! Impressive work.. Keep it coming! Well Wishes!

  3. atticannie

    Hi Mike, sorry I was late publishing today. Glad you found me. I think you are my first “groupie”. I don’t have a topic yet for tomorrow. Got to think of something, I guess. I have a pretty good record of being daily. AA

  4. Robertson’s an embarrassment. God stopped punishing people for their wicked ways some time during the last part of the Old Testament. He said in effect, “You’re on your own. You’ve got the rules, you’ve got the choices. It’s My way or the road paved with good intentions.”

    “Jesus loved her but didn’t care about the multi-thousand others who were killed in the quake?”
    I’m often confused when (for example) there’s a disaster and hundreds of people are killed, but a few escape, and people say “thank God, it’s a miracle”.

    It’s a long and involved discussion, about the problem of evil in the world – been going on since Moses was a lad.

    The thing is, natural disasters are the result of physics and geology – those rules were set in place by God at the Beginning.

    The other kind of disaster – the Joe Stalin and Pol Pot disasters – are the result of people turning away from the Good – exersizing their Free Will to be evil.

    If people want to build cities over earthquake faults or next to volcanoes (like Pompeii, like Mt St Helens), that’s another exercize of free choice and the acceptance of risk. Some people bet on the wrong horse.

    If there is any blame to spread around, it should go directly to the Haitian government – the governments over the last hundred years or so. They’ve done nothing for their people. And they’re not the only government in that class. Zimbabwe is another.