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Hang on, girlfriends, here comes more competition!


World’s first life-size robotic girlfriend

Who cares if Roxxxy can cook or clean? It was inevitable that the first “life-like non-fiction robot would serve mankind’s more imminent needs. Roxxxy was just “unveiled” at the electronics convention held last week. It was a geek’s heaven of new inventions according to all  that has been revealed on news shows. She was not one of the highlighted gadgets currently for sale.

“She hears you, she listens to you, she can speak, she goes to sleep. She has five different personalities from hot to frigid.” Is it really true that that is what most men fantasize about or actually in real-time want? “She can do almost anything else, if you know what I mean,” the article states. Ewwwww!

She can’t move her limbs, but I guess to some guys that is not important to them anyway. She’s not a cheap piece of (plastic). She’s right up there with the most expensive call girls. She ranges between US $7-9000! I guess some beauties get that in a few days anyway. Remember Pretty Woman?

Do you think she is available on the installment plan? Three years same as cash? That’s the deal I got for my new TV. With credit card companies raising their interest rates to record-breaking levels of close to 30%, that is one expensive ride.

The comments to this news article were pretty funny. The bloggers started talking about “gently used” Roxxxies being sold on E-Bay. Hey, what’s the difference between a human and a robot if you are so inclined or lonely? You can just send Roxxxy through a car wash and she’ll come out clean as new. Toss your latest conquest into the shower when you are finished with her, and the result is almost the same when you look at the situation objectively. I guess the repulsion of a “gently used” Roxxxy amounts to the same attitude as some men have towards virgins. They want to be there first. There are always others waiting in the wings off  stage who don’t mind being second or third. I’ve never explored E-Bay for anything like this. Do they really include sex toys in their inventory?

Out of curiosity I looked for other plastic companions on-line. I probably am now on the email list of every porn company on the internet. It remains to be seen. I guess I can just start blocking my junk mail. Some people have really become inventive in their offerings. But at the night’s end, it’s still just a piece of (plastic) with a big mouth.

I guess Roxxxy is supposed to be more realistic and not just full of hot air. Too bad she’s still so mechanical. Her arms will never embrace the man who calls her his own. Maybe that’s in the works for Roxxxy 2.0. It would be difficult to explain to anyone who found someone locked in an embrace  if her arms and legs malfunctioned and caught the “lover” in a death grip, now wouldn’t it? I wonder whom the “lover” would prefer to rescue him…his wife, his mistress, the motel maid, a police officer, or the undertaker. I can hear the comment now, “What a way to go!”

If a man is married, does spending time with Roxxxy count as adultery?

I guess I can understand the desire for ‘aids’ for some people. Remember the movie Cherry 2000? Real life is just now catching up with sci-fi. The industry has certainly been around for a long enough time. So there is certainly a market for such products “out there” somewhere. I’m just thankful my level of testosterone (yes, women do have testosterone) and my lack of companionship have aged gracefully and depleted almost at the same time.

In the interest of equality, supposedly there is a “Rocky” in the works. Now really, who would want a Rocky without moveable hips? That would have to be standard. Not every woman can kneel as well as she used to. Flexibility goes with aging as well. I do consider myself very fortunate that so far I don’t seem to have any signs of arthritis.

I’m at a stage now that if the opportunity did ever arise again, my pump would probably have to be gently primed for a while to get things started again. Right now my engine is pretty cold. It’s been relegated to the shed for far too long. But with the right mechanic, I still picture myself as springing back to life in the hands of a loving expert. I will admit the spirit is still willing.

That reminds me. Now that I’m skirting this subject. Did you know that the fastest growing rate of people with STDs is occurring among the senior citizens? I have a friend who is a counselor in a nursing home. It seems there are only two or three “functioning” men in the home. The ratio is really lopsided. One of the men asked her if she could arrange for him to have a few days in the hospital. He is feeling extremely worn out. Given the right environment many women do not lose their desire any more than men do. The poor man was stressed out.

I honestly can’t say Rocky would be an answer for me. I’ve always been unable to take myself to a “toy” store to find a substitute that would interest me for under $25.00 let alone a $7,000 model. I doubt if he would even be tax-deductible as a medical expense.  I guess I’ll just have to continue the way I have been for most of the past two decades and stay away from web sites that talk about the newest inventions. Namaste. Attic Annie


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