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Sherlock Holmes, Cold spell, Geek Squad

It’s after nine a.m. Do you know where your blog is?  I am in the middle of a large case of  the dreaded writer’s block. There are several topics floating around in my head but nothing I really care to divulge to the world.

I really don’t feel like commenting on several areas of national concern. There are some things that are happening in my private life that for right now I wish to keep private.

In the meantime, I sit at my computer with my robe on over my sweatshirt trying to keep warm in this corner of the kitchen. Part of the problem…probably ALL of the problem is due to a draft coming from under the door which is about six feet from me. The door leads into what was once a garage. Previous owners converted it into a “game” room or whatever you’d want to call it, before we even bought the house.

It was heated and cooled by the house H/AC units. Many years ago I got tired of the tiles falling off the ceiling so I just had a contractor come in to  tear out the old ceiling and raise it. I thought a ceiling up to the roof would be nice in there. I could touch the old ceiling without standing on tip toe. It gave the room a closed in feeling. The contractor didn’t tell me that by doing that, I would be wiping out the H/AC ducts until it was too late. They installed a window AC into a wall so if I ever wanted to use the room in the summer, the situation was covered. In the remodeling job they also took out the wall heater. That was probably just as well because it no longer passed code even though it still worked. So….imagine sitting six feet away from the door leading to your unheated garage and that is where I am.

I’ve seen draft -enders advertised on TV but haven’t seen any in the store. In the interim I have rags stuffed under the door but they aren’t tight so some of the cold air still seeps in. If you know any stores that carry the draft-enders, please comment.

I went to Sherlock Holmes yesterday. It  was OK, but I wouldn’t consider it memorable. I like Robert Downey, Jr. However, he didn’t come close to the original Basil Rathbone as  the Holmes that is permanently etched in my mind. I’ve never read any of the SH novels, but I think this film went overboard with the violence. They made Holmes appear on the edge of insanity with the condition of the apartment in which he lived. For some reason, I associate someone who has that great a power at deductive reasoning with living a much more organized life. Perhaps he was like me, when things are too straighted I get on edge. How’s that for an excuse to live in chaos?

It’s been an hour and I am still not done. Maxine called to ask me if I was warm enough over here. It is warming up a little. It is now 19° here in Cowtown. Now I know my northern friends are saying that would be a heat wave, but the homes down here are just not built to be as snug when it comes to the cold. I probably have the most insulated home in the neighborhood since I had the extra insulation piped into the attic and the double-pane windows installed. It’s just when I open the patio doors, the whole house immediately cools down about fifteen degrees. My furnace has seldom stopped running in the past three days.

 During the conversation she asked if I knew the home of our mayor was burglarized on Christmas Day. I did not. She said that the house next door to them  (directly across the street from me was hit last year on Christmas Day as well. Both of them are located along a creek which offers a lot of shelter for someone walking behind the homes.  I am out of the loop. Since I really am not used to standing around gossiping, I don’t hear a lot of what is going on. It just so happens that Hiz Honor’s house is across the street and up one from mine. That is kind of scary when the burglars are so brazen as to break into the head town official’s home.

One thing about living where I do on the corner. It’s like living in a fishbowl. Every neighbor can see every entrance to my home on both sides. I have security motion lighting now at night. Plus, as Ri-Leigh just now demonstrated I have a live security monitor living with me.

She was barking furiously at the driveway so I walked outside. Through the slats in the fence I could see orange “GEEK” Squad written across a black van. I talked to three different people yesterday at Best Buy to cancel that appointment. Two of them were in the store and another was at a 1-800 number. Boy, I’d love to know how they ever keep anything straight in their system. The 1-800 woman even told me she didn’t see where I was even scheduled. I felt sorry for the Geek who was at my door. It is COLD out there. He was certainly an attractive young man. For a second I entertained the idea of doing something to the remote then thought the better of it. My gray hair isn’t combed, my marron robe is over my magenta sweater, and my white thermal underwear is sticking out under the robe. Not a pretty picture. Stay warm, folks. Hopefully, I’ll be more relevant some time in the near future. Namaste. Attic Annie

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