Revisiting 2009 and wishes

About two hours ago I had a blog which more or less chronicled my life during 2009. I somehow managed to delete it before I could post it. I don’t feel like rewriting the whole thing so I’ll just hit the highlights.

I did much more traveling last year than I realized. I spent from a few days before Christmas until New Year’s up in  Chicago and then Peoria visiting with my friend and my cousin and her family.

The friend has been my friend off and on  since fourth grade. She celebrated in October her first year after surgery for stage 4 colon cancer. Her doctor told her at her one year visit that at the time of surgery she estimated that there may have been four months left to my friend’s life. The surgeon obviously underestimated her. She’s always been one to take on any challenge. If things continue to improve, we plan to go together to South Africa in 2011 on a safari. She has loved elephants all her life. It is her goal to be able to see them in the wild. I think we’ll make it.

My cousin had stage 3 breast cancer. She also is a fighter. She’s doing well. The radiation and chemo left her with some long-term health problems, but she’s determined to not let them get in her way of doing whatever she wishes. She has an amazing attitude. She’s happy to be alive.

I had a mere brush with cancer myself. I had a lumpectomy in January. It was so small that the biopsy took out all but 2 mm of the growth. I opted not to have chemo or radiation. I’ll find out next month if I made the right decision. My ob-gyn agreed with me. He felt it would have been unnecessary. I do hope we were right.

The last week in March a first cousin and a distant cousin came down for a road trip to the Hill Country. We had a great time together. I met up with the distant cousin in October of the previous year on an extended family trip to Germany. I had not seen her in close to fifty years.  We decided to explore the German areas of Texas as a follow-up excursion. I had hoped they would see a lot of bluebonnets on the trip down, but the drought really made the wildflowers skimpy this year.

In April right at the end of our trip, a first cousin who lived in AZ died. We only knew that she had ovarian cancer about three weeks. She went in for surgery in March, but the cancer had spread too much. It was really quite a shock. We had also seen her in October of the previous year and six months later she was gone.

I returned to Peoria in June for a cousins’ reunion. We have tried to get together every two years. We arranged to be there for the general relatives reunion the same time. Some parts of our extended family who married young and their children married young, etc. have already started the seventh generation of our family tracing back to my great-grandfather and his wife who arrived from Oldenburg, Germany before the Civil War. My son is only fifth generation. My branch was slow in growing. A couple of cousins have grandchildren old enough in a few years to be starting gen. 7. The oldest in that branch is already 21.

July rolled around and I met a man who told me about his blog. I was interested and took it up myself. I have about 100 more hits before I reach 20,000. That’s in  5 1/2 months of blogging. Some of my friends think the blogging has been good therapy for me. I’m finally sharing my opinions.

Of course the biggest trip of the year was to visit my son in Japan over Thanksgiving when he had a few days off work. We certainly saw a lot in that week of travel. I’ve already blogged about that entire trip starting December 1.

I finally got tired of backaches and headaches so I sought out a chiropractor in August. She had me go though a series of 20 appointments. As a result, my aches and pains for the most part have disappeared. I see her once a month now for maintenance. My car was totaled in an accident six years ago next month. When the guy hit me, my head snapped to the side. I didn’t realize what a limited range of motion I had developed. Now I can rotate my head fully. It was worth the investment.

For the past four years I have been involved with various volunteer projects through my church. This month I have decided to do volunteer work at the county hospital. I was thirteen when I did volunteer work at a hospital before. I really enjoyed it. I’m very much looking forward to doing it again.  That will certainly give me something new to blog about. I’m hoping to be assigned to labor and delivery and pediatrics. I have my interview hopefully soon in the beginning of January.

I have no plans, as usual, for tonight. It won’t be the first time by a long shot. I haven’t seen the ball fall for probably twenty years. Since I no longer drink in the amounts of my youth, I find most NYE parties to be very boring. With that kind of attitude, it’s better that I stay home anyway. All my neighbors will be in the same situation as I am as well. Our street will probably be dark by 9:00 p.m.

If you are having a party, I hope you don’t have to drive or you at least have a designated driver. I find it best to stay off the streets of FW during major holidays. We have more than our fair share of good ol’ boys and girls who think nothing of getting on the road in any condition.

Here’s a wish for you for 2010. If you have lost your job, I wish for you a new one. If you have lost much savings, I wish for you a rebound. If you wish to buy a new home or sell your present one, I wish for you success. I wish for you all the love you can handle, all the success you can achieve, and all the abundance in your life that you deserve. Happy New Year. Namaste. Attic Annie


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