To self: Beware! Uninformed TV buyer on the loose!

Today is TV hunting day. When I first put my house on the market, I had an acquaintance from church come help me do some deep cleaning and rearranging.  I have had stuff in closets and cupboards forever. One of her strengths is organization. She came over and helped me clean out and rearrange. If it is a new organization of people you want, I’m aces at getting the ball rolling, but if it is organization of “stuff”, I rank near the bottom. I admit it. I can find anything in this house in a matter of seconds if the house is in chaos. After she finished with that help, I was completely lost.

The stager had put most of the “stuff” I had on the walls and my bell, owl, and angel collections into closets. The second day that the house was sold, we tackled one of the bedroom closets and pulled out tons of stuff. The bedroom was full of “stuff”. Then I got the phone call that the buyers had backed out. One-fourth of the “stuff” went into the garbage. The rest went back into the closet to be disposed of in a garage sale.

Anyway, somehow at the beginning of this little adventure, after church,  the topic of conversation got around to my TV. She said she’d like to barter for it if I was going to sell it. When I first bought it, it was quite expensive but I was still working then and my son was no longer a major drain on my finances. I treated myself. I love movies. I wanted a big screen. It was a 40″ model that definitely is not flat screen. It sticks out from the wall about 2 1/2 ft. My family room is large enough so that is not a problem. It could be in a new downsized home.  I honestly can’t remember exactly when I bought it, but it  has several years on it.

As long as the house was on sale, she made a deal with me. She would come whenever she could to help keep the house clean in exchange for the TV.  Since flat screens are all that are sold now, I felt I could buy a new one that would take up less space. I agreed to the bartar arrangement.

Well, my house didn’t sell. When she was over here Monday we got into a conversation about the TV. For some reason, she thought it was only about three years old. I think I had told her repeatedly that I wasn’t sure when I bought it. Anyway, she stopped at a pawn shop and talked to the owners. She realized she had agreed to a price that was too high for the secondary market. Even though she had two more days of cleaning left, she decided that was too much.

She had me. If I had to pay her for her time ($20.00/hr) and keep the TV, I’d still have to buy a new TV sometime in the future anyway. I agreed to let her have it for the time she had already worked.

She was going to come over yesterday but Fort Worth had another day of snow yesterday afternoon. By the time it ended, there was only a light film on the ground that started sticking after the ground cooled off enough. Most of the first snow just melted. Nobody wants to move a big TV in that kind of weather. Since the temperature is going to be in the 50s today, I’m sure she will be coming shortly.

I have been watching sales for some time now. Since she has only been coming over on average once a month, I thought I’d have more time. There are so many different makes and models. Every TV manufacturer seems to have about six to ten models. That’s a lot of TVs to choose from if you don’t know what you are buying. I do know I don’t want a plasma. I understand they use the most electricity. A friend told me she and her husband bought a humongous rear screen projector TV. She said that replacement bulbs for the bulbs that burn out are about $100.00 a piece. I didn’t want a TV as big as the one she had nor did I want to keep buying bulbs. I thought I’d get an LCD but I’ve heard about LEDs also. I’d love to have it mounted on the wall, but if I decide to put the house back up for sale, that’s several big holes I’d have to fill in the wall. I’m not good at choosing when I have multiple choices available and have no knowledge of what I am choosing. I get befuddled easily.

My old TV was an HDTV which was a new thing when I got it. No one said that cable or Dish service providing HDTV would cost more than regular service. It did me no good to buy an HDTV. Now they are all HDTVs. I still don’t want to increase my monthly Dish service bill.

My son went with me when I bought the one I have now. I don’t know where he got the information, but he seemed to know an aweful lot of the questions to ask before we decided on a particular model. That is no longer the case. He is somewhere else in the world. I’m striking out on my own. I thought I would buy one on-line but when it came to the credit application, it would not appear full screen. I had to keep moving the bar back and forth to read the darn thing. That didn’t make me too happy so I just closed out all the windows. I’ll be getting dressed very soon and hitting the store as soon as it opens.

Everything’s a trade-off. I was looking for sites that had free shipping and no state tax. Some of them offered “to the curb” delivery. Helloooo! There’d I’d be trying to lug it into the house and setting it up by myself. If it was just plugging it in, I might have managed, but I have no idea where and how to transfer the cable, DVD player and Netflix to the back of any TV. I’m stuck. Life in this electronic age is too complicated. I know a humorist songwriter by the name of Greg Tamblyn who has just released a new album entitled “Analog Brain in a Digital World”. I can completely identify with that problem. Namaste. Attic Annie

As of 1:3o p.m. the deed was done. After I recover from the sticker shock of everything that had to be added on, I may bet excited about having it delivered on Saturday, January 2. Thank God I have three years, no interest, to pay it off. I’ll blog on all the “extras” some other time.


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