The morning after…new romance and talk of diets

Well, I did it again. I didn’t prepare my blog yesterday and here it is one hour before I have to leave for church. I’ve been sleeping better at night lately. The doctor decreased a medication I was on. Maybe that is the answer to my frequent bouts of insomnia! Time will tell. He’ll test my blood levels in six weeks to see if the levels are within the normal range. I guess I should start taking notes in a sleep diary or something.

Two things were different for Christmas this year. The candlelight service was canceled and, when I went to my friend’s home, we didn’t have soup and sandwiches. She now has a male friend so she fixed the complete works of turkey breast and several vegetable dishes for him. Of course she didn’t eat the turkey, being vegetarian, but she did have all the others. It just didn’t seem the same.

After dinner we watched a movie called “The Eye”. It was certainly weird at first with its flashbacks but I was able to follow it enough until it finally started to make sense. It will be easier to copy the synopsis than to try to tell you myself.


Sydney Wells is blind and has been so since a childhood tragedy. After undergoing surgery to restore her sight she learns to see again. But soon after, unexplainable shadowy and frightening images start to haunt her. Not knowing if they are an aftermath of surgery, her mind adjusting to sight, her imagination, or something horrifyingly real, Sydney is soon convinced that her anonymous eye donor has somehow opened the door to a terrifying world only she can now see.

The whole thing revolves around the theory of cellular memory. She has received the corneas from another young girl. This time, however, she is also seeing a future disaster that the girl wished to prevent. The shadowy figures are apparitions that appear when someone dies.  There’s not much on the internet about this theory. I do think it would be an interesting topic to pursue. Transplants have not been successful for that many years so of course this topic would not have been studies very often yet. If I ever have to have a transplant, I hope it is from an extrovert, female, healthy eater…perhaps even a vegetarian.

I went to the party last night. It was a nice size group with eleven people. When we had the party at my house a couple of years ago there were closer to twenty. Several of them were dates and spouses of class members, however. We’ve had several people lately drop out of our class.

The “old timers” who were there said that when the group first started several years ago, there were sometimes fifty or more people who attended the class. I’m glad there are not as many people in attendance any more. I really do not like huge classes.

Two of the people in the class seem to have gravitated towards each other. At least it appeared that way last night. They sat very close to each other on the couch. He offered a drink to her, she brought him a couple of chocolate truffles. I didn’t see them arrive, but they left in the same car. I plan to ask a few discreet questions today to see if my hunch is right. If I am, score one for older cougars!

We had a white elephant gift exchange last night. I got a key locator…one of those things if you clap it will beep. That might come in handy when I forget which pocket (my clothes or multi-pocket purse) I have dropped the keys into. I’m getting a lot better at hanging the keys in the proper place when I get home but I’m still not so hot at putting them in the same place in my purse when I go out.

Right before I woke this morning I was having a dream about my purse being stolen and I was stranded in an unfamiliar place. Since my keys were in the purse, the thief also got my car. I don’t know how many times I’ve tried to remember my license tag but my brain is like Teflon. I just can’t seem to recall it. Yet, I can remember the five digit telephone number we had when I was in elementary school before the three number prefix and the three number area code!

In spite of all the carbs I ate last night, my blood sugar this morning was better than I had anticipated. I was afraid to test. Then if it was too high, I’d have to do something additional about it rather than just take my regular meds. It was high, but not enough that careful eating today won’t help bring it back under control.

I have 25 minutes before I have to leave for church. All is well except I’m still rather cotton headed from the quality of sleep I got last night…or maybe the sugar ride I took while I was asleep. It’s time to hurry and dress.

Take care everyone. I hope your holiday, whatever it may have been was safe and heartwarming. It’s time to start my day. Perhaps I’ll have more information about the couple to add when I get home.  Namaste. Attic Annie

PS: Yes, the couple has been dating for two and a half months. She’s almost ten years older than he is, but they feel they have much is common. She’s taken very good care of herself and has had a procedure here and there so is really starting to look much younger. I didn’t ask. A friend of mine did.

There’s a woman in our class that brought up the DASH diet last night at the party and again in class today. If anyone knows someone who has been successful with this diet, please do let me know. I don’t have high blood pressure but I certainly have other issues.

The minister decided we would have our candlelight service today. His talk this morning was planned to be an extension of a very short version on Christmas Eve so we got to hear a Christmas sermon after all…and, although the chapel wasn’t completely dark, it was dark enough for our candlelight to make a difference. Now, I guess if I would go to the store and buy tomato soup, cheese, and bread and make our traditional meal for myself, Christmas would once again be complete.

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