Entertaining at home in the same old house

Good morning! The December chill has really been in the air this week. It’s in the 30s when I let Ri-Leigh out in the mornings. The afternoons haven’t been too bad. The temperature has been in the high 50s and over the weekend is supposed to be in the low 60s before it dips again.

It’s still too cold for Maxine and me to sit out on the porch anymore. Once in a while she’ll come over and sit in the living room with me. She’s a funny old bird. She likes to flit on over here and perch for about ten to fifteen minutes and then she’s off again. Her “therapy room” is her yard. She works out there probably about 300 or more days a year. It gets her out of the house and puts a distance between herself and her retired husband.

She was elated when I told her I was taking the house off the market for a while. My roller coaster ride has come to a standstill. There was only one looker in November and none so far in December.

I may have left the house on the market for a while longer, but the house that I at one time had a contingency on was sold last week. I want to stay in this little part of the planet and there are no more houses for sale in the location or the price range that I wanted. The owners of that house went ahead and painted and fixed the foundation in the corner of the garage. They decided to reroof the part of the roof near the chimney that was questionable. They did this and still kept it at the price I was willing to pay. The new buyers got a heck of a deal. I haven’t asked my agent yet what the closing cost was. I guess I can always find it on the tax rolls in a few months. The web makes it so easy to by nosy about neighbors.

My real estate agent told me that she had one call on the house from a man who wanted to see it. He was going to drive his wife by my house this weekend and if she liked it, they would make an appointment to tour the house. I debated letting the agent show it one last time then said no.

Perhaps if it were getting warmer instead of colder I would have gone ahead. The thought of trying to find an apartment with Ri-Leigh and having to walk her three times a day instead of just letting her out in the backyard did not appeal to me. She is confident enough now that she refuses to come in during the daytime on most days. She prefers life on the patio.

I live on a corner lot. She is just like the last dog I had, Tippy. They both created a path clear across the back yard. It’s like they have created their own trail and have to stay on the trail. Tippy would greet someone on one side of the yard and watch in the corner of the fence until they turned onto the street in front of my house. Then he would race as fast as he could to the other side of the fence and greet them again as they walked past. Ri-Leigh does the same thing.

Perhaps over the next eighteen months or so I’ll “update” some of the things that the buyers didn’t care for. I’ll have the painters paint over the wall paper and change out the carpet in the living room and dining room. New flooring needs to be laid in the kitchen. The burnt orange counters need to go as well. A builder at church said that anything I put into my house I’ll get out. He claims new house costs will continue to rise. He quoted the case of the price of cement as an example. This “buyer’s market” can’t last forever, he claims. However, that also means anything I’ll want to buy will also be more expensive.

That leaves me with the decision of whether or not to “de-stage” the house once again. My closets are full of “stuff” that the stager took off the walls. The walls look kind of bare now without the pictures and the other art work. I’m going to have to think about it. I’ve kind of gotten used to the more minimalist look.

Sometimes I think about renting out my spare bedrooms and making this a “golden girls” house. Since I like to travel, it would be nice having someone live in that wouldn’t mind feeling Ri-Leigh in the mornings. I like quiet, however, and I do like my privacy. Hopefully at least I could rent to someone who was still working for a while, although this house is big enough that we wouldn’t have to be on top of each other…at least during warmer months. With the extra income I could do even more improvements in the house.

Tonight (I’m writing this on Thursday) is the Angel tree gift wrapping party at the church. It’s always fun as long as I get the table that is a little higher. I find when I bend over the lower table my old back starts complaining far too soon. Since I didn’t have many gifts to wrap this year, hopefully tonight will help put me in the mood.

Tomorrow for lunch my monthly WOW group is meeting at a mediterranean restaurant right across the street from where we were a couple of months ago at King Tut’s. Our Christmas lunch used to entice about 18 to 20 women to join us. Now we are down to about five. It’s always fun to meet them. It’s strange that if we had started out with a small group I probably would enjoy going every month. Some women meet with the same 3 or 3 women for years. It just doesn’t feel the same when we started out big to dwindle down.

Friday night I’ve invited a new friend over for chili  and a movie. I love hot chili on a cold winter’s night. I plan to use turkey instead of beef this time to make it a little healthier. Neither one of us needs all that extra fat and cholesterol.

My son enrolled in Netflix a year ago and has decided to keep the service for a while so I have The Soloist  to play after we eat. I like to watch both Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey, Jr., the stars of the movie. When I looked for information on this movie, I found an entire website devoted to the real Mr. Ayers and Mr. Lopez on whom the movie is based. It’s well worth a visit to the link. You can even see the excerpt on Mr. Ayers which was televised by “60 Minutes” and the columns that Mr. Lopez, a writer for the LA Times wrote about his new schizophrenic homeless friend. I’m looking forward to a nice evening. I hope your evenings are filled with enjoyable activities this time of the year. Namaste. Attic Annie


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