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For those of you who seems to be visiting almost every day, thank you. Today’s blog will probably be short.

I’ve talked for some time about troubles with insomnia. In the past few weeks I seem to be going through another wakefulness cycle. I refuse to ask my doctor for sleeping pills. I don’t want to go that route.

It seems that most nights I CAN fall asleep. Then anywhere between an hour to two hours later my eyes pop wide open and I feel like I’ve slept a full eight hours. Then….I look at the clock. It usually says somewhere around 1-2 in the morning. I moan.

Sometimes I force myself to stay in bed and try to find the most boring program on TV. That is not always possible. It seems the majority of channels are hosting paid programming. I think there is a conspiracy against insomniacs. Have you ever listened to those annnoying commercials? Other times I get up and play Bejeweled Blitz on facebook. I find that game is almost a sedative. I use it to try to stop thinking. Around 5 o’clock my body tells me it might rest a while so I go back to bed. Sometimes I can get a couple more hours of sleep. Sometimes I can’t.

When I went to Japan I bought a generic Sleep Aid to use to help counteract jet lag. It is capsules of 50 mg. diphenhydramine. It’s the same stuff as in Tylenol PM and other such PM medicines. I took it all the time as a child in the form of Benadryl.

The directions say “take one softgel at bedtime if needed or as directed by a doctor.” Well, I have experienced that one gel may help me get to sleep, but it certainly doesn’t keep me asleep. So last night I made a decision. I took two gel capsules.

Although I did wake several times during the night, I found I went back to sleep fairly easily. However, today has been a total waste. Every time I  sat down, I fell asleep. I don’t quite have a headache but my head is not exactly pain-free either.

Usually I can whip out a blog in about an hour give or take. It depends on what I find interesting, either in the newspaper, on TV or, on the internet.

Absolutely NOTHING has been interesting today. I don’t know about the paper because it is still out on my sidewalk.

Now, nothing earthshaking will happen because I did not have a productive day. Since I retired, unless I have an appointment, there are entire days and sometimes more when nothing is required of me.

It’s amazing how almost twenty-four hours later, I can still feel the effects. Maxine called me around 10 this morning and I honestly thought it was Friday. She wanted to know if I planned to go to the city council meeting tonight. I asked her, “Why are they having a council meeting on Friday night?” This seemed to concern her somewhat. She reminded me that I had just gone to the concert last night. My fog started to clear a little.

Maxine was concerned because it seems someone has brought up the question of whether golf carts should be allowed to be used in our little village. We figured someone must have a grudge against the one woman whom we know who uses one. Now that doesn’t mean in other sections of town there isn’t someone else who may be using one, but believe me, it’s not a widespread menace to traffic anywhere.

The one we know rides in her golf cart and walks her dog along side. Our little section is made up of two streets. If you can picture a slightly pulled apart horseshoe being crossed at the bottom by a bar, that’s pretty much our neighborhood. She gets in her cart and her standard poodle runs beside her as they go around this lop-sided “circle” we call home.

I told Maxine that that I didn’t think I had a real interest in this topic. “Maybe somebody is afraid that “others” will see the golf carts and think we are a community of old fogies.” She replied, “But we are all old fogies. That’s pretty much the truth. There is not a big turn over in our neighborhood. All the neighbors I’ve lost, with the exception of one couple, were carried out feet first when they left their homes. I, myself, have lived in my house thirty-two years and am retired. Although on the inside I still consider myself vibrant, when I don’t take the diphenhydramine, to anyone gen x or younger, I’m approaching fogiedom in a hurry.

I’m sitting here in my pajamas because I didn’t change them for day clothes this morning. Some days I do that. There’s absolutely no one around to care one way or the other what I wear in the house.

The entire day I only had one other phone call. It was a robo-call from AARP urging me to contact my senator to vote on closing the Medicare donut hole for senior citizens. That did nothing to help me feel any younger.

I was going to clean my house today because I may or may not have someone come in for coffee tomorrow evening. When I found out it was only Thursday, I promptly quit that activity until tomorrow. Actually if this guest does decide to visit, I will probably make chamomile tea for myself. Coffee at night would be a disaster.

If anyone reading this has any suggestions, please let me know. All I want for Christmas is an uninterupted night of sleep. Are there any Santa Clauses out there who could grant my wish?

In the meantime, I’m heading out to get the newspaper and taking it to bed with me. It’s already 10 o’clock and I’m starting to wake up again. I’ve got to nip it in the bud before I am awake all night. I think I’ll try it without the diphenhydramine first. Namaste. Attic Annie


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