Tis the season to be patient

Inside a pack n mail


I am so totally disappointed. The Pack N Mail center near my house has closed permanently. I stopped by there a couple of weeks ago and the gates were closed at 4:00. I was hoping that it was just a family emergency that caused them to close early. It was run by a married couple who had bought it about a year ago from another family. There were always just the two of them running the place.  

I decided to give it another try today. It was so convenient to go there. They had the addresses of all the people I have ever sent any package to in their computer. I didn’t even have to address anything. They just printed out mailing labels and slapped them on. Bim bang done. I never went in there where I had to wait more than three or four minutes to get to the counter.  

I drove up again today and again it was dark with the inside gates closed. I knew the end had come. I got out of the car and entered the Check N Go next door to confirm my suspicions. There was only one woman in the place and she was on the phone, evidently on hold. She looked up and I inquired if the closing next door was permanent. She nodded her head yes and then started talking on the phone again.  

US Post Office


The branch of the US Post Office that is closest to my house was on the chopping block earlier in the year when a list of closings was announced. I have never figured out why it was so chosen. It has only been built within the last five years. I have yet to be there at any time when there hasn’t been a line. Fortunately, the name was erased from the list of closures. I am so thankful. Even though I preferred the Pack N Mail, this was my emergency back up.  

I knew the same thing would happen again today. Sure enough there were about five people in line when I got there. Since I had to get a mailing envelope there and address it, it took me about five minutes. In the meantime about six more people came in. I had my back to the door and heard this jingling and the sounds of heavy boots on the tiled floor. “Oh, Santa Claus is picking up his mail,” I thought. I turned to see a long- haired balding tatooed biker wearing heavy chains and spurs on his boots. “That’s definitely not Santa,” I said to myself.  

I heard the door open again so I rushed into line before the next person could get there. I was only a couple of feet away from the biker. I had originally chosen a bubble wrap envelope to mail a present to a friend. The box that would go inside had sharp corners so I felt that a box would be better. I returned the envelope, with the permission of the young woman behind me, grabbed the smallest box they had, and returned to the same place in line. On the way home, I realized I needed that envelope for a second package I will be mailing. Oh well.  

There was only one clerk working the line. The other one was on her break. Now, I’m all in favor of clerks getting their breaks, but I have to admit that I always find myself wishing it weren’t at a time when I was there.  

When I reached the clerk, I verified information about the box. “Now I can just put this in my mailbox for the letter carrier, right?” I asked. “These are the “anything the box will hold” mailing boxes that you advertise, aren’t they?” To which she replied, “No, the priority flat rate boxes are over there,” pointing to a different stack. “You’re going to have to bring this one back to mail it. It will depend how much it weighs.” So there I was. I looked at the line which had increased out the door from the sixteen I counted behind me about three minutes earlier. I didn’t feel like getting the other box and getting in line again so I paid for the box I had. I knew there was no hope of getting out of there if I chose to buy the bubble wrap envelope today.  

Yesterday I went Christmas shopping with a neighbor. I didn’t have anything to buy although I wanted a Christmas skirt to wear to usher at the church concert tonight. The music department is so great, there is always standing room only. I wanted to look festive. I was out of the country two weeks ago, and last week I had some kind of GI bug so this was the first chance I had to shop. What I wanted was one of those outfits you wear once or twice and then shove into the back of the closet until next Christmas. I was looking for a red plaid skirt. I saw just what I wanted in a little girl’s size 6x. But there was no hint of holiday garb of larger sizes anywhere in any of the stores we visited.  

I found this one on line, but I’d say it was about three feet too short.  

Christmas Skirt


It’s cold down here in Texas these days. I think I would get too many goose bumps. Then I discovered this one. It is only shown in a size 4.  

Christmas Skirt


It’s exactly what I want. However, I would probably have to order two, rip out the seems, and sew them together gathering it at the waist if I really wanted to do that. Seeing that my sewing machine has not been touched in over thirty years, I don’t think that would ever happen. I took sewing lessons the first year I was married, but we moved before the outfit was finished. It never was finished. If anyone knows of a national chain selling size 14 skirts with elastic waistbands or a place on line please clue me in.  

So, instead of a nice Christmas skirt, I am going to wear my almost-to-the knees long sleeved shirt with Rudolph on the front. It shows him with a string of colored lights and Christmas tree ornaments hung upon his antlers and the caption reads “Deck your horns!” I’ll throw on my black slacks and be all set. The shirt was bought many years ago but I only manage to wear it for a few hours each Christmas. Besides, it puts me in a good mood.  

Hey, what can I say. Anything goes at our church. We’re just glad that people show up. I couldn’t  find my Santa Claus cap to go with it so it’s off to the Dollar Store before arriving at church. Here’s hoping your Christmas season is giving you a time to be jolly. If you are given the opportunty to have to be patient, go with the flow. We all know what happens at the end of the road anyway. Why be in a hurry to reach it before you have to? Namaste. Attic Annie


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  1. July Luis

    Besides patient…also thankful…Great ideas..I wanted to share this Christmas shopping idea.. I found this site called EZwingame. They are giving away free things like a Nintendo Wii ( which I played for to give my son) as well as Calvin Klien perfume for me.

    I liked your post..