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Some husbands just need common sense

This is a rerun while my computer is in the shop. I still enjoy listening to this woman. There are several other you tube videos about her if you like her humor as much as I do.

I received this video a few weeks ago, but I think it’s so funny that when I received the same video in another email, I decided to share it with you.
This woman is the kindest comic I have heard in a long time. She’s telling a story on her husband in detail but she’s handling it in a very nice way.
Now I never had a husband who ever did the grocery shopping, so I doubt this could have ever happened to me. My ex would have taken one look at the list and say something like…”Get it yourself!” and thrown the list right back at me.
The reason I think this is so funny is that twenty years of my teaching career were devoted to teaching gifted children. If this man had a PhD you could bet he was probably intelligent. Some of the kids I taught were the same way. They saw the world in black and white and could not see outside a box to save their souls. If the list said 2 bottle of vanilla, I can see them doing just the same as this husband. They would not pay attention to the fact that the word bottle was not plural or 3 1 dozen eggs.
There were others in our classes who couldn’t even find the box in which to see outside of. They were kind of our lost souls.
There were still others who knew where the box was but chose to ignore the box and strike out on their own. Society calls them the creative children. They are the ones more than likely to see to it that the boxes are decorated with bright colorful designs on their way to finishing projects.
I am glad this woman has a strong enough marriage to survive a trip to the store like the one her husband made. I thought it was great that he was big enough to admit where he made the mistake instead of blaming it all on her.
On a personal side, I had about an hour of panic. I bought something at Home Depot. My credit card says ,”See photo ID” where the signature should be. I don’t know how often I have handed that card to cashiers but it is extremely rare for them to even bother looking at the back. This one did. I looked in my billfold and my driver’s license was not in its proper place. The whole bill was only about $35.00 but she claimed she needed to see a photo ID like the card said. I couldn’t produce it. I did show her my AARP card, insurance card, and a few other associated cards but I didn’t have another photo ID. Since the bill was so small, she decided to take my word for it that I was the person named on the card.
I got home and looked around and could not find the driver’s license. I knew the last night I had seen it was Saturday evening. I called the club where the gala was held…no DL. I called the church where I was the next morning…no DL. I checked the purse I carried that night…no DL. I checked out the DL bureau and found out it was open until 5. I was all set to go get a new DL when I decided to check the dress purse again. I remembered I had taken not only my DL but also my doner’s card. Both were missing. When I reexamined the purse I realized I had overlooked a small zippered pocket. There, tucked inside safe and sound were my cards. The lost had been found. My stress levels could now back down again. I am so glad I found them. Now I have to remember to take the time to make copies of them and the credit cards in case my billfold is ever lost.
Take care. Namaste. Attic Annie


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