God gave us the right to own a gun??!!??


This is one of those ahhhhhhhhh videos floating around that’s supposed to make the viewer feel good. For the most part it did make me feel good. I am a sap for things patriotic. I fly my flag and am present at every Fourth of July parade our village sponsors. I sing the National Anthem as best I can at public events, even though I wish it would be changed to America the Beautiful to get away from its war theme.  I agreed with everything until it got to the place where it said, “I have freedom of choice, I have GOD given rights.” One of the rights was for the truth from those who command, probably referring not only to our elected officials but also to those in the military since technically we, the people, are the ones who supposedly employ all government and service personnel. OK I can live with that. It’s scary to think of a military take over of our government.

It said I have freedom of religion that birthed the land. I began wondering if the artist who wrote and sang this  meant ALL religions which are practiced in America. Or was he just singing about the practice of  HIS religion which should be accepted by ALL Americans? Does he feel everybody should have that freedom? I wonder. If he truly meant ALL Americans who follow a particular religion of their own choosing, then I agree with that too. Is he talking about the 21% who do not practice the predominant religion? Does he include atheists and agnostics, the unaffiliated among us? At one time in America it was against the law to be unaffiliated in some communities. I’m just wondering.

Major Religious Traditions
in the U.S.

Among all adults
Christian 78.4
Protestant 51.3
Evangelical churches 26.3
Mainline churches 18.1
Hist. black churches 6.9
Catholic 23.9
Mormon 1.7
Jehovah’s Witness 0.7
Orthodox 0.6
Other Christian 0.3
Other Religions 4.7
Jewish 1.7
Buddhist 0.7
Muslim* 0.6
Hindu 0.4
Other World Religions <0.3
Other Faiths 1.2
Unaffiliated 16.1
Don’t know/Refused 0.8
* From “Muslim Americans: Middle
Class and Mostly Mainstream,” Pew
Research Center, 2007
Due to rounding, figures may not add to

He mentions the rights for his taxes to be spent responsibly. I totally agree with that, but then again I wondered who determines whether the taxes are being spent responsibly. I am definitely against the Medicare and Medicaid FRAUD that has been published in the papers lately. I am not against the attempt to help those who honestly cannot afford health care. Have you seen the stories of the homeless veterans who, because their health issues are not service related, cannot get help? Or the devoted couples faced with mountains of medical bills for their children or spouses who are divorcing to lower their joint income to the point where they can get some medical relief? Or the fugitives who are accused of swindling the system in Medicare schemes to the count of billions of dollars?

What about the bloated Department of Defense budget that has grown at a rate of 9% a year for the last 11 years?

The United States and its closest allies are responsible for approximately two-thirds of global military spending (of which, in turn, the U.S. is responsible for the vast majority). Department of Defense spending accounts for 21% of the United States’ federal budget, and approximately half of its federal discretionary spending, which comprises all of the U.S. government’s money not accounted for by pre-existing obligations.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 2003 the United States spent approximately 47% of the world’s total military spending of US $956,000,000,000. Did you catch that? I’ll repeat it. The United States spent approximately 47% of the WORLD’S TOTAL MILITARY SPENDING. Isn’t anyone questioning the necessity of that spending? That was six years ago. I wonder what the percentage is now. Is that responsible spending? I’m just asking the question. I don’t know for certain.

What about the citizens of the states who gladly reap the benefits of pork barrel spending by a Congressperson who in essence is buying their votes to get reelected? Is that responsible spending?

I’ll let the views on truth, religion, and responsible tax spending slide. I can see God as being on the side of truth, freedom to worship God and responsible stewardship.  What I CANNOT let slide by as a GOD GIVEN RIGHT is the right to own a gun. I cannot, in any stretch of my imagination, figure out how the artist who sings this song can consider that the right to own a gun has ANYTHING to do with GOD. Next he will be saying that the Constitution was written by God just as many say God wrote the Bible in the language of old English in the King James version.

WHOA, Nelly! First of all, an argument which has been brewing forever concerns the second amendment itself. For those of the Americans who run around shouting, “I have the RIGHT to own any weapon I can remotely call an ‘arm’ regardless of its fire power.” As far as the God given right, tell that to the mother of a sixteen year old girl that the gang-bangers shot this month three miles from my house. They claim “The CONSTITUTION says so!” The second amendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I ask you. How many gun owners in the United States belong to a well regulated Militia? When the Constitution was written, there were no standing official armies or navies. There were just country folk who had to be called upon at a moment’s notice when the people were being attacked by the natives or the English. It would not have been prudent to take away the simple single-shot guns of these citizens who formed The Concord Bridgemilitias when necessary. Remember the Concord Bridge? Paul Revere’s ride? These are events that have captured a place in American lore. Those that claim a Constitution given right to bear arms never take the time to read the first thirteen words of that amendment. They only read and claim to  know the last fifteen words. That is all of the second amendment that they are concerned about. God has nothing to do with the following weapons that some Americans claim as their right to own.

Military firearms

Machine guns



Artillery guns

Tank guns

Hunting guns

Guns for training and entertainment

This song is catchy as far as its tune goes. It’s meant to rouse the sleeping majority of we, the people, to become actively involved in their government. I totally support that. We, the people, in many ways are getting royally screwed and have a right to protest. But let’s not say we have the God given rights that this artist says. We have the rights written by men, human beings every one,  and contained in the Constitution. We have the right to elect the most powerful world figures as the leaders of our government. We have the right to stand before the Supreme Court. We have the right to fair laws. But God didn’t give us those rights and its time that we recognize the separation of church and state. Namaste. Attic Annie



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  1. freedomactionnow

    I resepect your right (God-given) to stand by your comments. Anybody who reaches a philosophy by way of thinking about it seriously is certainly justified.

    Some others and I have reached an opposite conclusion (I certianly hope by the same route). I’m not going to try to change your mind. The point of reasonable discussions is for each side to understand the other’s.

    I disagree with roper1911: “[The entire bible MUST be take AS TRUE and INFALLIBLE, at ANY TIME! ”

    While the Bible was inspired by God, it was committed to memory and paper by humans. Humans were transcribing – sometimes perfectly, sometimes not – way up until the Middle Ages. Even the KJV was translated by scholars in 1600 – and translation involves deciding (in this case) which English word corresponds to the Hebrew or Greek word.

    Consider, for example, the battle of Jericho. The Sun did not stand still in the sky, for the simple reason that it does not move in the sky to begin with – the Earth turns.

    But is that enough evidence to throw the whole thing out? God forbid (as Paul was fond of saying). The Bible is not a book of science. As Galileo is said to have said, “The Bible shows us how to get to heaven, not how the heavens go”.

    I found the Krug data on Wiki. Consider England. Guns are completely outlawed there, but still they manage to come up with 0.38/100k. And their overall crime rate is one of the highest in Europe.

    I had to hunt for this:

    England vs USA (From 2002)

    “As the number of legal firearms have dwindled, the numbers of armed crimes have risen,” Professor Malcolm points out.

    “In England, as in the United States, drastic crackdowns on gun ownership by law-abiding citizens were accompanied by ever greater leniency to criminals.”

    When a populace is disarmed, the Bad Guys – who have no difficulty getting guns from the black market – know that whoever they decide to rob or burgle is not able to defend themselves.

    Finally, it’s instructive to sort that data by “Firearm homicide” (which is the data most relevant to the discussion). In that case, we get

    Northern Ireland 6.82 5.24 1.34 0.12 1994 Krug 1998[2]
    United States 11.66 3.72 7.35 0.59 2004/1993 Kaiser 2004[1] Krug 1998[2]
    Italy 2.95 1.66 1.11 0.11 1992 Krug 1998[2]
    Portugal 3.72 1.28 1.28 0.21 1994 Krug 1998[2]

    • atticannie

      Boy, I made you hunt for your comments this time, huh? I’m still not entirely sure why all this discussions of guns has come about. My only comment was that I do not believe it is a GOD-GIVEN right. If indeed it is a right, then it is bestowed by lawmakers. That was only part of that blog.

      If owning a gun makes someone more confident in their ability to protect themselves, and they keep it properly stored, more power to them. I just hate to see the jealous husbands (ok or wives), the stressed out police officers, the curious kids, etc. have access to a lethal weapon. But then that’s just me.

      I missed part of roper 1911’s comments about the Bible. I’m going to have to look at my comments again. Was it under the same blog? AA


    • atticannie

      Maybe the earth stopped turning.

      I attended a 3 hour workshop on the original aramaic language of the NT. Funny how men have screwed up some very beautiful thoughts in their own interpretations.

      For example: the aramaic word for camel is the same word for rope. It appears to make a lot more sense to say that it is easier for a rope to pass through the eye of a needle rather than a camel. Of course both are not possible.

      I find it interesting that the more fundamental a commenter is, the easier it is for them to suggest I get a good study guide for the Bible. I do not take the Bible literally anyway so studying it literally wouldn’t do me any good. Nor do I think that episodes that happened in a specific context such as the one roper quoted as Jesus telling his disciple to get a sword can generally apply to every circumstance 2,000 years later for people owning guns.

      My favorite one is Paul telling the women in Corith to be silent. http://www.wcg.org/lit/church/ministry/women9.htm

      Literalists still use that same chapter today to exclude or severely limit the participation of women in their church. Bah, humbug!


  2. roper1911

    Luke 22:36
    “But now, whoever has a money belt is to take it along, likewise also a bag, and whoever has no sword is to sell his coat and buy one.”

    Yes, GOD gave us the right to arms. without reservations.

    Exodus 22:2
    “if anyone catches a thief breaking in and hits him so that he dies, he is not guilty of murder.”

    AND the right to self/home defense.

    • atticannie

      I stand by my comments. I still do not believe gun ownership is a God given right, but then I will never change the mind of any gun owner. A sword is not a gun. I’m not sure I see the relevance of that quotation from Luke. Jesue was talking specifically to his disciples on one occasion. I don’t believe that verse was expected to be used 2000 years later to justify weapons still being used. I see nothing wrong with defending one’s home. I don’t believe that is an issue addressed in this blog. I do believe the time of having wars should be long over but that’s not going to happen for a while. We still have plenty of battles being fought on our own soil in our own streets. The USA statistics for ownership of guns, total firarm-related homicides, suicides, and manslaughter are deplorable and far outrank many coutries combined. IF God gives the rights to own guns, I am thankful that so many other countries in the world wisely choose to ignore that right. Or is God only giving that right to those who live in the USA?
      Country Total firearm-related
      death rate firearm homicide firearm suicide Firearm unintentional Year Sources and notes
      United States 11.66 3.72 7.35 0.59 2004/1993 Kaiser 2004[1] Krug 1998[2]
      Finland 6.86 0.86 5.78 0.12 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Northern Ireland 6.82 5.24 1.34 0.12 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Switzerland 6.40 0.58 5.61 0.13 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      France 6.35 0.44 5.14 0.11 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Canada 4.78 0.76 3.72 0.22 1992 Krug 1998[2]
      Austria 4.56 0.42 4.06 0.05 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Norway 4.39 0.30 3.95 0.12 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Portugal 3.72 1.28 1.28 0.21 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Belgium 3.48 0.60 2.56 0.06 1990 Krug 1998[2]
      Israel 3.00 0.72 1.84 0.13 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Italy 2.95 1.66 1.11 0.11 1992 Krug 1998[2]
      Australia 2.94 0.44 2.35 0.11 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      New Zealand 2.66 0.17 2.14 0.09 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Denmark 2.60 0.23 2.25 0.04 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Sweden 2.36 0.18 2.09 0.03 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Germany 1.57 0.22 1.17 0.04 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Greece 1.50 0.59 0.84 0.04 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Kuwait 1.25 0.36 0.06 0.00 1995 Krug 1998[2]
      Ireland 1.21 0.03 0.94 0.11 1991 Krug 1998[2]
      Spain 0.90 0.21 0.43 0.25 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      Netherlands 0.70 0.36 0.31 0.01 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Scotland 0.58 0.19 0.33 0.02 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      England/ Wales 0.38 0.15 0.2 0.03 2002 Cukier and Sidel (2006)[3]
      Taiwan 0.42 0.15 0.12 0.11 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Singapore 0.24 0.07 0.17 0.00 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Hong Kong 0.19 0.12 0.07 0.00 1993 Krug 1998[2]
      South Korea 0.13 0.04 0.02 0.05 1994 Krug 1998[2]
      Japan 0.07 0.02 0.04 0.00 1994 Krug 1998[2]

      No. Country Guns per 100 residents Year Comment
      1 United States 90.0 2007
      2 Yemen 61.0 2007
      3 Switzerland 46.0 2007
      4 Iraq 39.0 2007
      5 Serbia 37.5 2007
      6 France 32.0 2007
      7 Finland[5] 32.0 2008
      8 Canada 31.5 2007
      9 Sweden 31.5 2007
      10 Austria 31.0 2007
      11 Germany 30.0 2007
      12 New Zealand[2] 26.8 1993
      13 Saudi Arabia 26.3 2007
      14 Greece 23.0 2007
      15 Angola 20.5 2007
      16 Thailand 16.0 2007
      17 Australia 15.5 2007
      18 Mexico 15.0 2007
      19 South Africa 13.1 2007
      20 Turkey 13.0 2007
      21 Argentina 12.6 2007
      22 Italy 12.1 2007
      23 Pakistan 12.0 2007
      24 Spain 11.0 2007
      25 Russia 9.0 2007
      26 Ukraine 9.0 2007
      27 Brazil 8.8 2007
      28 Colombia 7.2 2007
      29 United Kingdom 5.6 2007
      30 Iran 5.3 2007
      31 Philippines 4.7 2007
      32 India 4.0 2007
      33 China 3.5 2007
      34 Nigeria 1.0 2007

      • roper1911

        the sword IS a gun because the sword ruled the battle field at that time, If you want to stop a crazed psychopath who has a gun with a sword- feel free, but invite me to you funeral so I can give your kids/family some good old fashion shot guns so they can defend them selves.

        And to the tirade of ‘this many people DIE because of fire arms’
        I got 42 MILLION(and counting) people who will tell you that Idiots and Tyrants are the issue, NOT guns. unfortunately you can only talk to 2 million of them, as the other 40 mil are dead by their own governments hands, who murdered them with out resistance because they where disarmed.

        Jesus was talking specifically to his disciples on one occasion. [I AM a disciple of Christ, therefore he is talking to ME!]

        I don’t believe that verse was expected to be used 2000 years later to justify weapons still being used. [The entire bible MUST be take AS TRUE and INFALLIBLE, at ANY TIME! or you say the NONE of it is true, the Bible is not bound by time and ALL of it is useful for teaching, reaching, and rebuke. Period. ]

        IF God gives the rights to own guns,
        [He does.]

        I am thankful that so many other countries in the world wisely choose to ignore that right.
        [See 1 John 1;1-5:21]

        Or is God only giving that right to those who live in the USA?
        [he gives the right to self defense to all,]
        End quote,

        Sorry for the Tirade, I’d also suggest that you invest in a good daily bible study guide. not one with the verses in side it, get one that you need a bible to use.

      • atticannie

        whatever…thanks for responding

  3. Leif Rakur

    God gives life, gunfire takes it away.

    • freedomactionnow

      It was guns that gave this country its independence, around 1775. It was guns that bought freedom for Europe, 1914 – 1918, and again in 1939 – 1945.

      One could argue that it was guns that started the two world wars – and you’d be perfectly correct.

      But without the guns of the other side – our side, we’d be living in a much bleaker world today.

      • atticannie

        I was not blogging on the rightness or wrongness of guns, although I think you can guess what I think about them. I was blogging on the fact that I STILL don’t believe gun ownership is a God given right. BTW, yes, I know the first part of the second amendment about needing militias is completely ignored, but I don’t think it should be. I think the Constitutional writers could never have seen the number of weapons being used in America today. If they had, that amendment would never have been put in the Constitution.

    • roper1911

      Idiots with guns take lives, responsible defenders with gun take only one; thereby saving many.

      ~My father carried for my defense, because I could not, he went to war so I could sleep safe, So shall I do the same for my children, not because I want to, but because it is my duty. Godspeed friends.

  4. freedomactionnow

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, …”

    The Founders, like most everyone else at the time, believed that Rights derived from a higher power. Today we talk about “natural rights” – that’s the same thing.

    Government cannot give – cannot grant – rights. Government can only take away or restrict.

    As human beings, we have a right to do absolutely anything we please. But there’s a catch – there’s always a catch.

    With those rights we have comes the responsibility to use them wisely. We shouldn’t use our rights to trample on the rights of our neighbor. If we do, then Society has the right to put us back in line.

    As to religion, of course the Founding Fathers considered Christianity to be the religion of the country. With few exceptions (Ben Franklin wasn’t an atheist, but he didn’t have much use for organized religion. Jefferson, was another.) everybody was one sort of Christian or another.

    Read de Tocqueville’s “Democracy in America”. One of the things he noticed about this country (around 1830) was that every town and village had a schoolhouse and a church. He noticed that in every farmhouse, three things were prominent: an axe or hatchet, a Bible, and a local newspaper.

    There’s an old argument that surfaces every now and again about whether the US is a Christian nation. That’s not true. What is the case is that we are a nation of Christians. And in all the world, we are the most tolerant. (We had some disagreements with the Mormons, but that soon passed, and nobody goes to Utah to assassinate someone (or vice versa).)

    For some odd reason, it’s the people who come here from Islamic countries who want to suppress our religion. (Them, and the ACLU, who never miss an opportunity to sue somebody for having a cross or Christmas display in public.)

    “He mentions the rights for his taxes to be spent responsibly.” OK, now he’s wandering off the track. When I think of rights, I think of them in relation to each individual person. We have a simple way of correcting irresponsible tax spending: it’s called “elections”.

    “How many gun owners in the United States belong to a well regulated Militia?”

    That doesn’t apply. That argument has been gone over time and time again, and the bottom line is that the second clause controls, not the first. It’s the way they wrote in those days.

    Again, we come back to the idea that everyone has the right to do anything – tempered with the realization that other people have rights, too.

    We have the right to own a TV set (or not), a Popeil potato peeler, or a firearm. I can agree that on the basis that you’re likely to hurt someone (yourself included) if you have a room full of bazookas and flame-throwers, but handguns and rifles are just like any other property.

    It’s getting to be an old cliche, but it’s still true, that when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns. New York: strict gun control. What happens? The bad guys go to New Jersey, come back with guns and rob people. So, would making New Jersey come into line with New York help? I don’t think so. The US is a big country, and there are scrillions of guns all around.

    I see news reports regularly of people with a gun able to defend themselves and their families, against intruders whose intent is to kill.

    As for the Defense Budget, I can’t argue that it’s seriously flawed. On the other hand, Washington reminded us that the best way to preserve peace is to be prepared for war. Throughout history, nation after nation was taken over by their stronger neighbors.

    Even our Revolution was fought with guns and soldiers, not by diplomats and UN sanctions.

    “We have the rights written by men, human beings every one, and contained in the Constitution.”


    “… endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights …”

    Government can only take away rights, not give them.

    (That’s why there was so much argument during the Constitutional Convention about whether there should be a Bill of Rights. One side said that if we enumerate some rights, it would be too easy for government to say we didn’t have any others. The finally compromised on the Bill of Rights (without which a few States wouldn’t have signed).)

    • atticannie

      Hi…I:m too tired to read all this right now. Are you in the lecturing business????

      You:ll find out why I:m so tired after Dec 1. The Creator gave us the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I stand by my original point of humans gave us the amendments. Later. AA