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God gave us the right to own a gun??!!??


This is one of those ahhhhhhhhh videos floating around that’s supposed to make the viewer feel good. For the most part it did make me feel good. I am a sap for things patriotic. I fly my flag and am present at every Fourth of July parade our village sponsors. I sing the National Anthem as best I can at public events, even though I wish it would be changed to America the Beautiful to get away from its war theme.  I agreed with everything until it got to the place where it said, “I have freedom of choice, I have GOD given rights.” One of the rights was for the truth from those who command, probably referring not only to our elected officials but also to those in the military since technically we, the people, are the ones who supposedly employ all government and service personnel. OK I can live with that. It’s scary to think of a military take over of our government.

It said I have freedom of religion that birthed the land. I began wondering if the artist who wrote and sang this  meant ALL religions which are practiced in America. Or was he just singing about the practice of  HIS religion which should be accepted by ALL Americans? Does he feel everybody should have that freedom? I wonder. If he truly meant ALL Americans who follow a particular religion of their own choosing, then I agree with that too. Is he talking about the 21% who do not practice the predominant religion? Does he include atheists and agnostics, the unaffiliated among us? At one time in America it was against the law to be unaffiliated in some communities. I’m just wondering.

Major Religious Traditions
in the U.S.

Among all adults
Christian 78.4
Protestant 51.3
Evangelical churches 26.3
Mainline churches 18.1
Hist. black churches 6.9
Catholic 23.9
Mormon 1.7
Jehovah’s Witness 0.7
Orthodox 0.6
Other Christian 0.3
Other Religions 4.7
Jewish 1.7
Buddhist 0.7
Muslim* 0.6
Hindu 0.4
Other World Religions <0.3
Other Faiths 1.2
Unaffiliated 16.1
Don’t know/Refused 0.8
* From “Muslim Americans: Middle
Class and Mostly Mainstream,” Pew
Research Center, 2007
Due to rounding, figures may not add to

He mentions the rights for his taxes to be spent responsibly. I totally agree with that, but then again I wondered who determines whether the taxes are being spent responsibly. I am definitely against the Medicare and Medicaid FRAUD that has been published in the papers lately. I am not against the attempt to help those who honestly cannot afford health care. Have you seen the stories of the homeless veterans who, because their health issues are not service related, cannot get help? Or the devoted couples faced with mountains of medical bills for their children or spouses who are divorcing to lower their joint income to the point where they can get some medical relief? Or the fugitives who are accused of swindling the system in Medicare schemes to the count of billions of dollars?

What about the bloated Department of Defense budget that has grown at a rate of 9% a year for the last 11 years?

The United States and its closest allies are responsible for approximately two-thirds of global military spending (of which, in turn, the U.S. is responsible for the vast majority). Department of Defense spending accounts for 21% of the United States’ federal budget, and approximately half of its federal discretionary spending, which comprises all of the U.S. government’s money not accounted for by pre-existing obligations.

According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, in 2003 the United States spent approximately 47% of the world’s total military spending of US $956,000,000,000. Did you catch that? I’ll repeat it. The United States spent approximately 47% of the WORLD’S TOTAL MILITARY SPENDING. Isn’t anyone questioning the necessity of that spending? That was six years ago. I wonder what the percentage is now. Is that responsible spending? I’m just asking the question. I don’t know for certain.

What about the citizens of the states who gladly reap the benefits of pork barrel spending by a Congressperson who in essence is buying their votes to get reelected? Is that responsible spending?

I’ll let the views on truth, religion, and responsible tax spending slide. I can see God as being on the side of truth, freedom to worship God and responsible stewardship.  What I CANNOT let slide by as a GOD GIVEN RIGHT is the right to own a gun. I cannot, in any stretch of my imagination, figure out how the artist who sings this song can consider that the right to own a gun has ANYTHING to do with GOD. Next he will be saying that the Constitution was written by God just as many say God wrote the Bible in the language of old English in the King James version.

WHOA, Nelly! First of all, an argument which has been brewing forever concerns the second amendment itself. For those of the Americans who run around shouting, “I have the RIGHT to own any weapon I can remotely call an ‘arm’ regardless of its fire power.” As far as the God given right, tell that to the mother of a sixteen year old girl that the gang-bangers shot this month three miles from my house. They claim “The CONSTITUTION says so!” The second amendment states:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

I ask you. How many gun owners in the United States belong to a well regulated Militia? When the Constitution was written, there were no standing official armies or navies. There were just country folk who had to be called upon at a moment’s notice when the people were being attacked by the natives or the English. It would not have been prudent to take away the simple single-shot guns of these citizens who formed The Concord Bridgemilitias when necessary. Remember the Concord Bridge? Paul Revere’s ride? These are events that have captured a place in American lore. Those that claim a Constitution given right to bear arms never take the time to read the first thirteen words of that amendment. They only read and claim to  know the last fifteen words. That is all of the second amendment that they are concerned about. God has nothing to do with the following weapons that some Americans claim as their right to own.

Military firearms

Machine guns



Artillery guns

Tank guns

Hunting guns

Guns for training and entertainment

This song is catchy as far as its tune goes. It’s meant to rouse the sleeping majority of we, the people, to become actively involved in their government. I totally support that. We, the people, in many ways are getting royally screwed and have a right to protest. But let’s not say we have the God given rights that this artist says. We have the rights written by men, human beings every one,  and contained in the Constitution. We have the right to elect the most powerful world figures as the leaders of our government. We have the right to stand before the Supreme Court. We have the right to fair laws. But God didn’t give us those rights and its time that we recognize the separation of church and state. Namaste. Attic Annie


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