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Appreciating non-important days!

November blue sky

What a wonderful day! Did you ever have a day of running errands that was just plain enjoyable? I did today. The first thing I did this morning was look out at a beautiful clear blue (as blue as the metroplex sky is going to get) sky.

I had a lab appointment this morning about ten miles south of me. I’m glad I bothered to check the temperature before I went outside. I thought a denim shirt over a tee-shirt would be warm enough. Boy was I wrong. Out came the winter coat and gloves. It was a crisp 46° out there and the wind was blowing. OK. I know. If you live in the north, 46° can sometimes almost be swimsuit weather, but not so down here. It was COLD! I cranked up the heater full blast in my car. It seems I’m at the age stage when I start feeling colder more often and longer. I’m just going to HAVE to start revving up my metabolism somehow.

I had a valve job done on my heart about five years ago. They didn’t tell me I would be on blood “thinners” the rest of my life before I had the surgery. I think I might have just opted for my murmur for a few more years. I was considered too young to get a pig valve so I got one those mechanical gizmos.

When the room is entirely quiet and my pressure is just right, it can be heard clicking across the room. I know that for a fact. When I had the valve replaced and was still in the hospital, I woke up from my drug fog. I lay there until I could focus. My son was sitting in a chair by the foot of the bed. He was using his finger as a metronome. “What in the world are you doing?” I asked rather groggily. He said, “I’m keeping time with the click of your valve.” I grew quiet and focused. Sure enough, every time my heart beat he moved his finger back and forth.

I’m digressing. Warfarin (Coumadin) is necessary because heart valves tend to cause the blood to clot. Any little thing can throw the appropriate dosage off, so I am requested to have my blood checked monthly. That’s why I had to go to the lab. Fortunately for a change there were no other people in line before me so I was in and out within 15 minutes. I think that’s a record.

I left the office and went to my church. The church had a silent auction in September and I offered a personalized framed  poem. One of my friends made the only bid on it. It came to me when she gave me the topic of her poem that a picture collage would go great with it. I think of it as a bonus for her thoughtfulness of not making me feel badly for offering something nobody wanted. I asked the graphic artist at the church if she would help put everything into a collage. She agreed thinking it would be an easy job although it had to wait several weeks because of all the work that was coming due for her. My friend sent me a Kodak gallery of the pose I asked of her for the center print. Kodak will not let you copy any of their prints. They want to sell them to you for $0.09 each. The artist couldn’t get anywhere with it. The rest of the photos my friend sent were just fine. My computer is probably, like a tired horse, being beaten to death, but I can’t take her in to be repaired for a few more days. I hope she lasts that long.

As a result of the computer’s aches and pains, she is contrarily accepting and rejecting email. The artist couldn’t get the collage to me. It kept getting rejected. It was worth the trip over to the office though, so I could give my OK to the final collage. It turned out great. I’ve been promised the completed project tomorrow night. I am getting to know the office staff and enjoyed spending a few minutes with them before heading off again.

I am going to meet my son’s Japanese girlfriend’s parents  next week. I was told it was appropriate to give gifts, so my son suggested all things Texan. He said bar be que sauce, and beef jerky. I got that and threw in a jar of chili con queso for good measure. I thought it would be fun to also give bandanas to them. I combed every inch of Walmart and none could be found. Someone suggested a craft store which I wouldn’t have even thought about. Sure enough I found just what I wanted. I also bought his friend a Christmas present. She is so small I found a jogging outfit in the children’s section. There was another very petite woman there although she is taller. I got up enough nerve to ask her her size. I had no clue as to how to translate children’s sizes. I don’t even think his friend weighs 100 pounds and I know she isn’t five foot. It will be hard to take the gift back so I hope it fits.

I love their veggies

From Walmart I went to Boston Market for lunch. I absolutely love their creamed spinach and squash casserole. I ordered a breast and wing to go along with it plus their delicious cornbread. It was past rush hour so I sat by myself near the window and forced myself to eat slowly.

If you teach as long as I did, you develop the ability to scarf down lunch at an astounding rate.  Even though there is no reason to hurry, five years after retirement, I’m still eating all meals much too quickly. I was determined to actually enjoy my meal today so I consciously took my time. It was really a great experience.

So comfortable I wore them out of the store

The next thing on my agenda was buying new shoes. Now that is something I try to avoid as often as possible. My walking shoes were old and I needed new ones so I went to my favorite SAS store. Those are sensible leather shoes made here in Texas. I am a firm believer in comfort. I don’t consider it wrong to be sensible. My more stylish friends who have worn high heels with severely pointed toes in the name of fashion, have developed foot problems I don’t have to worry about. The shoes I tried on were so much more comfortable I told them I would wear them out of the store.

From there it was a short walk to get my hair cut. I have found someone who is able to make the thin, fine hair on my bowling ball head look good enough for me to be complimented on it. She has wonderfully strong fingers to massage my scalp. When she was done, it actually looked like it had great body. Unfortunately she gave me a mirror to see the back. There is a wide swath that is getting much lighter. Even that didn’t kill my mood. She is a master artist.

This blog is getting long. Those were the highlights. There was more but length doesn’t allow any more. Isn’t it great to be able to appreciate days such as this? I am blessed. Namaste. Attic Annie

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