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Amelia Hi there. Welcome. The weather is changing again but there are still days when we can sit on the porch. A small group of us went to see Amelia. The movie didn’t get very good ratings, but all of us enjoyed it. There were four women and two men. Even the men liked it. One of the men is a pilot. He really liked watching the vintage planes. I feel it definitely doesn’t qualify as a chick flick.

I’m not sure why it’s only gotten  mediocre reviews. “It didn’t soar, it played it safe, it never gets off the ground, it didn’t show Amelia’s soul, square, stiff, earthbound an old school, Hollywood style movie.” Well the six of us liked it even though we were prepared to be a little bored based on the reviews. The next day when we met again, one of the women said, “The only movie I went to see that the critics raved about was Clockwork Orange. I’ve never trusted a critic since then. ”

When we go to movies together we generally agree that we liked it or didn’t like it. We go to be entertained or to learn. It didn’t knock our socks off, but then again, few movies do. Bioptics usually can’t be too creative with the truth of history without being placed in the genre of fiction. It seems that critics criticize but they never say what they would have done if they had been the director. “It didn’t show Amelia’s soul?” What’s that supposed to mean?

I like to go to movies to be entertained. Some times I am, some times I fall asleep. I didn’t fall asleep. I thought that in general it was good, even though I knew the ending before it happened. I guess anyone under thirty who didn’t read the reviews might have seen more suspense in the final scenes.

I am glad to see that more historical women are being portrayed seriously in film. There was only implied sex but the language was proper and there was no violence. It was a refreshing change. Maybe that’s what the critics meant by old Hollywood. We all agreed that perhaps Old Hollywood wasn’t all that bad.  Amelia Earhart was definitely a fitting role model, although some of the more fundamental might disagree about her concept of open marriage. I guess I’m kind of on that side too.

This group is my Sunday book study group. People in that group are all pretty intelligent. Most of them read far more than I. They are forever bringing up references that I have no clue about. The first few times the stuff they say is in general over my head, but now it has finally started to sink in. I’m feeling much more comfortable around them.

I’m beginning to feel much better about being with them on a social level. As I have said recently, I am an introvert and it is difficult for me to be in social settings for any length of time. It is very easy for me to just sit back and remain silent and let all the extroverts take over the conversation.

After the movie, we all went to eat at one of the group’s favorite places which is an Egyptian restaurant called King Tut. It’s not really my favorite, but then again I don’t have many favorites of anything in this world. There were six of us. Usually I find myself sitting at the end of the table where it is easy to slip into silence. Last night I bravely set myself in the middle seat. I have read that extroverts talk much faster and louder than introverts. I already knew that. I decided I wasn’t going to be “Little Miss Wallflower” last night. When I had something to add to the conversation, if I started talking and someone else started  talking over me, I just kept right on going and raised my voice a little louder. That doesn’t mean that I monopolized the conversation, but I feel I partook in my fair share of it. There was only one who may have talked more, but then she is our class leader. And she is an extrovert. I think she feels it is her job to keep the conversation ball rolling. She’s one who doesn’t let lapses in the conversation happen very often. Me, I don’t mind if a couple of minutes go by. It’s easier to eat that way.

We managed to stay at the restaurant almost two hours. It wasn’t busy, so there was no hurry to vacate the table. We weren’t rushed. The conversation bounced all over the place, which is usually good. I found being engaged and participating actually felt good for a change, although I probably won’t make a habit of it.

Learning about myself and learning to express myself is new to me. I wish I could have done it forty years ago. I think maybe I’m being given a gift. But then again, maybe I’m bi-polar and I’m just entering an up phase in a cycle. Who knows? I sure hope I stay up until at least the end of the month. I’ll tell you why that’s important to me at the end of the month. In the meantime, my life is very simple. I can feel content spending days by myself, but I’m finding an enjoyment in situations where I am beginning to feel more in the group than on the edge where I have spent so much of my life. It’s kind of fun.



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2 responses to “Out and about with friends

  1. “I found being engaged and participating actually felt good for a change, although I probably won’t make a habit of it.”

    It can be habit-forming – and it’s not a bad habit at all.

    This is one of those parts of Life where you have to test the waters. “Try it – you’ll like it.” Well, sometimes.

    Since I started blogging and commenting (more commenting than blogging), it’s hard for me to read the newspaper or listen to the news (we don’t do TV). I keep wanting to break in and say, “that’s not right, here it is…” or “yeah, and did you see the other day where …”

    “People in that group are all pretty intelligent. Most of them read far more than I. …”

    One of the best Rules of Life is to associate with people you think are smarter/better read/more experienced than we are. That’s how we get to be smarter/better read/more experienced.

    I’m less of an introvert now than when I was growing up. I sometimes wonder how I made it this far. Probably it’s something about that I discovered that people weren’t going to laugh at me all the time, and that sometimes I could make them laugh. (I think most stand-up comics started out as severe introverts. Not all.)

    “It seems that critics criticize …”

    (I dont remember whether I said this here or not):

    Nobody ever erected a statue to a critic.

    “Egyptian restaurant called King Tut…”

    What was the food like?

    • atticannie

      King Tut is mediterranian food. I had wheat soup, salad with feta cheese and olives and gyros and rice. It’s good food but I have to admit I like American food in general the best. AA