Tonight’s the night Happy Halloween!


Why did Junior Honeybee fly around wearing his sister’s bra scaring everyone Halloween night ?

He was a BOO BEE!    boo bee

That’s my kind of humor….corny, groaners. If you haven’t seen it before I bet you reacted the same way.

When we first moved to this house, many kids used to trick or treat on Halloween night. My son looked forward to Halloween for weeks. Part of the reason was dressing up. The other reason, he LOVED candy.

I’d take him around to a few houses near our house and my neighbors always made a big deal out of who he could possibly be. Our division has had a Halloween party almost since the first houses were built fifty years ago. When he was a little older, we went up to the party where the fire fighters hosted the event. There were hot dogs and all the trimmings and games for the kids to play. The big thrill of the night was riding on the fire truck.

About that time the big scares about razor blades and poisoned candy occurred so he dressed up in his costume and I would take him to the local mall where sales clerks dressed up and stood outside their stores to pass out candy to the kids. He enjoyed dressing up and going around well into middle school. Then in high school he went to parties.  There were a couple of years I took him to one of Fort Worth’s Haunted Houses and one year we went to Six Flags Fright Fest. He is a Halloween junkie. The love of appearing in costume still has not left him. Last year he and his friend attended a party  in Japan. They dressed as pirates.

Nate and Yoko pirates                   Yo Ho HO!

Between the party and the malls, the number of local kids coming to the door gradually dwindled to a trickle. For a while, adults loaded up kids in trucks and brought them around from place to place. I was prepared for the neighborhood kids, but I was not prepared for the deluge of car after car after car that happened for a couple of years.

My neighbors  are growing older and have retired. There are few little kids left. Those that are left mostly are home schooled and do not celebrate Halloween for religious reasons. Their churches favor Fall Festivals instead. Now, most of us all turn out the lights and sit in the dark for a couple of hours. There haven’t been ANY trick or treaters now for three or four years.

While I was still handing out candy, before the hoards came in the cars, I had for several years more candy left than I handed out. Then I ran out the first hour. I was never good at judging how much to buy. I finally gave up and joined the lights out neighbors.

When I was growing up, I lived up north. Many Halloween nights were just too cold to go running around trick or treating. I can remember doing it, though, so there must have been a few years when we roamed the neighborhood. Those were the days neighbors were not afraid to give us apples or pop corn balls. Mrs. Goetze lived across the street from me. She always invited us into her kitchen where she had a spread laid out for the neighborhood kids. Pop corn balls and home made decorated cookies, I think I remember cider.  She was part of the fun.


Our school also hosted a Halloween party. The teachers herded us  into the gym in the afternoon to watch movies like ” Bud Abbott and Lou Costello Meet Frankenstein” . In the evening, we returned to the gym in costume and competed for prizes. In  sixth grade I wanted to go and didn’t have anything to wear. I was always pretty much on my own as far as concocting a costume. I went upstairs to my closet and chose my oldest clothes.

I took a pair of slacks and a skirt and cut them in half then sewed the two pieces together. I braided my hair on one side and combed it back on the other. I put lipstick and rouge on half my face. That was the year I went as Jack and Jill. I thought I was being clever. I didn’t win any prizes though.

Tonight’s the night once again! It’s the time for ghosts and goblins and all manner of spirits to roam the earth. I haven’t been to the village party in years. I’m thinking of going up there if it isn’t too cold to see if the kids are still having as much fun as I remember my son having. It will probably be quieter up there than in my own home. The driver of the fire truck usually blasts the siren twice, once by the side of my house and then again when he rounds the corner and is still in the front of my house. Hearing that blast about twelve times in one night is nerve wracking.

Maybe its time to rejoin the party. My neighbor has a grandson she took to the village hall last year. Maybe I’ll claim him as a grandson too so I have a reason to go up there too and tag along. As far as I know all the ghosts are friendly and all the unearthly spirits are just visiting from the cemetary two miles down the road. At least I hope so. One of my friends told me last week that the house on the corner where he lives a couple of miles away has an occupant ghost. I don’t want to take the chance that one follows me home so I’ll be careful. You be careful out there too, y’hear? Happy Halloween! Namaste. Attic Annie


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