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Make your parents feel old, dress up 80s style

Good morning. I’m willing to bet that there will be a lot of youngsters and adults dressing up for Halloween in the fashion of the 80s. A month ago I wrote a blog about 80s fashion. So far people have hit that blog 575 times, most of those in the past couple of weeks. People have been searching for “80s make up” and “80s hairdos”. My blog, “Mosquitoes and 80s fashion” comes up for those two searches.

Dressing up in garb of decades past is a lot of fun for kids. Thirty to forty years ago seems like ancient history to the kids of any decade. When I was trick or treating age,we really didn’t pay that much attention to fashions of the past. It was too much trouble to go to the library to do research. Now all kids have to do is type in a few search terms and everything is right in front of them on the screen.

20s flapper

When I was in high school, the big decade was the 20s. That decade was popular for high school floats and themes for school dances. I think we concentrated on the 20s because the 30s with its depression didn’t make for very happy memories. The 20s had barnstormers and jazz, gangsters and prohibition. It was a great charleston headbanddecade to “remember”. Women “flappers” wore short skirts, smoked using long cigarette holders and “bobbed” their hair. Dance marathons were popular. Women wore headbands . The Charleston headband was very popular when dressing up to go out into the city to have a good time. That’s a wealth of material for costumes.

Flash forward to the 80s. The kids of the 00s view that decade as ancient history. That is the era when most of their parents were young.

How would they dress up to look like someone from the 80s?  Well, first there would be the hair.

spray wigpurple wigmulletjersey girlpunk rockermaterial girlwomen's groupiesalesgirlrock

Once the hair style is chosen, we then choose the make up.

make up 1                        make up 2       

 Last of all we choose the clothes.

General types of clothing

1. Cross Colours clothes
2. afro-centric clothes
3. neon/fluorescent clothing and stuff
4. Miami Vice fashion
5. (early) Madonna fashion (i.e. Madonna wannabes)
6. patent leather
7. stonewashed denim
8. checkerboard clothing (flannel shirts and pants, etc.)
9. Esprit clothes
10. New Kids on the block clothing
11. Ocean Pacific clothes
12. bright colored clothing
13. T&C (Town & Country) clothing
14. Vision Street Wear
15. pastel colors
16. punk fashion
17. RUN DMC Adidas suits
18. tie-dye/hippie fashion
19. wearing too much jewelry
20. Flashdance fashion

Shirts, Jackets, Etc.

1. green scrubs
2. Fido Dido t-shirtsSeeking Susan Fahion Image
3. Hypercolor shirts
4. Spuds Mackenzie t-shirts
5. British flag t-shirts
6. Gecko t-shirts
7. “Frankie Says Relax” t-shirts
8. tank tops
9. ID# shirts
10. Jimmy Z shirts
11. 1-800 flourescent pink shirts
12. shirts with collars turned up
13. shirts with long flaps in the back side
14. Izod shirts
15. Vuarnet shirts
16. Ron Jon Surf Shop shirts
17. t-shirts tied at one side
18. shirts with sleeves ripped off
19. shirts with French writing on them (i.e. L’Universitie de Paris)
20. Panama Jack shirts
21. Coca Cola shirts
22. Gotcha shirts
23. “Choose Life” shirts
24. horizontally striped shirts
25. button-down Oxford shirts (especially in pink)
26. white shirts with long colored sleeves and iron-ons
27. sweater vests
28. monogrammed sweaters
29. off the shoulder ripped up sweats
30. Members Only jackets
31. big winter coats with sleeves that unzipped
32. denim jackets
33. denim jackets with lots of pins
34. denim jackets with lots of buttons/gemstomes
35. denim jackets with lots of heavy metal patches
36. bolero jackets
37. CB brand jackets
38. Michael Jackson jackets – red, vinyl with lots of pockets
39. leather coats with fringes
40. jelly jackets
41. bubble jackets and vests

Pants, et. al.

1. Underoos
2. thongs
3. bubble skirts
4. striped miniskirts with legwarmers (like Pat Benatar)
5. jams
6. skidz
7. legwarmers
8. overalls
9. Lycra bicycle shorts
10. Bugle Boy pants
11. military fatigue pants
12. parachute pants
13. leather pants
14. corduroy pants
15. Rubgy/Rugger pants
16. leopard skin tights
17. cargo pants
18. stirrup pants
19. Sweet Orr Pants
20. pinning pants
21. two tone denim pants (black in back, gray in front)
22. Levi’s with the white patch on back pocket
23. E.J. Gitano jeans
24. Jordache jeans
25. Guess jeans
26. Sassoon jeans
27. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans
28. Chic jeans
29. Zena jeans
30. Z. Cavaricci acid-washed jeans
31. acid washed jeans
32. ripped jeans
33. stone washed jeans
34. bleached jeans
35. pleated jeans
36. jeans with paint splatters
37. French-cuffed jeans (often worn with short socks and deck shoes)
38. pegged jeans
39. spiked jeans
40. jeans with high heels
41. tight jeans with zippers on bottom of legs
42. loose jeans safety pinned at the bottom

Footwear –

1. Balloons shoes
2. Doc Martin shoes
3. Espadrilles shoes
4. Vans tennis shoes
5. sebago shoes
6. deck shoes
7. China flats
8. high-top sneakers
9. high waters
10. Converse sneakers
11. Roos sneakers
12. Zips sneakers
13. Pumas sneakers
14. Pony sneakers
15. L.A. Gear sneakers
16. British Knights sneakers
17. double mismatching socks
18. slouch socks
19. dress socks with sneakers
20. lace socks worn with high heels
21. big thick scrunchy socks worn over tight pants
22. velcro sneakers
23. jelly shoes
24. Jazz shoes
25. mismatched Chuck Taylor high top shoes
26. unlaced Adidas hightops with the tongue hanging out
27. moon boots
28. “cougar” winter boots (tan-colored leather with red lining)
29. fat shoelaces

Accessories –

1. bandanas
2. bandanas tied around knee area
3. G & S bands
4. headbands
5. terrycloth headbands
6. banana clips
7. roach clips with feathers worn in hair
8. caps with the short bill flipped up in front
9. Panama Jack hats
10. charm necklaces
11. candy necklaces
12. Charmkins (jewelry that are also toys)
13. plastic clip on charm necklaces
14. thin gold chains
15. plastic charm necklaces
16. Stopwatches as accessory
17. narrow [leather] ties
18. long metal earrings
19. big earrings
20. spiked belts, wristbands, arm bands,etc.
21. telephone cord belts
22. skinny belts
23. magnetic belts
24. chain belts
25. brass/silver nickname belt buckles
26. bullet belts
27. Michael Jackson mirrored glasses
28. Back to the Future glasses (Pizza Hut promotion)
29. polariod sunglasses
30. Glacier glasses
31. Zany Zappers
32. Swatch watches
33. pop swatches
34. Takara Transformer Robot watches
35. slap bracelets
36. friendship bracelets
37. bangle bracelets
38. jelly bracelets
39. leather bracelets with spikes
40. gloves up to the elbows and full of holes
41. Michael Jackson glove
42. Freezy Freakies gloves
43. Lee Press-On Nails
44. Jordache purses
45. Sportsac purses
46. Adidas bags
47. Esprit bags
48. pop-beads
49. friendship pins
50. iron-ons
51. twist-a-beads

Take your pick. Everything old is new again. If you don’t have your costume yet and retro 80s is your theme, head to the nearest Goodwill or consignment shop. You’ll probably be able to whip up a reasonable costume in a very short time. Or, just head to the department store. Supposedly, the 80s were so much fun, the styles are coming back again!

Happy Halloween! Material Girl, salesgirl, punkrocker, rock star, mullet head. Take your pick.


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