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Revisiting Fathers’ Love

Good morning. I have decided to recycle a few of my older blogs. I had a very small following when I wrote the blogs for today and Monday.  I reserve the right to write new blogs if I feel the urge. This is a poem I wrote with my own father and me in mind. We had a very strained and distant relationship for most of our time together. I always felt more of a burden than a blessing.
Lonely Old Man

Lonely Old Man

Fathers’ Love

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Fathers, now listen, love your young daughters,

Show them you love them, then show them some more

Hug your daughters joyfully, kiss cheeks with caring

For the need for your love cuts deep to their souls.

Don’t make them search for love among strangers

Who’ll embrace them, bed them, then leave them alone

For their search for love won’t die without fight

Like mesquite roots they’ll travel for miles and then more

Searching for any love even though like poisoned water

they’ll gulp in,

They’ll trade their souls’ bodies for nights of pretend

Confuse lust with love in their young hearts now forming

Still knowing at daybreak their beds empty again

Safe love from fathers builds self-love abundant

Lack of your affection makes girls curse the day born

Because your love is needed more than clothes, food, or water

Deny them your attention and their withering is sure

Fathers, if your daughters are still in their childhood

Take the time now to give them your love

Your daughters won’t leave you if you love them dearly

A quick hug or a kiss will save much grief to come

The way it should be

The way it should be

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So start when they are young babes one, two, and three

Give them some time to play on your knee

Talk with them, play with them, let them know you are there

Let them be your princesses, and tell them you totally care.

Fathers, oh heed me, if you love your young daughters

Don’t think just your hard work will settle your bill

Your daughters will hate you if you don’t attend to them

When you need love in old age you’ll find they have gone

You’ll wake in the morning to empty mail boxes

Silence from their old rooms, and phones that don’t ring

You’ll remember when “I’m busy” was all you would tell them

The time will come when you’ve lost them

And you’ll mourn with your tears

Father and Daughter

Father and Daughter

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But even your daughters who have left home and moved on

Might welcome you back with their arms open wide

If you’ll make the first step to finally tell them you love them

You’ll watch as they blossom from deep down inside

The subject of father-daughter relationships is still after so many years, a very touchy one for me. I have finally accepted my relationship with my father, but it took many years. Now it looks as if there may be some help on the horizon with this idea of a father-daughter summit. This poem briefly alludes to what happened to me because I felt I had no love from my father in my life, and what I wish could have happened but didn’t because he died when I was a junior in college before our relationship could be resolved.

If I could shout from the rooftops in this country it would be “Fathers show your daughter you love her. Pay attention to her. Say nice things to her. Stop your constant criticism. Stop ignoring her. Stop making her feel worthless.  Let her know you love her.” If that message could get through and be sincere, it would save both of you a lot of heartache.

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