Selling a house is a roller coaster ride

Good morning. If you are reading this from a blog other than my atticannie site, please let me know where you found it. I”d like to know if someone has it posted to their blog. I’m simply curious because it has been getting a lot of hits lately. Thank you.
I'm on a roller-coaster these days!

I'm on a roller-coaster these days!

Good morning. I don’t like roller coaster rides. Do you? On Sunday I signed the final contract to sell my house (I’m  climbing towards the top…yipee!) This was a contract that was presented earlier in the week and I renegotiated some of the issues. My realtor goes to the same church that I do so after a great service (it was rock and roll Sunday) we took care of business. I was flying.

On Tuesday I visited the house I wanted with a great remodeler. The owners had just decided the day I got the offer to put it on multiple listings after trying to sell it by owner. I went through the house and told him what I needed done before I could move in. I was spending the difference between my house and the sales price of their house to really make the house look great the way I wanted it. I have all these visions in my mind on what to do to make it outstanding. We’re still getting higher.

The real estate agent brings over another contract for the house I want to buy  since the first one expired. I initial every page and sign. I was feeling great that the owners kept to the original contract. I was on TOP, man! The view looked tremendous. Blue skies in every direction. My house sold, the other one bought. Someone comes over and looks at the bedroom sets I’ll be selling. We’re flying now!

I spent most of the day Monday cleaning out one of the bedrooms. I have piles everywhere…this gets packed to move…this gets thrown out…hopefully I’ll sell this in a garage sale. The garage sale stack from one room reaches up to my waist.

What goes up, must come down. Spinning wheel, got to go round! That’s for those of you who were old enough in the 70s to remember. I was on the roller coaster. I was on the merry-g0-round (spinning wheel) all at the same time.

Two hours after I signed the contract and the house was surely mine this time, I get a call from my agent. I hear the deadened voice. “Annie” she says and stops. Do you know how fast roller coasters can drop? I heard it all before she even said another word. Now there’s something ironic about hearing news like that while you are trying to take care of business at the same time while sitting on the “throne”. She caught me as I was on my way into the room for a much needed visit. Do you know how hard it is to concentrate on listening on one end and…well, you get the picture.

Now there’s something I’ll share with you about myself. I am very non-chalant. I used to think it was a curse to not be able to display emotions I saw other people exhibiting,  but I was told that it is sometimes good to be stoic. I tend to not get into the middle of an emotion and wallow like some. I seem to stand and look at situations from a distance. Like I told my agent, I have an emotional range from A to B! I had actually reached B and suddenly I was plummeted back down to A again!

“The other couple backed out. They are breaking the contract. ” Thud. I was at the bottom. I don’t know how people in other countries sell houses but here in Texas we have a ten day option period. The buyer can back out for any reason. They decided in that two day period that with what they wanted to do with the house, such as completely remodel it and dig out the pool again, it was more than they wanted to take on. They have that right to change their minds. Now this was only two days after the contract was signed, but they made their original offer much earlier the week before, and I counter offered, so in my mind my house was sold for over a week.

I had already started to say good bye to the house. I was psyching my mind up to feel joy (what I can feel of it) once I moved into my new house. “Good bye, leaves blown into the carport, good bye, crack in the sidewalk, good bye this, good bye that,” my list was growing. All that was left to say now was, “Hello, it’s me again.”

The realtor called last night. For those of you who have started following me more often, I was so happy a couple of weeks ago when I got my taxes lowered. ( I Fought the Law September 25) That snake came back to bite me. It was good that I saved money on my taxes this year but now my asking price was higher than the new assessed value. I had already lowered my price once, now it looks like I’ll have to lower it a considerable amount again all because I saved less than $1,000 a year on taxes. Besides that, my realtor tells me that if I want to get anywhere close to my present asking price I’m going to have to do some upgrades myself. She suggests I no longer sell “as it is”. We are mainly talking kitchen floor, living room and dining room carpet, dining room wallpaper (texture over it) and bathroom wallpaper (same thing). This irritates me to no end because people who buy pre-owned houses do so with the intent of ripping out carpet and flooring to make it their own most of the time. My living and dining rooms are baby blue. I love the color. Not everybody does. If I put slate blue carpet down it might get torn out right away. If I put in a light neutral  color,  like I mistakenly did in the bedrooms, it will show dirt from the traffic. Darker neutral shades like medium tans wouldn’t go very well with the blue. My head is swirling.

Other comments included remarks about my 70s orange counter tops. That’s getting into territory too expensive for me to do or even think about  right now even if I did it for myself. I don’t know what the gain in selling price would be but if I do all these upgrades myself and the house doesn’t sell, guess what goes back up again? My taxes! I live in a nicer house at more expense than I started out!

I’m letting go of it with my hands and putting it into the hands of one greater than I. I firmly believe the house is waiting for the perfect family or likes me so well it won’t let me go right now. Either way, it’s not in my control.

For the end of the ride read December 18 blog.

“I release and I let go” Namaste. Attic Annie



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4 responses to “Selling a house is a roller coaster ride

  1. I think roller coasters (the ride at an amusment park-not life challenges are fun

    • atticannie

      I agree about amusement park roller coasters although the older I get the less fun they seem. I totally agree that life challenges that appear to be roller coaster rides are far from fun. I took my house off the market rather than stay on the ride any longer. AA